Best Antivirus infection

Also Known As: Best Antivirus Rogue
Type: Fake Antivirus
Damage level: Medium
Distribution: Moderate
Damage Level

"Best Antivirus" infection removal instructions

Best Antivirus is scare-ware distributed using misleading methods. When installed on your computer, Best Antivirus runs a scan and reports that your browser add-ons are unsafe. In fact, this bogus program 'detects' all add-ons as being unsafe, a tactic used by Internet criminals to scare you into purchasing their fake program called Best Antivirus. When Best Antivirus is installed on your computer, you are continually reminded that you need to register and pay $42.29 in order to remove the 'detected' unsafe add-ons. Do not trust Best Antivirus - it is a poorly designed scam designed to scare computer users into purchasing a fake license. If you have already bought Best Antivirus, contact your credit card company and dispute the charges, explaining that you have been tricked into buying a fake computer security program. Remove Best Antivirus from your computer immediately.

Main window of "Best Antivirus" infection:

best antivirus

Best Antivirus will display the following warning messages:

best antivirus fake warning

"Best Antivirus" infection removal

1. Locate Best Antivirus in your operating system's Add/Remove Programs section and remove it.

Windows 7 : Control Panel -> Programs and Features
Windows XP: Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs


2. After removing this fake computer scanner, download a legitimate anti-spyware program and scan your computer.

remover for Best Antivirus

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