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Personal Protector 2013

Personal Protector 2013 - how to remove it from your computer?

What is Personal Protector 2013?

Personal Protector 2013 should not be mistaken for legitimate antivirus software, it is a scam developed by cyber criminals to scare PC users into believing that their computers are infiltrated with high-risk malware and virus infections. To achieve this deceptive goal, Personal Protector 2013 displays fake security scans and generates long lists of supposedly-detected security issues. In fact, it is an empty software shell, comprising neither a virus definition database nor a virus scan engine. The processes displayed by this bogus software are merely imitated. Do not trust any information displayed by Personal Protector 2013, since its main goal is to sell a useless 'full version', which supposedly eliminates 'detected' security threats on your PC.

Policajny Zbor Slovenskej Republiky Virus

Policajny Zbor Slovenskej Republiky (Ministerstvo Vnutra) Ukash scam - how to unblock your computer?

What is Policajny Zbor Slovenskej Republiky?

Policajny Zbor Slovenskej Republiky (Ministerstvo Vnutra) "Vas pocitac je zabokovany" is a fake message that demands payment of a bogus 100 Euro fine. In fact, this message is not delivered from Slovakian police, it is a scam developed by cyber criminals. Infections that block computer screens, demanding users pay bogus fines, are called ransomware. This particular screen locker originates from a family called Urausy. The deceptive message displayed by the Policajny Zbor Slovenskej Republiky virus states that you are required to pay the 100 Euro (or 2000 SKK) fine for supposedly committing law infringement (such as illegal downloads of copyrighted content, watching pornography, etc.)

Polska Policja Virus

Polska Policja virus removal guide

What is Polska Policja?

The Polska Policja "Komputer Zostal Zablokowany" message is a scam proliferated by cyber criminals, and never sent to computer users by the Polish Police. This is a ransomware infection, which blocks computer users' screens and demands payment of a bogus fine, supposedly to unlock their PCs. This scam originates from a family of screen lockers called Reveton and predominantly targets PC users from Poland. When this ransomware infects a computer, it blocks the desktop and displays a deceptive message in the Polish language, accompanied by Polish police graphics. Note that Poland's police cybercrime department has no connection with this message - it is a scam created by Cyber criminals who extort money from unsuspecting PC users who fall for their trickery and pay the bogus fine.

Politia Romana Virus

Politia Romana Virus "Calculatorul dvs. este blocat!" removal instructions

What is Politia Romana?

Politia Romana is a ransomware infection originating from a family of screen lockers called Reventon. There are several variants of this scam, which exploit the name of the Romanian Police, each using slightly different graphics. When this ransomware infects users' computers, it blocks the desktop, displaying a deceptive message demanding users pay a 400 RON fine to unblock their systems. This message states that users' computers were locked due to their systems holding unauthorised copyrighted content or for users watching pornography. Redirect

Softonic toolbar - how to eliminate browser redirects to

What is

The (Websearch Powered by Softonic) website is promoted by using Internet browser toolbars. Softonic is a popular software download website, which recently began monetizing web traffic using browser add-ons that redirect users to the site. Computer users should express caution when downloading software from, since each time free software is downloaded from this website, the user is forced to download an installer bundled with the Softonic toolbar. Thus, it appears that Softonic have followed the deceptive practices of by bundling software downloads with browser add-ons, which redirect computer users to specific websites for monetization purposes.

Conduit Virus

Conduit toolbars - how to eliminate browser redirects to

What is Conduit?

The website is promoted through various browser toolbars developed by Conduit. Many websites and developers use Conduit-powered toolbars to monetize their incoming web traffic and free software. This service is popular since is simple to create a toolbar with your website's logo and custom features. When computer users installs any Conduit-powered toolbars, their Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome) homepage and default search engine is changed to This website uses a customized Google search engine, displaying legitimate organic search results, however, if a user clicks on sponsored results, Conduit and their partners shares the revenue. Redirect - how to eliminate browser redirects to this website?

What is

The website is promoted using deceptive methods. The company responsible for creating this site purchases browser extensions from third party developers and redirects users of those extensions to various other websites including This particular website is not harmful, as it employs a customized Google search engine and users receive legitimate organic search results. When users click on the sponsored results, however, revenue is shared between the search engine and openmediasoft.

Download n'Save Adware

Download n'Save browser plugin - how to eliminate this adware?

What is Download n'Save?

Download n'Save is a browser plugin, which tracks users' Internet browsing habits and then presents them with coupon deals. Although these Internet browser plugins can be useful, the tracking information can be sold to third parties - a situation potentially leading to identity theft and privacy issues. Furthermore, these plugins often display ads and deals from associated merchants; clicking on these links can result in the installation of other unwanted browser add-ons or even malware. and Redirects - how to remove browser redirects to

What is is a pay-per-click search engine. If you search using the search bar presented, only sponsored search results are delivered (legitimate search engines return a combination of both organic and some sponsored search results). This website was created to earn revenue from users of this search engine who click on the delivered results. The and websites are closely related to Trojan and malware infections. Computer users report that their Internet browsers redirected to the aforementioned websites without their consent, a fact clearly demonstrating that the owners of these sites, or their affiliates, use devious tactics to drive Internet users to them. Redirect - how to remove browser redirects to this website?

What is

The website presents users with a customized Yahoo search engine. This website is promoted using free software, toolbars, and browser add-ons, which computer users download from the Internet. This method of promotion is deemed deceptive, since computer users often inadvertently install the browser add-ons without their consent. To avoid these situations, users should use caution when installing free software. Check each installation window carefully for any suggestion that your Internet browser homepage or default search engine may be changed. Redirects to are related to the Search Core Systems company and associated software.


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