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Your Apple iPhone Is Severely Damaged by (6) Viruses! POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to stop redirects to "Your Apple iPhone is severely damaged by (6) viruses!" scam page?

What is "Your Apple iPhone is severely damaged by (6) viruses!"?

This scam website is designed to trick its visitors into downloading and installing various questionable applications like fake VPN (Virtual Private Network) clients, and apps of other type. This page claims that device (iPhone) is infected with viruses and encourages visitors to remove them with one or another application. At the time of the research it offered to download some app called "Free App". We advise against downloading and installing software that is advertised on pages like this one or other deceptive, unofficial sites.

DMR64 Ransomware

DMR64 ransomware removal instructions

What is DMR64?

Discovered by MalwareHunterTeam, DMR64 is a malicious program, categorized as ransomware. It operates by encrypting the data of infected devices and demands a ransom to be paid for decryption. During the encryption process, all affected files are retitled using this pattern - "[id=victim's_ID]original_filename.DMR64"; the pattern consists of a string of characters that is the unique ID, the original filename and the ".DMR64" extension. For example, a file like "1.jpg" would appear as something similar to "[id=1E857D00]1.jpg.DMR64", and so on for all of the compromised files. After this process is complete, DMR64 creates an HTML application - "!!! READ THIS !!!.hta", which contains the ransom note.

MessengerDeck Adware

MessengerDeck removal instructions

What is MessengerDeck?

MessengerDeck is a piece of software, classified as adware. It is promoted as an application for easy access to Facebook Messenger on PC desktop. It operates by running intrusive advertisement campaigns. In other words, it delivers various undesirable and even harmful ads. Due to most users installing this app inadvertently, it is also categorized as a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application). POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to remove redirects to mainsiteofupgradenow[.]best from Mac?

What is mainsiteofupgradenow[.]best?

Practically identical to mainsourceofupdate[.]best, mainsiteofupgradenow[.]best is a scam website. It is designed to endorse a fake Adobe Flash Player updater. Visitors to this site are warned that the aforementioned plug-in is outdated and recommends to update it. Usually, content promoted on deceptive webpages is untrustworthy and/or malicious. Illegitimate updaters are often used to spread various Potentially Unwanted Applications (e.g. fake system cleaners and optimizers, browser hijackers, adware, etc.) and even malware. Most users enter mainsiteofupgradenow[.]best unintentionally, they get redirected by intrusive advertisements or by PUAs, already infiltrated into the device. Ads

Free-girls-vids[.]com redirect removal instructions

What is free-girls-vids[.]com?

Free-girls-vids[.]com is a questionable website which usually gets opened by browsers that have some potentially unwanted application (PUAs) installed on them. This page is designed to redirect its visitors to untrustworthy websites or load shady content. It is very similar to horny-vid[.]com, rex-news1[.]club, pushpush[.]net and many other pages. As a rule, people download and install apps that open such pages unintentionally. When installed, that usually gather various information related to user's browsing activities and/or display intrusive advertisements. Ads

Avoid being redirected from mpgun[.]com to untrustworthy pages

What is mpgun[.]com?

Mpgun[.]com is a website which allows users to download videos from YouTube and convert them to MP3 and MP4 formats. However, it is worth mentioning that it is not legal to download videos from YouTube. Besides, mpgun[.]com website uses rogue advertising networks. Simply said, this website contains various unreliable advertisements and opens untrustworthy, potentially malicious websites. Therefore, it should not be visited and/or used as tool to download and convert videos. Ads

Horny-vid[.]com redirect removal instructions

What is horny-vid[.]com?

Horny-vid[.]com is a rogue website. Like many other pages of this type (such as rex-news1[.]club, pushpush[.]net, nerdailingcurv[.]com, etc.), horny-vid[.]com redirects people who visit it to various untrustworthy websites or it loads some questionable content as well. However, its visitors do not open it by themselves, in most cases websites of get opened by some potentially unwanted application (PUA) that is installed on browsers and/or computers. Also, apps of this type usually are designed to gather browsing data and display intrusive ads as well. Ads

Ultimate-captcha[.]com redirect removal instructions

What is ultimate-captcha[.]com?

Ultimate-captcha[.]com is a website that, if visited, loads some shady content or leads to untrustworthy websites. There are many other websites that are designed to do the same, some examples are rex-news1[.]club, pushpush[.]net and nerdailingcurv[.]com. In most cases they get opened by browsers that have some potentially unwanted application (PUA) installed on them. In other words, people usually do not visit such pages by themselves (intentionally). It is worth mentioning that PUAs not only make browsers to open untrustworthy sites like ultimate-captcha[.]com, but also serve advertisements and collect information related to browsing habits of their users. POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to remove redirects to mainsourceofupdate[.]best from Mac?

What is mainsourceofupdate[.]best?

Mainsourceofupdate[.]best is a deceptive/scam webpage, which claims that visitors' Adobe Flash Player is outdated. It is designed to endorse a fake Flash updater. Illegitimate updaters are used to proliferate a wide variety of untrustworthy and even malicious content. Few users access mainsourceofupdate[.]best intentionally, most get redirected to it by intrusive advertisements or by PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications), already infiltrated into the system.

Conteban Trojan

Conteban virus removal guide

What is Conteban?

Conteban is the name of a Trojan, a malicious program which is also known as Trojan-Win32/Conteban. It is unknown what exactly this malware does, however, most Trojans operate as a backdoor. It means that cyber criminals use them with a purpose to gain access to victim's system and remotely control it. Programs of this type are often used to infect computers with other malware, for example, ransomware. Also, they can be used to steal confidential, sensitive information related banking, and other personal accounts. In one way or another, having a computer infected with a Trojan can be the reason behind serious problems, for this reason Conteban should be removed from the system immediately.


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