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Routgpushs[.]com redirect removal instructions

What is routgpushs[.]com?

Similar to and innumerous others, routgpushs[.]com is a rogue website. It operates by redirecting visitors to unreliable/hazardous sites and presenting them with similarly dangerous content. Most users access routgpushs[.]com inadvertently; by being redirected from other compromised websites or by having it opened by PUAs (potentially unwanted applications) present in their device. It is noteworthy, that said apps do not need express user permission to invade their devices. Once installed, they cause unauthorized redirects, deliver intrusive advertisement campaigns and track data.

SearchBox Browser Hijacker

SearchBox browser hijacker removal instructions

What is SearchBox?

SearchBox (also known as SearchBoxLive) is an application that gets installed on a browser, it supposed to make web browsing easier. At the same time this app also changes browser settings to promote a fake search engine ( Apps of this type are called browser hijackers and potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). Typically, users download and install them inadvertently. Additionally, most browser hijackers are designed to gather user-system information. Ads

Robotcaptcha3[.]info redirect removal instructions

What is robotcaptcha3[.]info?

Robotcaptcha3[.]info is a rogue site, similar to,, and many others. It is designed to redirect visitors to untrustworthy and possibly malicious sites, as well as feed them likewise dangerous content. Most visits to robotcaptcha3[.]info are unintentional. Often users get redirected from other compromised sides (specifically, via intrusive ads there) or have it force-opened by PUAs (potentially unwanted applications). It must be noted that these applications do not require explicit user permission to be installed onto their systems. PUAs cause undesirable redirects, deliver invasive advertisement campaigns and track data.

Your Streaming TV Now Browser Hijacker

Your Streaming TV Now browser hijacker removal instructions

What is Your Streaming TV Now?

Your Streaming TV Now is a name of the app that is advertised as tool which allows users to access TV streaming websites. It might be true, however, this app is designed to operate as a browser hijacker too: it changes browser settings (promotes, a fake search engine) and gathers information related to user's web browsing activities. Besides, developers distribute Your Streaming TV Now together with another app called Hide My Searches. Both of them are known as potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) because most people do not download and install browser hijackers on purpose. Ads

Watchonline[.]click redirect removal instructions

What is watchonline[.]click?

Watchonline[.]click is a rogue site, designed to cause undesired redirects to unreliable sites as well as present untrustworthy/malignant content for user consumption. There are thousands of such rogue websites out there (for example,,,,, etc.) and they share many similarities in-between. What is worthy of mention, is that few users happen upon watchonline[.]click willingly. Most are redirected from other dubious sites (precisely, through clicking intrusive adverts therein) or by having it force-opened by PUAs (potentially unwanted applications). Often, to infiltrate systems said apps do not require explicit user permission. Once successfully installed, they cause unauthorized redirects, run invasive ad campaigns and track data.

BalkanRAT Virus

BalkanRAT virus removal guide

What is BalkanRAT?

BalkanRAT is the name of a malicious program that cyber criminals distribute together with another program of this kind called BalkanDoor. BalkanRAT, as its name suggests, is a remote access trojan (RAT) that, if installed on victim's computer, allows cyber criminals to control it remotely. BalkanDoor is a backdoor trojan which allows cyber criminals to control infected computers through a command line. If a virus detection engine has detected presence of BalkanRAT or/and BalkanDoor on the operating system, they should be removed immediately.

Sguard Ransomware

Sguard ransomware removal instructions

What is Sguard?

Sguard is yet another high-risk ransomware infection discovered by Michael Gillespie. As a rule, Sguard is designed to stealthily infiltrate computers and encrypt data so that developers could make ransom demands by offering a paid recovery. Sguard also appends each name of encrypted file with ".sguard" extension (e.g., "sample.jpg" would be renamed to "sample.jpg.sguard" and so on so forth). Next goes a creation of a text file ("SGUARD-README.TXT") which contains a ransom-demanding message. Copies of this file are placed in almost all existing folder. Ads

Pushmehoney[.]com redirect removal instructions

What is pushmehoney[.]com?

Pushmehoney[.]com is a rogue website, sharing many similarities with and thousands of others. Once entered, it redirects users to other untrustworthy sites or begins feeding users likewise unreliable, even malignant content. It should be noted that intentional visits to this site are rare. Most visitors get redirecting to it, either by compromised sites (specifically, intrusive advertisements therein) or by PUAs (potentially unwanted applications). Often, these dubious applications are installed without express user permission. Successfully within a system, they cause unauthorized redirects, deliver aggressive, invasive ad campaigns and gather information.

Stare Ransomware

Stare ransomware removal instructions

What is Stare?

Stare is a malicious program that is categorized as ransomware, it belongs to the family of Djvu ransomware. The person who discovered Stare is Michael Gillespie. Ransomware is a type of software that is used to encrypt files (deny access to them) and force victims to pay a ransom. This ransomware creates a ransom note, the "_readme.txt" text file and renames all encrypted files by adding the ".stare" extension to their filenames. For example, it renames a file named "1.jpg" to "1.jpg.stare" and so on. Ads

Procontent[.]me redirect removal instructions

What is procontent[.]me?

procontent[.]me is a rogue website that is virtually identical to,,, and many others. The purpose of this website is to feed users with various unreliable content, as well as to redirect them to other questionable sites. Vast majority of visitors end up in procontent[.]me unwillingly - they get redirected by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) or either intrusive advertisements encountered in other rogue sites. Potentially unwanted applications usually infiltrate systems without user's consent and they're notorious for display of intrusive advertisements and data tracking.


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