How To Fix The 0xc0000185 Error?

How To Fix The 0xc0000185 Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) Error

Blue Screen of Death (also known as BSOD) is a full-screen blue screen error that usually appears when Windows encounters some critical error. In most cases this error is related either to software or hardware. This blue screen is also known as STOP error, which means it can result in data loss if there was any data or programs left unsaved before it happens. BSOD's usually provides an error code that helps to identify the particular reason about how and why it has appeared in the first place. One of those error codes is the "0xc0000185" error code.

When a Blue Screen of Death with a code 0xc0000185 appears, it means that you won't be able to start your Windows normally until you resolve the problem. Your computer starts, but does not boot into your Windows operating system. This is an error related to boot configuration data, and it usually appears when there are some of this data is missing or contains errors. And as a result, your system cannot access the partition or the drive that contains Windows system files. Usually this error can be fixed using the Windows 10 installation media, a DVD or USB that contains Windows 10 installation files in it.

If you are reading this, then most probably you are doing it on a different computer. Don't worry, you are at the right place. In this guide we are going to show you how you can fix this boot configuration data on a Blue Screen of Death error which goes with the code 0xc0000185. Read the guide below and follow our described steps one by one, and hopefully you will be able to easily fix this problem.

how to fix bsod error code 0xc0000185

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Launch Startup Repair Using Your Windows 10 Installation Media

If you have a DVD or USB that contains your Windows 10 installation media, then insert it and restart your computer. You should get an on-screen message saying that you need to press any key to boot from CD or DVD. Simply press any key on your keyboard and follow the instructions. Select the installation language and click "Next", you should see "Repair your computer" option in the next step, find it and click it. This will lead you to the Automatic Repair screen. Once you are on it, click "Troubleshoot".

launch startup repair using your windows installation media step 1

In Troubleshoot menu select "Advanced options".

launch startup repair using your windows installation media step 2

In Advanced options menu select the "Startup Repair" option, that will fix the problems that keep Windows from loading. Windows should start scanning your system for errors and if it will be able to find and fix any, then it should repair the 0xc0000185 error as well. When the repairing process is finished, take out/remove your Windows 10 installation media and start your Windows normally. See if this helped to solve the problem.

launch startup repair using your windows installation media step 3

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Run Bootrec Commands Using Command Prompt

If Startup Repair could not fix the problem, then we recommend you to run the "bootrec" commands using Command Prompt. Using these commands allows to repair corrupted or damaged Master Boot Record (MBR). Master Boot Record's purpose is to tell BIOS where to look for the operating system so your computer could start it. You will need to execute three commands in total that will repair corrupted or damaged MBR, write a new boot sector to the system partition and to rebuild boot configuration data. In order to execute these commands follow the same previously mentioned steps in order to launch Automatic repair screen. Once you are on it, go to Troubleshooting, then Advanced options again. In Advanced options window select "Command Prompt".

run bootrec commands using command prompt step 1

In open Command Prompt window type these three commands (do not forget to press Enter after each command):

bootrec /fixMBR
bootrec /fixBoot
bootrec /rebuildBCD

run bootrec commands using command prompt step 2

Once the process is finished, take out the Windows 10 installation DVD or USB and restart your computer. See if this solved the problem and fixed the Blue Screen of Death error 0xc0000185.

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Run System Restore

If these two methods described above could not solve the problem, then the last thing that might help you is the System Restore. However, it will remove all your recently installed apps, software, drivers, updates etc. In other words, System Restore simply restores your system in to a previous state, using its restore points. A restore point is a collection of important system files stored by System Restore on a given date and time. System Restore reverts everything to a saved restore point, but first, you must have one recorded. If a restore point does not exist on your computer, System Restore has nothing to revert to. To use this tool, you must have created restore points. With a created restore point, this feature will bring your system back to the previous working state, without affecting your files and data. If you have any system restore points that were created before you started experiencing issues with the 0xc0000185 Blue Screen of Death error - you might be able to fix the problem by performing a System Restore.

To run System Restore repeat the steps mentioned above until you reach the point where you have to select "Advanced options". In Advanced options window select "System Restore".

run system restore step 1

In the System Restore window, click "Next".

run system restore step 2

If there are restore points created, you will see a list of them. Mark the "Show more restore points" checkbox and it should display more restore points. Select the restore point that suits you best (depending on the time created etc.) and click "Next".

run system restore step 3

Confirm your restore point. Your computer will be restored to the state prior to the event detailed in the "Description" field. If you are happy with your choice, click "Finish" and the system restore process will begin.

run system restore step 4

That's it, we hope that one of our provided solutions solved the problem for you and fixed the Blue Screen of Death error that goes with the code 0xc0000185. If there is another method that solved this problem for you and it is not mentioned in our guide - do not hesitate to share it with us and with the others by leaving a comment in our comment section below.

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