Smart HDD

Also Known As: Smart HDD Rogue
Type: Fake Antivirus
Damage level: High
Distribution: Moderate
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Smart HDD - how to remove?

Smart HDD is a fake system optimizer, which pretends to scan your computer hardware (hard drive, RAM, etc.) for issues. This program is similar to previously discovered fake system optimizers including System Check, System Fix, System Restore, and many others. These programs differ from the most common misleading applications that attempt to scare you into believing that your computer has security issues; Smart HDD attempts to convince computer users that their computer hardware has malfunctioned and they could lose their stored data. This rogue program is distributed by cyber criminals who employ various misleading methods to install their fake system optimizers on the computers of unsuspecting Internet users. The most common ways of proliferating fake system scanners such as Smart HDD are through spam campaigns, hijacked websites, and Trojans.

Examples of fake messages generated by Smart HDD:

Your computer is in a critical state. Hard disk error detected. This can lead to hard disk failure and potential loss of data. It is highly recommended that you repair all found errors to prevent loss of files, applications and documents stored on your computer.
Hard drive boot sector reading error. During I/O system initialization the boot device driver might have failed to initialize the boot device. File system initialization might have failed because it did not recognize the data on the boot device.
System blocks were not found. This has most likely occurred because of hard disk failure. This may also lead to a potential loss of data.
Error 0x0000002E - DATA_BUS_ERROR The Stop 0x2E message is typically caused by failed or defective RAM (including motherboard, Level 2 cache, or video memory), incompatible or mismatched memory hardware, or when a device driver attempts to access an address in the 0x8xxxxxx range that does not exist (does not map to a physical address).

When installed on your computer, Smart HDD performs a 'hardware scan' and displays a list of supposedly detected issues with your hard disk drive (HDD) and RAM. The report will also mention that you could lose your data. The scanning process is called S.M.A.R.T Check, and the results window is similarly named S.M.A.R.T Repair. To repair the 'detected' errors, you will be encouraged to buy a license for Smart HDD. Do not consider purchasing this program, it is a scam. Internet criminals designed this program to scare you into believing that you could lose the information stored on your computer, and with the intention of selling you a license to repair the hardware issues that do not actually exist. The system scan results displayed by Smart HDD are falsely generated. The program does not block your Internet access or execution of legitimate Windows programs, so the removal process of Smart HDD is straightforward. Follow the information provided to remove this fake system optimizer.

Screenshots of the rogue system optimizer, Smart HDD:

smart hdd smart hdd fake scan

Smart HDD virus removal:

After the fake system check performed by Smart HDD, click 'Repair 7 Issues', and in the opened window, choose 'I already have an activation code. Click here to activate', and then enter this information:

Registration E-mail: mail (at)
Activation Key: 15801587234612645205224631045976

Now download and install the spyware remover, which will completely remove this fake system optimizer from your computer.

remover for Smart HDD

By downloading any software listed on this website you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. All the products we recommend were carefully tested and approved by our technicians as being one of the most effective solutions for removing this threat.

If you cannot download or run the spyware remover, try running the registry fix (link below). It enables execution of programs. Download the registryfix.reg file, double click it, click YES, and then OK.

Smart HDD virus removal instructions (on infected computer):

If you were unable to remove Smart HDD using the removal tools, you can follow these removal instructions, performing some steps manually, to help the removal process.

1. Start your computer in Safe Mode. Click Start, click Shut Down, click Restart, click OK. During your computer starting process press the F8 key on your keyboard multiple times until you see the Windows Advanced Option menu, then select Safe Mode with Networking from the list.


Here is a video diaplying how to start Windows in "Safe Mode with Networking":

Windows XP users:

Windows Vista / 7 users:

Windows 8 users:

2. Open Internet Explorer, click Tools and select Internet Options. Select "Connections".

internet-explorer-options internet explorer internet connections

3.Click LAN settings, if 'Use a proxy server for your LAN' is checked, uncheck it and press OK.

internet options lan settings internet explorer proxy settings

4. Download legitimate anti-spyware software to fully remove Smart HDD from your computer.

remover for Smart HDD

By downloading any software listed on this website you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. All the products we recommend were carefully tested and approved by our technicians as being one of the most effective solutions for removing this threat.

6. After removing Smart HDD, reset your Hosts file. Do not skip this step, since this fake program modifies your Hosts file and you will encounter browser redirect problems.

The Hosts file is used to resolve canonical names of websites to IP addresses. When it is changed, the user may be redirected to malicious websites, despite observing legitimate URLs in the address bar. It is difficult to determine if a website is genuine when the Hosts file is modified. To fix this, please download the Microsoft FixIt tool that restores your Hosts file to the Windows default. Run this tool when downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions. Download link below:

Other tools known to remove Smart HDD:

Smart HDD is a typical fake system optimizer program, which attempts to scare computer users into believing that their computer hardware has issues that may lead to a potential data loss. This program does not block your Task Manager or execution of installed Windows programs, so the removal process is straightforward. Ignore the information displayed by Smart HDD and remove it from your computer immediately.

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