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Check if your Mac is not infected with Crypto Mining malware

There is sometimes a common urban myth mentioned around the office water cooler. The myth is that Macs don’t get infected by viruses. This myth was partly spread by an Apple advertising campaign which featured in 2009 which formed part of the “Get a Mac” campaign. One of the key selling points of this campaign was that Macs didn’t suffer from the “thousands” of viruses, or more commonly referred to today as malware, which plagued Microsoft computers. Over time it was proven that Macs are not exposed to the multitude of malware strains which target Windows systems. The reasons for this are the following:

  • Small market share. There is some truth to the “security through obscurity” argument. Many virus writers are motivated by the power they can command, and the money they can make, by seizing control of large numbers of computers. That puts a financial premium on Windows malware as globally there are far more Windows computers than those running Mac OS.
  • Mac Operating Systems, with its Unix-based file system and kernel, is harder to infect with a self-replicating program.  Windows, as I understand it, allows users to write run executable code outside their own protected memory space; Mac OS X does not.
AirDrop issues and solutions

How to solve most common AirDrop related issues on Apple production

Apple production is well known as stable, innovative  and especially functional, when speaking about various features related to communication between their devices. A good example would be an AirDrop feature, that is a peer-to-peer technology, which allow to transfer content wirelessly between iOS and Mac devices. It sounds great, however this is only a statements of announcements, the reality sometimes varies, the AirDrop is not an exception. When this technology works properly it really is attractive and enjoying to use, but unfortunately the reality is that a lot of people reports about various issues related to AirDrop feature.

How to disable Apple software updates notifications?

How to disable Apple software updates notifications on Mac and Windows computers?

Software updates are usually released with the intention to improve it's performance or, in some cases, compatibility. If the software contains some errors or bugs, updates usually solves these problems. However, notifications about available updates might become annoying, especially when the longest period you are able to delay them is one day, in other words nothing changes in one day and probably most of us desire an option that could be, for example remind me next week or something.

How to launch iOS apps and games on Mac?

How to open mobile applications on Mac and Windows computer to access the full screen?

Apple's mobile devices became faster, more powerful and functional. Aside with all basic mobile devices functions, such as calling, texting, emails and internet browsing, there are tons of other functions. The hardware performance increased exponential as well, all these improvements allows users to play high quality games as well. The only restriction while talking about games are small screen, and probably most of people, that plays games on mobile device considered about opportunity to achieve same application within their Mac computers.

How to fix iTunes 4013 and/or 4014 error?

How to fix iTunes 4013 and/or 4014 error on Mac computers?

One of the easiest way to refresh your iPhone would be to use iTunes to restore it. iTunes also offers an opportunity to upgrade the operating system of your mobile device, this is really handful option, when your mobile data is restricted or Wi-Fi network is much slower than your ethernet connection. Using iTunes is really handful to manage the iPhones or other mobile Apple devices media content as well. However, users reports in various technical support forums, that they encounter with mysterious error messages stating, that iTunes was unable to restore or update the iDevice because An unknown error occurred with codes 4013 and/or 4014.

Bluetooth Not Available, how to fix?

How to solve Bluetooth related problems, and Bluetooth Not Available issue?

Bluetooth technology opened a lot of new opportunities, such as wireless keyboards, mouses, headphones and much more. As well as these wireless peripherals, this technology is widely used when creating smart homes environment. These are only few examples of this wireless connection usage, however loosing performance or encountering situation, when this technology stops work at all might be really painful and disappointing.


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