Skype is being used to spread malware

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Skype is a proprietary voice-over-Internet Protocol service, it's a very popular online chat service which has nearly 700 million users all over the world. Recently Skype has been targeted by Cyber criminals who had plans to use this service as their malware distribution channel. Earlier this week (on October the 8th) Skype users have been warned about a new worm which spreads spam messages (for example: lol is this your new profile pic? etc.) and in such way tricks unsuspecting computer users into clicking links which lead to malicious websites distributing Trojans, ransomware infections and viruses. Most commonly links in such messages lead to Trojans which are used to steal computer user's passwords. The worst thing talking about this Skype malware is that Skype users are not aware that links posted by their contacts could lead to malicious websites or infected executable.

While social networks users have already seen such scam strategies being used in the past Skype users tend to trust links that they are given by their contacts and click on them. Such user behaviour makes Skype a very wanted target for Cyber criminals to distribute their malware or ransomware infections.

To protect your PC from such security infections you should use cautious when you receive a link from your contact in Skype which looks unexpected or strange.

Furthermore you should always keep your Skype software up-to-date, and don't forget to use a legitimate antivirus and antispyware programs. While the distribution of such spam messages seems to be stopped, Cyber criminals recently started another malware distribution campaign related to Skype.

This time Cyber criminals doesn't use Skype to post their deceptive messages which leads to Trojans, now they changed their tactics and they are sending email messages which states that your Skype password has been recently changed. Example of such deceptive email message:

skype email scam

Text in this message:

Hi there,
Password successfully changed
Your new Skype password has been set.
You can now view your attached call history and instructions how to change your account settings. If the changes described above are accurate,
no further action is needed. If anything doesn't look right, follow the link below to make changes: Restore password
Talk soon,
The people at Skype

Another spam message that is being distributed by Cyber criminals looks like the one in the screenshot below.

Note that links in this particular message leads to Blackhole exploit kit.

If a computer users would click on any of the links in this spam email message their computers would get infected with Trojans. Be sure to delete such message if you have received one.

skype voice mail scam message

Text in this message:

Hi there,
You have a new voicemail
Sign in to Skype to listen to the message.
If you no longer want to receive email alerts about new voicemails, unsubscribe now.
Talk soon,
The people at Skype

If you have received such email message in your inbox you shouldn't trust it. This is a deceptive message which actually were send by Cyber criminals who are hoping that you will fall for this trickery and you will open the attachment that comes with this email. If you would extract the attached zip file and double click the file that was in the archive you computer would be infected with a Trojan infection which enables Cyber criminals to remotely access your PC.

Always use cautious when opening attachments that comes with email messages.

If you have opened the attachment from this deceptive spam email you should scan your computer with legitimate antivirus and antispyware programs.