Hackers take on Donald Trump

If you were a Martian and landed on earth, somewhere in the USA, you would think there is some kind of war going on over there as there is violence and violent protests. There are Black Lives Matter protests because of police shooting black people. Armed men have taken over federal lands out west to protest restrictions on their ability to graze cattle where they want.  And then there are Donald Trump’s political rallies where violence has broken out too.

It does not matter to us what your politics are. We don’t care what you think about Donald Trump. What we do here is report the news and the new this week is that the hacker group Anonymous has targeted Donald Trump. You can see their declaration of war here on YouTube.

 The New York Daily News says that Anonymous has declared total war on Donald Trump.

This is their message for The Donald:

anonymous declares war on Donald Trump

The organization says they took down his website after Trump called for a ban on Muslims entering the country. They also claim to have hacked his voicemail. The hackers have also gone after the websites of some of his properties.  

Some of their persistence seems to have paid off, at least if one is measuring technical milestones. AOL is reporting that Anonymous has broadcast Trump’s Social Security Number and phone number.  So that took some technical skill. The normal anonymous approach to going after website is just to use a Denial of Service attack, which takes not much skill, as you can rent botnets for that.

Reporters tried calling Trump’s phone number and, of course, the voice mailbox was full.

Anonymous has also gone after other organizations. They encouraged people to make fun of The Islamic State on social media. They they went after the KKK. But there they were reckless then as they identified certain people as belonging to the KKK when they in fact did not.

Anonymous is not a single organization with any kind of central leadership. True, there is an Anonymous Twitter account with 318K followers. But even they say it is not official.  Yet person of persons who posted the declaration of war video said they are the Anonymous Official account.

There are also anonymous affiliated persons who Tweet and hack under different languages like Anonymous Peru, whose exploits include hacking ,military secrets belonging to Chile.

And one wonders why they wrote this Tweet saying that “declaring war on Donald Trump is stupid,” if they in fact did this themselves.

anonymous declines declaring war on Donald Trump

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