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Qsayebk Ransomware

Qsayebk ransomware removal instructions

What is Qsayebk ransomware?

Qsayebk is the name of a malicious program, belonging to the Snatch ransomware family. Systems infected with this malware have their data encrypted and receive ransom demands for the decryption. During the encryption process, files are appended with the ".qsayebk" extension. To elaborate on how an affected file would appear, for example - one named something like "1.jpg" would appear as "1.jpg.qsayebk", "2.jpg" as "2.jpg.qsayebk", and so on. After this process is complete, text files "HOW TO RESTORE YOUR FILES.TXT", which contain identical ransom notes, are dropped into compromised folders.

(3) Viruses Have Been Detected On Your IPhone POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to remove apps that open "(3) Viruses have been detected on your iPhone" scam page?

What is "(3) Viruses have been detected on your iPhone" scam?

There are many untrustworthy websites that promote potentially unwanted (or even malicious) applications using a deceptive method: they display fake notifications saying that a device is infected with viruses (or damaged in some other way) and it will be damaged further if no prompt action is taken. Such pages encourage visitors to download and install some app that supposed to remove non-existent viruses (or solve other "problems").

Verify Microsoft Account Email Scam

"Verify Microsoft Account" email scam removal guide

What is the fake "Verify Microsoft Account" email?

"Verify Microsoft Account" refers to an email spam campaign. The term "spam campaign" defines a mass-scale operation, during which thousands of deceptive/scam letters are sent. "Verify Microsoft Account" emails are disguised as notifications from Microsoft Corporation, concerning a necessary Microsoft account verification - by missing which recipients risk having theirs deleted. It must be emphasized that these scam letters are in no way associated with the actual Microsoft Corporation. The purpose of said fake notifications is to extract users' Microsoft account log-in credentials (i.e. usernames and passwords) through a phishing website.

Covid21 Malware

Covid21 virus removal guide

What is Covid21?

Covid21 is a coronavirus-themed malware that corrupts the MBR (The Master Boot Record) - the first sector on a startup drive that contains an executable code that works as a loader for the operating system. Simply said, it Covid21 prevents users from accessing the Windows operating system. Also, it changes victim's desktop wallpaper.

WizardUpdate Adware (Mac)

How to remove WizardUpdate adware from Mac?

What is WizardUpdate?

WizardUpdate is an adware-type application with browser hijacker traits. It operates by delivering intrusive advertisement campaigns and making alterations to browser settings - in order to promote fake search engines. Additionally, most adwares and browser hijackers have data tracking abilities, which are employed to gather browsing-related information. Due to the questionable techniques used to distribute WizardUpdate, it is also categorized as a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application). This app has been noted being promoted through the installation setup of another PUA - called DLVPlayer. POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to remove apps that promote crypt-protection[.]com?

What is crypt-protection[.]com?

Crypt-protection[.]com is a deceptive website designed to trick its visitors into downloading and installing a potentially unwanted application (PUA) that supposed to remove viruses that this website supposedly has detected on a device. Website like crypt-protection[.]com have to be ignored - virus notifications (or other messages) that they display are fake. It is worthwhile to mention that users do not visit pages like crypt-protection[.]com intentionally.

Esexz Ransomware

Esexz ransomware removal instructions

What is Esexz?

Esexz ransomware encrypts files and appends the ".esexz" extension to their filenames. For example, it renames a file named "1.jpg" to "1.jpg.esexz", "2.jpg" to "2.jpg.esexz", and so on. Also, Esexz creates a ransom note, the "readme.txt" file. It creates this file in all folders that contain encrypted files.

Registry Medic Unwanted Application

Registry Medic removal instructions

What is Registry Medic?

Registry Medic is a piece of software, endorsed as a system registry error removal and optimization tool. Due to the dubious techniques used to distribute this application, it is also deemed to be a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application). It is noteworthy that PUAs may have unmentioned, undesirable and possibly heinous abilities. POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to remove redirects to techmobionline[.]com from Mac?

What is techmobionline[.]com?

Techmobionline[.]com is a deceptive site, designed to promote scams. At the time of research, this webpage promoted two different schemes. One of the scams claim that visitors' browser is infected (which is impossible for any website to detect), the other pushes the necessity of a VPN. The purpose of these types of scams is to endorse various software products. While, legitimate applications may be promoted using such techniques, it is much more commonly employed to proliferate untrustworthy and even malicious content (possibly, disguised under the names/appearances of genuine products). For example, schemes like those run on techmobionline[.]com, often promote fake anti-viruses, adware, browser hijackers and similar PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications), as well as trojans, ransomware and other malware. Deceptive/Scam websites are typically accessed via mistyped URLs, redirects caused by intrusive advertisements or by PUAs, already installed onto the system. Ads

Hipermovies[.]website redirect removal instructions

What is hipermovies[.]website?

Typically, websites like hipermovies[.]website are promoted via deceptive ads, questionable websites or potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). In other words, it is not common for users to visit pages like hipermovies[.]website intentionally. More examples of similar pages are thgworldwideblog[.]com, novaidea[.]biz website and purplemedia[.]biz.


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