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What is smartcaptchasolve[.]top?

Sharing traits with,,, and countless others, smartcaptchasolve[.]top is a rogue site. It is designed to present visitors with dubious content and/or redirect them to various (likely unreliable or malicious) webpages.

Users are typically redirected to rogue websites by untrustworthy pages, intrusive advertisements, or installed PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications). Ads

What is ryaouposit[.]space website?

Ryaouposit[.]space is a website designed to ask for permission to show notifications and promote questionable sites. Pages like ryaouposit[.]space get opened via shady ads, other pages of this kind, or potentially unwanted apps (PUAs). A couple of examples of similar pages are othemyinetere[.]space, sistheberth[.]xyz, and dwhenmyfe[.]xyz.

SearchConvertersOnline Browser Hijacker

What is SearchConvertersOnline?

SearchConvertersOnline is a browser hijacker promoting the fake search engine. Due to the questionable techniques used to distribute browser hijackers, they are also categorized as PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications).

SuperSearchConverters Browser Hijacker

What is SuperSearchConverters browser hijacker?

SuperSearchConverters hijacks web browsers by changing their settings. The main purpose of this application is to promote - a fake search engine. It is uncommon for browser hijackers to be installed by users on purpose. Thus, they are categorized as potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). Ads

What is othemyinetere[.]space?

Othemyinetere[.]space is a rogue webpage sharing similarities with,,,, and countless others. It is designed to present visitors with dubious material and/or redirect them to (likely unreliable or malicious) sites.

Rogue websites are typically accessed via redirects caused by untrustworthy pages, intrusive adverts, or installed PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications). Ads

What is get-your-cash[.]me page?

Get-your-cash[.]me asks for permission to show notifications and promotes dubious websites. There are hundreds of pages like get-your-cash[.]me (for example, s1-n[.]com, alfaiztech[.]com, fewmonthst[.]space). Users do not open get-your-cash[.]me and similar pages on purpose/intentionally. Ads

What is the sistheberth[.]xyz website?

Sistheberth[.]xyz is a rogue site designed to load dubious content, push its browser notifications, and/or redirect visitors to other (likely unreliable or malicious) webpages. The Internet is rife with such websites;, and - are just some examples.

Users typically access rogue pages via redirects caused by untrustworthy sites, intrusive adverts, or installed PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications).

IncognitoSearching Browser Hijacker

What is IncognitoSearching browser hijacker?

IncognitoSearching is a browser hijacker designed to promote the address, which is a fake search engine. It promotes that address by changing the web browser's settings. A big part of browser hijackers is promoted and distributed using questionable methods. Thus, users often download and install them unknowingly. Ads

What is dwhenmyfe[.]xyz website?

The purpose of dwhenmyfe[.]xyz is to trick visitors into allowing it to show notifications by using a clickbait technique promote shady websites. There is a great deal of pages like dwhenmyfe[.]xyz, for example, s1-n[.]com, read-before-the-rest[.]com, and alfaiztech[.]com.

Decryptdelta Ransomware

What is Decryptdelta ransomware?

Practically identical to Retrievedata, Decryptdelta is a ransomware-type program. It encrypts data (renders files inaccessible) stored on the infected system and demands ransoms for the decryption.

Compromised files are appended with a ".decryptdelta@gmailcom" extension. For example, a file like "1.jpg" would appear as "1.jpg.decryptdelta@gmailcom", and so on. After this process is complete, a ransom note - "retrieve_data.txt" - is created.


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