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Quick PC Tuneup Unwanted Application

Quick PC Tuneup removal instructions

What is Quick PC Tuneup?

Quick PC Tuneup is a piece of software, endorsed as a system optimization and cleaning tool. It is supposedly capable of enhancing device performance by eliminating unwanted files and similar. This program has an official download website, from which it can downloaded for free or purchased. However, Quick PC Tuneup can also be installed together with other software. This deceptive marketing method is called "bundling". Due to such dubious proliferation methods, it is categorized as a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application). Ads

Piedppienews[.]com redirect removal instructions

What is piedppienews[.]com?

When visited, piedppienews[.]com rogue page causes redirects to other shady websites or it displays questionable content. There are many websites that operate like piedppienews[.]com, some examples are newsapp[.]biz, trementrecially[.]pro and prize-mania[.]mobi. As a rule, their visitors do not open them intentionally. In most cases people get redirected to such pages by potentially unwanted apps (PUAs) that are installed on their computers or/and browsers. Most PUAs work like browser tracking tools, also, they are often designed to display intrusive ads. Ads

Newsapp[.]biz redirect removal instructions

What is newsapp[.]biz?

Newsapp[.]biz is one of many rogue websites. It shares many similarities with,, It is designed to generate redirects to untrustworthy/malicious sites, it also presents visitors with dubious content. Few users access this webpage intentionally, most get redirected by intrusive advertisements or by PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications) already present on the device. These apps do not need express user permission to invade their devices.

Maze 2019 Ransomware

Maze ransomware removal instructions

What is Maze?

There is more than one version of Maze ransomware, previous version is named Maze too. The new version was discovered by nao_sec. Typically, ransomware-type programs encrypt data and create ransom notes that contain information on how decrypt files. However, most of the times victims cannot decrypt their files without tools that only developers of a particular ransomware have. It is worth mentioning that this variant of Maze does not encrypt files if it detects "C:\hutchins.txt" file on a system. If that is not the case, then Maze encrypts files, renames them by adding a random extension (for example, it renames "1.jpg" to "1.jpg.sA16PA"), creates the "DECRYPT-FILES.txt" file and changes victim's desktop wallpaper.

Search by Video Converterz Browser Hijacker

Search by Video Converterz browser hijacker removal instructions

What is Search by Video Converterz?

Search by Video Converterz is a rogue application, promoted as a free tool for converting online media. It is supposedly capable of converting various video and audio formats. Search by Video Converterz operates as a browser hijacker, it makes unauthorized changes to browsers and promotes a fake search engine - This app also possesses data tracking abilities, which it employs to record users' browsing activity. Due to its dubious proliferation methods, it is classified as a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application). POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to avoid redirects to bestantius[.]com?

What is bestantius[.]com?

Bestantius[.]com is a deceptive website that is used to trick iPhone users into downloading and installing VPN application developed by Hi Security Lab. This app is available for download on official App Store page, which means it is very likely to be a legitimate application. However, websites like bestantius[.]com should never be trusted. Besides, quite often people do not visit such pages intentionally. These pages get opened when people click some shady ads or when there is some potentially unwanted application (PUA) installed on their device or/and browser.

Classsifieds List App Browser Hijacker

Classsifieds List App browser hijacker removal instructions

What is Classsifieds List App?

Classsifieds List App is a rogue application, advertised as a tool for easy access to popular classifieds. It operates as a browser hijacker, by making changes to browsers without user consent. Classsifieds List App promotes - a fake search engine. Additionally, this app tracks data, relating to users' browsing habits. Due to its dubious proliferation methods, Classsifieds List App is also categorized as a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application). Users should note that it is often distributed alongside the Hide My Searches PUA. POP-UP

Pinglock[.]net redirect removal instructions

What is pinglock[.]net?

pinglock[.]net is an untrustworthy website that gets opened by browsers when some fake Flash Player extension is installed on them. Research shows that this extension is already removed from Chrome Web Store, however, it is very likely that there are people who still have it installed on their browsers. The extension might be bundled with various unwanted applications as well. pinglock[.]net is a page that tracks user's Internet browsing activities. It is possible that it might be used to distribute various adware as well.

Phorpiex (Trik) Worm

Phorpiex virus removal guide

What is Phorpiex?

Phorpiex (Trik) is the name of a malicious program that is designed to send spam (mainly sextortion emails) from the infected computers. Research shows that in the past it was used to spread other malware (like GandCrab, Pony, and so on). Simply said, Phorpiex is not a new malware, it has been active for almost ten years and infected hundreds of thousands of computers. In order to avoid unwillingly being a part of sextortion spam campaigns we strongly recommend to remove Phorpiex/Trik as soon as possible.

My Obituares App Browser Hijacker

My Obituares App browser hijacker removal instructions

What is My Obituares App?

My Obituares App is a rogue application, endorsed as a tool for easy access to ancestry websites and obituary databases. It is classified as a browser hijacker, as it makes unauthorized changes to browsers in order to promote its fake search engine - Furthermore, this app has data tracking abilities, which it uses to spy on users' browsing habits. Due to most users installing My Obituares App inadvertently, it is considered to be a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application).It is often distributed alongside another PUA called Hide My Searches.


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