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Virus, ransomware and adware removal guides. Step-by-step removal instructions.

This section is updated daily to inform computer users about the latest malware, fake anti-virus, and ransomware online threats. Our systematic removal guides provide manual and automatic removal instructions for the most common security infections, enabling PC users to remove malicious software without expert knowledge. The removal of most rogue antivirus software and ransomware infections is complicated and requires specific computer knowledge. At, however, we write our removal guides in an easy to understand form. If your PC is infiltrated with a rogue antivirus program or locked by a ransomware virus, you may find that you are unable to run legitimate Windows programs and your Internet connection is blocked. In this case, you should not panic. Carefully read the removal guide associated with that infection and your computer will be back to normal in no time.

Website malware scanner

The free website malware scanner checks 100MB of URL response content, scanning it for malicious code and infected files. The detailed website scan report reveals a website's external links, iframes, referenced domains, phishTank, Gooogle-SafeBrowsing, and MalwareDomainList blacklisting status.

Virus and malware removal

This page provides information on how to avoid infections by malware or viruses and is useful if your system suffers from common spyware and malware attacks. By following the procedures within this section, computer users can considerably reduce the risk of their computer becoming infected. In addition, you can find out about best free antivirus and anti-spyware programs available and follow useful tutorials on many subjects including how to manually kill malicious processes, delete registry entries, and disable unwanted start-up programs.


This forum was created to individually help our readers with spyware and virus removal. Feel free to post your questions and our staff will do their best to answer them and provide the latest relevant information. This service is free. At, we deal with viruses and malware every day, and therefore, have the required experience to help you eliminate any security related issues. Feel free to post your questions or help other forum users to solve their problems.

Computer technician blog

This blog is managed by an experienced computer technician and is dedicated to providing general information on computer security and other PC-related problems. Here, you will find useful tutorials on how to use specific Windows features, prevailing Internet threats, etc.

Top Anti-spyware

This section contains reputable spyware and malware removal software reviews. The information provided will help determine which anti-spyware program is best suited to individual needs. Today, having an anti-spyware program installed on your computer is vital and ignoring this fact can lead to high risk security infections.

Top Antivirus

This section enables our readers to select the best software for your active computer security. Before adding anti-virus programs to this list, we perform various tests, analyze independent testing companies’ recommendations, and use our extensive personal experience. When downloading an anti-virus program from our ‘Top Antivirus’ section, computer users can be sure that they are downloading the best available antivirus software.

About us is all about computer security. Our main priority is keeping our readers informed about latest Internet threats and providing easy to understand removal instructions for the most prevalent security infections. We draw on vast experience within the field of eliminating security related issues and are more than happy to help you.

How to start removing viruses and spyware?

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