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Antimalware PC Safety

What is Antimalware PC Safety?

Antimalware PC Safety is a fake antivirus program derived from the same family of rogue security scanners as Smart Antimalware Protection, AV Security Essentials, and many others. Like its previous versions, Antimalware PC Safety imitates a legitimate security program called Microsoft Security Essentials.

Whilst Microsoft's program is free, however, Antimalware PC Safety encourages you to purchase a license to remove the 'detected' threats.

Smart Protection 2012

What is Smart Protection 2012?

Smart Protection 2012 is a rogue computer security program derived from the same family of misleading programs as Security Sphere 2012, Personal Shield Pro, Total Security, and many others. Internet criminals designed this program to scare unsuspecting computer users into purchasing a fake license for Smart Protection 2012.

This bogus program is distributed through Trojans, fake online security scanners, and fake program updates. To prevent your computer from being infected with rogue programs such as Smart Protection 2012, you should always use an updated legitimate antivirus/anti-spyware program.

When this fake program self-installs, it will start automatically each time you boot your computer and you will then be presented with a computer security scan.

Security Scanner virus

What is Security Scanner?

Security Scanner is fake computer antivirus program and a variant of its previous version called Security Shield. Like its predecessor, Security Scanner is distributed using misleading methods such as fake online security scans, Trojans, fake program updates, etc.

When Security Scanner self-installs on your computer, it modifies your operating system to block most functions. This makes the removal process of Security Scanner more complicated - you will be unable to access the Internet and Security Scanner blocks the execution of legitimate Windows Programs.

Each time you boot your computer, Security Scanner starts and you will be forced to observe a fake security scan performed by this program.

Home Malware Cleaner

What is Home Malware Cleaner?

Home Malware Cleaner is a recently discovered fake antivirus program similar to its previous versions: Antivirus Smart Protection, AV Security Essentials, etc. Home Malware Cleaner is distributed via various Internet sources, mainly to steal money from the credit card accounts of unsuspecting computer users.

Internet criminals attempted to make Home Malware Cleaner as authentic as possible by using the interface of a legitimate antivirus program called Microsoft Security Essentials - you should not mistake these two programs. The security suite from Microsoft is free and legitimate, whereas Home Malware Cleaner attempts to sell a license that is useless.

Strong Malware Defender

What is Strong Malware Defender?

Strong Malware Defender is a misleading program derived from a family of rogue applications such as AV Security Essentials, Smart Antimalware Protection, Antivirus Smart Protection, and many others. Internet criminals use a similar interface to Microsoft Security Essentials (a legitimate free antivirus program) for their latest rogue program called Strong Malware Defender.

This rogue security scanner is proliferated by large malware networks operated by Internet criminals. Their attacks include various methods of computer infection such as misleading website creation, search engine result poisoning, spam campaigns, etc.

Do not mistake Strong Malware Defender for a legitimate security program - it is useless software created with the intention of selling you a fake license.

When Strong Malware Defender infects your computer, it instantly starts an imaginary security scan, and in this way, attempts to scare you into believing that your computer has serious security issues and that this rogue program is the only method possible to remove them.

System Check virus

What is System Check?

System Check is a misleading program that hides desktop icons and start menu items in order to scare computer users in believing that their computer hardware has malfunctioned. The program differs from typical fake antivirus software, since it employs different tactics to scare computer users.

While a typical rogue anti-spyware program scans your computer for security threats and then displays a fake detection list, System Check mimics a scan of your hard drive and then generates fake warning messages reporting that your computer hardware has malfunctioned and you could potentially lose your data. System Check is a fake computer program.

This rogue scanner is a copy of previous versions: System Fix, Data Restore, System Recovery, and many others.

Antivirus Protection 2012

What is Antivirus Protection 2012?

Antivirus protection is a misleading program that attempts to mimic a legitimate computer security program. This rogue program self-installs on your computer without permission, and then creates random files on your hard drive, supposedly 'detecting' them as being infected with spyware/malware.

Do not trust this program - it bears no relation to a real security suite.

AV Security Essentials

What is AV Security Essentials?

AV Security Essentials is an example of a cleverly-designed scam. This fake antivirus program is derived from a family of misleading applications that includes Malware Protection Center, Antivirus Smart Protection, Smart Antimalware Protection, and many others.

As with these other versions, Internet criminals mimic the interface of the legitimate security program, Microsoft Security Essentials, in their latest fake program called AV Security Essentials. Like its predecessors, AV Security Essentials bears no relation to genuine security scanners and the program merely imitates the processes involved in removing spyware and malware infections from your computer.

Internet Defender

What is Internet Defender?

Internet Defender is a fake antivirus program that attempts to mimic a legitimate program called Windows Defender. Internet criminals have ‘borrowed’ the interface of a legitimate security program in order to trick unsuspecting computer users into purchasing a nonexistent license for their fake program called ‘Internet Defender’.

This program is distributed by various misleading methods. For example, your computer could have been infected with Internet Defender via online security scanners or fake program updates.

When installed, Internet Defender will block almost all Windows functions so that you will be unable to use your Internet browser and other functions.

Smart Antimalware Protection

What is Smart Antimalware Protection?

Smart Anti-Malware Protection is a fake computer scanner that attempts to imitate the interface of the legitimate program, Microsoft Security Essentials. The interface, however, is the only aspect bearing any similarity to a legitimate security program - other security functions are merely imitated by Smart Antimalware  Protection.

The security scans and warning pop-ups are generated solely to scare you into believing that your computer is under attack by various spyware, malware, and other security-related infections. Smart Antimalware Protection is a fake program created by Internet criminals to intimidate computer users into buying a useless license key.


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