MaxMySpeed rogue system optimizer

Also Known As: MaxMySpeed Virus
Type: Fake Antivirus
Damage level: High
Distribution: Moderate
Damage Level rogue system optimizer - how to remove it? system optimizer is a scam, which presents computer users with a long list of supposedly detected system errors and then requests payment for a license key in order to remove them. Whilst this software is similar to other rogue registry cleaners and system optimizers, this one employs TV ads to trick unsuspecting PC users. When installed and executed, the software scans your computer for various system errors, and after a few of minutes, you are presented with a list of 'detected' errors. We tested this program on a fresh copy of Windows operating system and it reported over one thousand errors.

When checking our computer with other legitimate registry cleaners such as CCleaner, we found that in fact our system had no errors. Do not trust the TV ad stating that can help to solve computer infections (spyware, malware, viruses, etc.) If you are seeking a legitimate registry cleaner, try CCleaner. rogue system optimizer system optimizer is a scam, which displays fabricated system scan results in an attempt to sell its useless license key. If you suspect that your computer might be infected with malware or other security infections, try Malwarebytes Anti-malware. If you care about your computer's functionality and your privacy, eliminate program from your PC. There are many free and well-known programs that can help you solve security infection problems (malwarebytes anti-malware) and registry errors (CCleaner), and these legitimate programs do not charge $40 per year.

Why is system optimizer a scam?

  • This program displays falsely-generated (fake) system scan results
  • 'detects' harmless files as being system errors

None of the information displayed by this system optimizer should be trusted. Ignore the bogus system errors that this program supposedly detects and remove it from your PC. system optimizer removal:

maxmyspeed pc optimizer uninstall

us tech support framework uninstall

Windows 7 users:

Click "Start" ("Windows Logo" at the bottom left corner of your desktop), choose "Control Panel". Locate and click "Programs and Features". Look for "MaxMySpeed PC Optimizer" and "US Tech Support Framework", select them and click Uninstall.

Windows XP users:

Click "Start", choose "Settings" and click "Control Panel". Locate and click "Add or Remove Programs". Look for "MaxMySpeed PC Optimizer" and "US Tech Support Framework", select them and click Remove.

After uninstalling PC optimizer, scan your computer with legitimate anti-spyware software for any remaining unwanted components. Recommended Malwarebytes Anti-malware.


#2 Brandon 2012-10-20 12:59
thank you so much. this really helped... only problem is, i already paid for the this virus... hope i can block the charges on time. anyway, thanks again.

Suggestion How same Virus will infect my system & what will i do when this happen??
#1 Steve Davis 2012-10-20 11:22
THANK YOU a million times over! I used these instructions to rid myself of this trojan with success! I’ve come across this one before, but not to the degree that it wouldn’t let me open my Task Manager or Programs. This was so helpful!!
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