RegGenie rogue registry utility

Also Known As: Reggenie Virus
Type: Fake Antivirus
Damage level: Medium
Distribution: Moderate
Damage Level

What is Reggenie and how to remove it?

Reggenie is rogue software, which claims to be a registry cleaner designed to improve the performance of users' PCs. In reality, however, this is a rogue program, which detects fake system errors and requests payment for a license key in order to remove them. Reggenie often comes bundled with free software downloaded from the Internet. Therefore, when downloading free programs, carefully study all installation information to avoid inadvertently installing Reggenie or other unwanted applications (toolbars etc.) during the installation process. When we tested this software, it supposedly 'detected' over one hundred registry and other errors when installed on a fresh Windows operating system.

This proves that this so-called 'registry optimizer' was developed by people with deceptive intentions to sell their bogus software. If you are seeking a legitimate registry cleaner, try CCleaner. This is well-known free software, which can be trusted. If you have already installed Reggenie on your PC, remove it as soon as possible, since having this software installed on your computer greatly increases the chances of third party malware infecting your system. If you have already purchased this program, try to obtain a refund, since their website states that the product has a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. So, it is worth a shot!

reggenie rogue registy cleaner

Reggenie is categorized as scareware, since it displays fake scan results and then requests payment for a bogus license key from unsuspecting PC users. This deceptive strategy of selling license keys is commonly employed in fake antivirus programs. Do not trust this program and use the removal guide provided to eliminate it from your system.

Why you should remove Reggenie from your computer?

  • Reggenie is a rogue application, which may allow third party applications or malware to infiltrate your PC
  • This program 'detects' fake errors on your computer and requests payment for a licence key in order to remove them
  • Reggenie may track your computer and Internet browsing activity

Fake error messages detected by RegGenie:


Ignore this and other 'error detection lists' presented by Reggenie - they are fake. False scan results are displayed with the sole purpose of tricking PC users into purchasing a license key for this useless software.

Reggenie removal:


Windows 7 users:

Click "Start" ("Windows Logo" at the bottom left corner of your desktop), choose "Control Panel". Locate and click "Programs and Features". Look for "RegGenie v3.0" select it and click Uninstall.

Windows XP users:

Click "Start", choose "Settings" and click "Control Panel". Locate and click "Add or Remove Programs". Look for "RegGenie v3.0", select it and click Remove.

After uninstalling RegGenie, scan your computer with anti-spyware software for any remaining unwanted components. Recommended malware removal software.

Additional steps needed to fully remove RegGenie from your system :

Uninstalling RegGenie is not adequate - remove the remaining unwanted components from your operating system's registry.

Click "Start" (Windows logo) on the bottom left corner of your desktop. In the search box, type "regedit" and click Enter. In the left corner of the opened window, locate HKEY_CURRENT_USER and double click it. When expanded, locate "Software" and double click it. When expanded, locate the Reggenie folder and remove it. After this procedure, go to your Program Files folder on your hard drive. Commonly, C:\Program Files. Locate the Reggenie folder and remove it.

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