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Essential Cleaner

What is Essential Cleaner?

Essential Cleaner is a fake antivirus program created by Internet criminals and derived from a large family of bogus software. Other members from this rogue family include Smart Fortress 2012, System Tool, and many other.

This fake scanner is often distributed through websites displaying ads for spyware scanning. On entering such a website, a pop-up window appears showing a fake security scan and stating that your computer is at risk and that you should download and install a security program to remove these threats.

If you click on this window, Essential Cleaner will be installed on your computer.

Antivirus Center

What is Antivirus Center?

Antivirus Center is an imitation of a genuine security program. This fake software is distributed by Internet criminals who use various misleading methods to install this rogue program on users' PCs.

The bogus software is distributed through infected websites. Usually, an ad appears on your screen purporting to scan your computer.

After the 'scan', the ad informs you that your computer is infected and you are advised to download Antivirus Center in order to remove these infections.

Fake Windows Security Center

What is Fake Windows Security Center?

Fake Windows Security Center is a misleading application that attempts to trick computer users into believing that their computers are at risk. This bogus software is commonly distributed using search engine result poisoning techniques and spam campaigns.

Internet criminals also use misleading websites capable of installing Fake Windows Security Center on your computer through security vulnerabilities. When this bogus program infects your computer, it displays warning messages reporting that your computer is not protected.

Fast Windows Antivirus 2011

What is Fast Windows Antivirus 2011?

Fast Windows Antivirus 2011 is a bogus computer antivirus program that should not be trusted. The program imitates the scanning of users' computers and then provides false promises to remove the 'detected' security infections should users purchase a license key.

These rogue programs are often distributed via fake video codecs and there are many fake websites distributing this fake program. These websites may attempt to trick you into downloading Fast Windows Antivirus 2011 by displaying a video.

Vista Defender Pro

What is Vista Defender Pro?

Vista Defender Pro is a fake antivirus program derived from a large family of rogue applications notorious for infecting a very large number of computers. Internet criminals designed this rogue program to change its name according to the operating system it infects.

In this way, this bogus program looks authentic and thus more unsuspecting computer users fall for this trickery and purchase a useless security program to remove the supposed security infections. These infections do not actually exist.

Fake Bitdefender 2011 Antivirus

What is Fake Bitdefender 2011 Antivirus?

Fake Bitdefender Antivirus 2011 is a scam released by Internet criminals to trick computer users into purchasing their fake computer security program. They name their rogue program after a legitimate program, and in doing so, try to fool people into buying a full version.

These fake programs are often distributed through fake advertisements. When the user enters a website, a pop-up ad appears reporting that it is scanning your computer.

After this 'scan', the ad states that your PC is in danger and that you need to install Bitdefender Antivirus 2011 in order to remove the threats.

Antivirus Clean 2011

What is Antivirus Clean 2011?

When your system is infiltrated by Antivirus Clean 2011, a pop-up will appear on your screen when you visit any website. This pop-up will imply that it is performing a computer security scan and will report multiple infections on your computer.

In order to clean these infections, you will be asked to download and install the full version of Antivirus Clean 2011. When this program is installed on your computer, it will be invoked on every system start-up.

Internet Protection virus

What is Internet Protection?

Internet Protection is rogue software that imitates the processes of a real security program in order to scare computer users into thinking that their PCs are at risk. This misleading program is designed to scare you into purchasing a fake license.

When this program self-installs, it performs fake security scans and will report that it has detected many infected files. This bogus program displays non existent files and suggests that these files are infected with spyware and viruses.

Antivirus Protection Trial

What is Antivirus Protection Trial?

This program is usually distributed through infected websites. Your computer might become infected with this bogus program while clicking on ads on certain websites that divert you to infected websites.

After this program self-installs, it will perform a security scan and state that your computer is infected with multiple threats. The scan results will be exaggerated and you will be asked to purchase a full version of  this program to remove the issues.

This program is useless and designed only to scare you into purchasing a non existent license.

Antimalware Tool

What is Antimalware Tool?

Antimalware Tool is a bogus program promoted by Internet criminals. The program is distributed via Trojans and infects your computer while you browse the Internet. When this rogue program self-installs itself on your computer, it will perform a 'security scan' and report that your computer is in danger.

This rogue program will 'detect' many infections and ask you to purchase a license in order to remove these threats. This program is a scam, do not waste your money.

The security scan and results are fake; this program is developed in an attempt to scare you into buying a non existent 'full' version.


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