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Tontorcaltedron[.]info redirect removal instructions

What is tontorcaltedron[.]info?

Rogue websites like tontorcaltedron[.]info are designed to redirect their visitors to untrustworthy, questionable websites. Here are examples of other pages of this type: rabsirolcalat[.]info, gatonsenropha[.]info and knowwoow[.]com. As a rule, people do not visit tontorcaltedron[.]info intentionally, it gets opened by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) that they have installed on their browsers. Most people download and install these apps unwillingly/unintentionally. In addition to unwanted redirects, PUAs deliver intrusive ads and record data related to user's web browsing habits.

PCActivator Unwanted Application

PCActivator removal instructions

What is PCActivator?

Developers promote PCActivator (or PC Activator) as a program that enhances computer's speed and improves its performance by fixing errors, faulty registry entries, issues related to system crashes and so on. Nevertheless, PCActivator is categorized as a potentially unwanted application (PUA). That is because its developers distribute it using a deceptive marketing method called "bundling" (it is included in other software's setups). Typically, people do not download and install apps of this type intentionally.

Actin Ransomware

Actin ransomware removal instructions

What is Actin?

Actin is yet another variant of a high-risk ransomware called Phobos. After successful infiltration, Actin encrypts most of stored data, thereby making them unusable. Additionally, Actin appends filenames with victim's unique ID, developers' email address and ".actin" extension. For instance, "sample.jpg" would be renamed to something like "[1E857D00-1104].[].actin". Once data is encrypted Actin creates an html application ("info.hta"), which displays a pop-up window, and a text file ("info.txt").

BackgroundContainer.dll Virus

BackgroundContainer.dll virus removal guide

What is BackgroundContainer.dll?

The BackgroundContainer.dll error usually occurs on Windows startup, it is associated with the Conduit Engine (or simply Conduit) browser hijacker that promotes the fake search engine. This browser hijacker is a potentially unwanted app (PUA), most people download and install apps of this type unintentionally.

"Double click to install" Adware (Mac)

How to remove "Double click to install" from Mac?

What is "Double click to install"?

It is very likely that Mac users who encounter/have encountered a pop-up window saying that "Double click to install" wants access to control "System" events" have an adware-type app installed on their browsers or operating systems. If installed, apps of this type serve their users with unwanted, intrusive ads and often gather various information related to Internet browsing habits.

.good (Dharma) Ransomware

.good ransomware removal instructions

What is .good?

Belonging to Dharma ransomware family, .good is a high-risk ransomware that stealthily infiltrates computers and encrypts most of stored files. This ransomware also appends filenames with ".good" extension (thus, its name) during the encryption. For instance, .good would rename "sample.jpg" to "sample.jpg.good". Encrypted data instantly becomes unusable. Aside from encrypting, .good also displays a pop-up window and drops "RETURN FILES.txt" text file on victim's desktop. .good ransomware was firstly discovered by malware researcher Jakub Kroustek. Virus

Ouo[.]io redirect removal instructions

What is ouo[.]io?

Ouo[.]io is one of the many websites that let their users to shorten URLs. It is a legitimate website (it is not malicious), however, it uses various questionable advertising networks. Simply said, it contains dubious ads and people who use it get redirected to unreliable websites. For this reason we recommend to avoid using it. POP-UP Ads

Up-date[.]to redirect removal instructions

What is up-date[.]to?

up-date[.]to is a rogue website designed to deliver unreliable content and to promote various applications. It shares many similarities with dozens of other rogue sites, such as,, Users typically visit up-date[.]to inadvertently - they get redirected by various potentially unwanted applications (which usually infiltrate computers without a permission), as well as intrusive advertisements delivered by other rogue sites. Potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) not only cause unwanted redirects, but also deliver various unreliable content and gather personal data. Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is is one of the many fake search engines. Typically, search engines of this type are promoted through browser hijackers that change browser's settings. In this particular case is promoted via Private Browsing by Safely potentially unwanted application (PUA). It is known that this app is used to promote another fake search engine, Most browser hijackers gather various information about their users as well.

SppExtComObjHook.dll Virus

SppExtComObjHook.dll virus removal guide

What is SppExtComObjHook.dll?

The SppExtComObjHook.dll is a file that that is associated with various illegal software activation tools such as KMSPico, AutoKMS, Re-Loader, KMSAuto and others. These tools are designed to active Microsoft Windows or Office products without having to pay for it. Typically, anti-virus or anti-spyware suites detect the SppExtComObjHook.dll file as a threat when a user opens one of the aforementioned (or some other) activation tools. It is not legal to use any of them, besides, tools of this type often infect computers with various malware.


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