Combo Cleaner Anti-Malware (for Windows computers)

Combo Cleaner for Windows box - PCRiskCombo Cleaner is an anti-malware application for Windows computers (also available for Mac computers). It's developed by a company RCS LT which has been working in cyber security industry for over 10 years. The accumulated experience in internet security allowed us to create a robust anti-malware solution that is capable of defending user's computers from nowadays prevailing cyber threats. Combo Cleaner is designed to work with all the most popular operating systems from Microsoft, alongside Windows Defender.

As well as enterprise level antivirus scan engine, Combo Cleaner for Windows is equipped with powerful anti-adware, anti-ransomware and Internet browsing protection capabilities.

While malware is a long time plague for personal computers, nowadays sophisticated ransomware attacks, potentially unwanted applications, adware, and online threats are very widespread - Combo Cleaner addresses all of these issues. On top of that Combo Cleaner allows to quickly check for big and duplicate files, potentially allowing to remove outdated and useless files.

Works with: Microsoft Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 with SP1 and latest KB updates installed

Combo Cleaner for Windows

To use full-featured product, you have to purchase a license. Limited seven days free trial available.

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With Combo Cleaner premium installed users will be able to peacefully browser the Internet - real-time web browsing protection module prevents users from visiting malicious websites (phishing, malware, online scams). Real-time anti-malware module will monitor files for malicious code, either it be an infected email attachment or a rogue download, it will be stopped before any damage is made to a computer. With anti-malware module enabled, users will be sure that their files won't be encrypted and they won't need to pay a ransom in order to regain control of their files.

Combo Cleaner for Windows - Main

Anti-malware modules:

Combo Cleaner users can choose between Quick, Full and Custom computer scan options. Quick scan checks files in the most commonly infected areas such as downloads, full system scan checks all files in user's hard disk drives, and custom scan option lets users choose folders that should be then scanned for malware. Apart from on-demand scans, Combo Cleaner will monitor your computer for malware with real-time anti-malware engine and alert you if any malicious file is being downloaded or executed. Note that while initial computer scan can take quite a while, Combo Cleaner has built-in smart scan feature that ensures that all the complimentary scans are performed much faster.

Combo Cleaner for Windows - Anti-malware module

Anti-ransomware module:

Ransomware infections have become a real pandemic for personal computers, almost each week we see headlines informing that some big company networks were breached and cyber criminals were able to encrypt files, then demand for a ransom to be paid in order to decrypt the data. Personal computer users should be aware that cyber criminals are not only targeting big companies, every day thousands of home user computers get infected with ransomware, personal data gets encrypted (photos, videos, notes, etc.) This is a very profitable business for cyber criminals and they search for ways to attach potential victims every day. To solve this issue Combo Cleaner has multiple defence mechanisms. For starters real-time anti malware scan engine checks all downloaded and executed files, this way preventing ransomware from entering users computer. As a second defence mechanism , users can add their folders to a feature called protected folders - this will prevent any application from tampering with the files present in the protected folder.

Combo Cleaner for Windows - Anti-ransomware module

Web browsing protection module:

Nowadays cyber criminals are very innovative when it comes to setting up phishing, scam and other rogue websites. For an untrained eye it's almost impossible to determine between a legitimate site and the one that is designed to look like one but in reality steal passwords or distribute malicious files. With web browsing protection enabled Combo Cleaner will check all Internet connections and will block them (this feature is compatible with all major Internet browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.) if it determines that a malicious site is ahead.

Big and duplicate files:

A couple of complimentary features to Combo Cleaner. Scanning your hard disk drives for big and duplicate files can uncover a lot of forgotten and useless files that take up valuable disk space. While not related to protecting your computer from malware, regaining disk space (in some cases gigabytes) is a very welcome addition.

Combo Cleaner for Windows - Big Files Finder

Pricing and installation:

Combo Cleaner can be downloaded free of charge from combocleaner.com website. The free version of this app allows users to run quick anti-malware scan and use big and duplicate file scanners. Note that removing detected threats and using other features (real-time scanners, anti-ransomware, etc.) requires subscription. Free seven day trial available upon request.

Combo Cleaner for Windows - Pricing

Personal Security Assistant:

A feature that integrates knowledge of Artificial Intelligence. An easy-to-use chat interface enables users to ask Internet security-related questions, which the chatbot will answer and provide valuable insights. The AI is also capable of analyzing screenshots. For instance, if you receive a suspicious email, you can screenshot it and upload the image to the Personal Security Assistant. The image will then be analyzed, and the chatbot will deliver detailed information explaining whether the email is a scam.

Combo Cleaner Windows - Personal Security Assistant


Combo Cleaner is equipped with every feature to remove and prevent malware, adware and ransomware infections. From on demand scanners to real-time protection, this app will make sure cyber criminals won't ruin your day. We highly recommend this product.

Appearance of Combo Cleaner Anti-malware for Windows:

Appearance of Combo Cleaner Anti-Malware for Windows

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