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PowerGamesNetwork Adware

PowerGamesNetwork removal instructions

What is PowerGamesNetwork?

PowerGamesNetwork is categorized as potentially unwanted application (PUA), adware-type software. Its developers present it as a tool that can be used to download various games. It may look like a legitimate app (and useful for people who like to play various games). Unfortunately, having this app installed means being forced to see various intrusive advertisements and to be redirected to various unreliable web pages. Besides, apps of this type are often designed to track information (collect details related to their user's browsing habits). POP-UP Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is is yet another rogue website that is virtually identical to,,, and many others. As with the listed examples, is designed to redirect users to various websites and deliver questionable content. Research results show that users often end up visiting site inadvertently - they're redirected by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) or either intrusive advertisements displayed in other rogue sites. Potentially unwanted applications typically infiltrate computers without a permission and aside from causing redirects these apps also gather various information, as well as deliver intrusive advertisements.

Fanatical Assistant Adware

Fanatical Assistant removal instructions

What is Fanatical Assistant?

As presented on its website, Fanatical Assistant is an application that gives its users access to various games at best prices, it allows them to quickly find more than 5000 games. It might look like a useful app, especially for people who often buy various games. Unfortunately, this app is categorized as a potentially unwanted application (PUA) that operates as adware (ad-supportive software). Applications of this type feed their users with intrusive advertisements and often are designed to gather data related to user's browsing activity.

Imminent Monitor RAT

Imminent Monitor virus removal guide

What is Imminent Monitor?

Imminent Monitor is a legitimate remote access tool (RAT) that helps owners to control Microsoft Windows-based servers and computers remotely. However, the problem is that cyber criminals use the cracked versions of Imminent Monitor in order to generate revenue. Therefore, even though the tool itself is legitimate, it can be misused in various ways, which means that presence of Imminent Monitor controlled by someone else might cause a variety of problems.

Robbinhood Ransomware

Robbinhood ransomware removal instructions

What is Robbinhood?

Ransomware-type programs are computer infections that cyber criminals use to prevent people from accessing their files and to blackmail them by making ransom demands. Robbinhood is one of these programs, it encrypts data stored on a computer/make files unusable. To be able to access their files again people are encouraged to buy a particular decryption tool. Robbinhood renames every encrypted file to "Encrypted_random.enc_robbinhood" (instead of a word "random" it adds a line of random numbers and letters). For example, it renames a file named "1.jpg" to "Encrypted_1y5u5msd65321fd2.enc_robbinhood" and so on. This program creates a HTML file, a ransom note named "_Decryption_ReadMe.html". It contains instructions on how to make a payment and get a decryption tool. Robbinhood was discovered by Michael Gillespie.

Mr-X666 Ransomware

Mr-X666 ransomware removal instructions

What is Mr-X666?

Mr-X666 is a malicious program that cyber criminals distribute with a purpose to extract money (cryptocurrency) from people. To be more precise, to encrypt files/data stored on a computer and to make ransom demands. This ransomware renames encrypted files by adding the ".Mr-X666" extension. If a file is named "1.jpg", then Mr-X666 renames it to "1.jpg.Mr-X666" and so on. Mr-X666 creates a ransom note that is called "HOW TO BACK YOUR FILES.txt" (it puts it in all folders that contain encrypted files). The person who discovered this ransomware-type program is Michael Gillespie.

Doples Ransomware

Doples ransomware removal instructions

What is Doples?

Doples is yet another variant of Djvu ransomware. It was firstly discovered by a malware security researcher, Michael Gillespie. After successful infiltration, Doples encrypts most of stored data and appends filenames with ".dople" extension (e.g., "sample.jpg" is renamed to "sample.jpg.dople" and so forth). Encrypted data instantly becomes unusable. Following successful encryption, Doples generates a text file ("_readme.txt") and drops a copy in every folder containing encrypting folder.

Error XR01F5 POP-UP Scam

"Error XR01F5" removal instructions

What is "Error XR01F5"?

"Error XR01F5" is a fake error/virus alert that is displayed in a pop-up window which occurs when a deceptive website is visited. Simply said, this is a scam that is used to swindle people out of their money by encouraging them to use paid online services or buy some software. As a rule, this website's visitors do not open it intentionally - they get redirected to it by installed potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). One of the main purposes of these apps is to open various unreliable, deceptive websites. Additionally, PUAs serve their users with intrusive advertisements and collect information about their browsing habits. Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is is yet another fake web search engine that, according to the developers, enhances web browsing experience by generating improved results, as well as quick access to various popular websites. Judging on the appearance alone, does seem appropriate and handy. Nevertheless, we should mention that this website is promoted by using a browser-hijacking potentially unwanted application (PUA) called Recipe Star, which usually infiltrates the system without asking for a permission. Moreover,, as well as Recipe Star continually record information relating to user's web browsing activity.

Free - Online Radio Adware

Free - Online Radio removal instructions

What is Free - Online Radio?

Developers promote Free - Online Radio as a tool, a browser application that allows people listen to radio directly from their browser's toolbar. It is presented as a legitimate app, however, Free - Online Radio is a adware-type potentially unwanted application (PUA). Adware is ad-supporting software, it means that apps of this type, if installed, feed their users with online advertisements. Additionally, PUAs often cause redirects to unreliable websites and gather browsing-related information.


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