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Tools To Monitor System Resources

Our Top Recommended Tools To Monitor System Resources

Most common types of system resources are the CPU (Central Processing Unit), Video Card, Hard Drive, RAM (Random Access Memory) and other resources. Technically, every device connected to a computer system is a resource, even some font can be called a resource if it is a part of some installed software. There is a built-in tool in Windows called Task Manager which can be used for monitoring system resources, however, there are many other third-party tools out there that can allow users to monitor system resources and we are going to describe some of them.

How To Change MAC Address

What Is A MAC Address And How To Change It 

MAC (Media Access Control) address is an address which is required to identify individual devices connected to the network. No matter what network, wired or wireless you are using, you need hardware like cables and routers, and software in order to be able to transmit data from your device or computer to your router or ISP server, or vice versa. MAC address and IP address are unique identifiers, and both of them make the data transmission on a network successful.

Function Keys Not Working

Laptop's Function Keys Not Working. How To Fix It?

Most computer keyboards have the twelve function keys from F1 to F12 on them and every of these function keys have a special function defined by the operating system or by a currently running program. It means that these function keys could trigger different actions, depending on the operating system or on the currently running program. These keys could also be used together with the Alt (Alternate) or Ctrl (Control) keys.

Can't Turn Off Sticky Keys

How To Turn Off/Disable Sticky Keys In Windows 10

If you are a Windows operating system user, then most probably you have the Sticky Keys feature built in into your operating system, unless you are using older than Windows 95 Windows version. Sticky Keys is one of the several accessibility options available in Windows operating systems and it can be both useful and annoying, especially if you do not need them. However, it can be useful for users with certain disabilities and can help to make complex commands easier.

How To View Hidden Files

How To Enable "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" Option In Windows 10 & 7

Hidden files or hidden folders are the ones which are usually not shown to Windows users but they are there even if you do not see them. There are many hidden files and folders in Windows operating system and the system hides them because these files are not the ones that you should delete, change, move or anything else. Another simple reason for hiding files and folders is to make Windows system clutter-free. In other words, Microsoft does not wan to distract you with all of these "unnecessary" files and simply hides them from you.

How To Enable DLNA Streaming Server

How To Enable DLNA Streaming Server In Several Easy Steps On Windows 10 PC

DLNA stands for Digital Living Network Alliance and it is used for various multimedia DLNA certified devices to communicate with each other when connected to a local/home network. There are lots of DLNA certified devices, including PC's, storage servers, smartphones, tablets TV sets, game consoles, digital cameras etc. All the DLNA certified devices can display and upload photos, play movies, download and play music, send photos etc. For example, if you have two DLNA certified devices like Blu-ray player and a PC, then you will be able access multimedia files like music, photos or videos on your computer and stream them through your Blu-ray player.


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