Ransomware Costs Double on the Backs of Sodinokibi and Ryuk

Ransomware continues to be a major bane facing enterprises and government organizations, with the latest high profile victim being Travelex. The currency exchange suffered a Sodinokibi attack, which left some of the company’s online services offline for three weeks. Another new worry for those tasked with securing networks is that ransomware operators are now not only encrypting data but stealing it and threatening, in some cases actually, releasing the data to the public. Researchers spend time analyzing the code behind the malware but what of the costs associated with an infection? Often for CEOs, CFOs, and stakeholders this is often the most important factor when looking to come through such an infection relatively intact. Coveware, a security firm specializing in all aspects of ransomware, often answers that very same question. In a recent report, researchers have analyzed and compiled data from the fourth...

Ubisoft sues Rainbow Six Siege DDoS Operators

Online gaming has long been a target for hacker...

Proof-Of-Concept Code for Curveball Released

It seems like the start of the year is not comp...

Ransomware Operators Releasing Data of those not paying the Ransom

Sodinokibi and a handful of other ransomware va...

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Topi is a malicious program, part of the Stop/Djvu ransomware family. Credit for its discovery belongs to Michael Gillespie. Systems infected w...

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Scuseami[.]net is operates like many other ...

Windows Defender Browser Protection POP-UP Scam

"Windows Defender Browser Protection" is a ... Ads

Websites like pushbestdevice[.]com are desi...

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Overview: Simply put a rootkit is a program or, more often, a collection of software tools that gives the hacker remote access to and control ov...

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There are two versions of Malwarebytes 4.0 - Free and Premium. Although the Free version is capable of removing existing malware, the Premium del...

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Appearance of Combo Cleaner: Antivirus and System Optimizer: Today, security researchers see a rise in adware targeted at Mac computers. While...

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Appearance of ESET NOD32 Antivirus 2020: Product Range Like many of ESET’s competitors, the company offers numerous tiers within its product ...

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