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Home Security Solutions

How to remove Home Security Solutions virus?

What is Home Security Solutions?

Home Security Solutions is a rogue anti-spyware program created by Internet criminals. This fake scanner is a copy of its previous versions: Home Safety Essentials, System Smart Security, Best Malware Protection, and many others. Like its previous versions, Home Security Solutions is distributed using fake Flash Player updates or by tricking computer users via fake online security scanner pop-ups. When installed on your computer, this bogus program changes the registry of your operating system so that it starts automatically each time you boot your PC. Home Security Solutions then performs a fake security scan resulting in the 'detection' of a wide range of security issues on your system.

Super AV

Super AV virus removal guide

What is Super AV?

Super AV is a rogue computer security program and a copy of its previous version, Antivirii 2011. Like its predecessor, Super AV is an unprofessional bogus program created using a Napalm Rogue Builder. Internet criminals use this builder to change the names of payment gateways. When your computer is infected with Super AV, various warning messages are displayed, reporting that your PC is in danger and that you need to purchase Super AV in order to remove the 'detected' security issues.

Antivirii 2011

Antivirii 2011 how to eliminate?

What is Antivirii 2011?

Antivirii 2011 is a rogue computer security scanner; a variant of its previous version, Antivirus Clean 2011. Internet criminals changed the name and interface of their bogus program and began distributing it once more. Antivirii 2011 is often distributed through fake online security scanners. These pop-ups are created in order to trick computer users into believing that their computers are infected. Users are then coerced into downloading the rogue program: Antivirii 2011. This bogus program self-installs on computer systems and modifies the registry of the operating system to start automatically each time a computer boots.

AV Secure 2012

AV Secure 2012 virus - how to remove?

What is AV Secure 2012?

AV Secure 2012 is a fake computer security scanner. This rogue program is derived from a large family of misleading computer security scanners such as Cloud AV 2012, AV Protection 2011, and many others. Like its previous versions, AV Secure 2012 attempts trick users into buying a fake license. Cyber criminals use various rogue methods to proliferate programs such as AV Secure 2012, and your computer may become infected with this bogus security scanner if you visit non legitimate websites.

Cloud AV 2012

Cloud AV 2012 virus - How to eliminate?

What is Cloud AV 2012?

Cloud AV 2012 is a fake computer security scanner that attempts to scare users into buying a fake license in order to remove non existent security threats 'detected' on your computer. This bogus computer scanner is derived from the same family of misleading security programs as AV Protection 2011, AV Security 2012, and many others. This fake security scanner is proliferated using Trojans and other rogue methods. Internet criminals create bogus websites and exploit security vulnerabilities in users' computers to distribute fake programs such as Cloud AV 2012. When your computer is infected with this fake program, your desktop will be flooded with fake security warnings and you will forced to observe a fake security scan each time you boot your operating system.

Best Antivirus infection

"Best Antivirus" infection removal instructions

What is Best Antivirus infection?

Best Antivirus is scare-ware distributed using misleading methods. When installed on your computer, Best Antivirus runs a scan and reports that your browser add-ons are unsafe. In fact, this bogus program 'detects' all add-ons as being unsafe, a tactic used by Internet criminals to scare you into purchasing their fake program called Best Antivirus. When Best Antivirus is installed on your computer, you are continually reminded that you need to register and pay $42.29 in order to remove the 'detected' unsafe add-ons. Do not trust Best Antivirus - it is a poorly designed scam designed to scare computer users into purchasing a fake license. If you have already bought Best Antivirus, contact your credit card company and dispute the charges, explaining that you have been tricked into buying a fake computer security program. Remove Best Antivirus from your computer immediately.

Computer Fix

Computer Fix removal instructions

What is Computer Fix?

Computer Fix is a fake computer optimizer derived from the same family of misleading programs as System Fix, System Restore, Data Restore, and others. This rogue computer program differs from most fake anti-spyware, since it attempts to convince computer users into believing that their computer hardware has serious malfunctions. Usually, bogus anti-spyware employs a different method - performing security scans and attempting to trick PC users into purchasing fake licenses. When your computer is infected with Computer Fix, multiple warning messages reports that your computer's hard drive has failed, your RAM memory has malfunctioned, or other similar problems.

AV Protection 2011 virus

How to remove AV Protection 2011 virus?

What is AV Protection 2011?

AV Protection 2011 is a fake program derived from a large family of misleading computer security scanners. Previous versions were named AV Security, System Security 2012, and AV Protection Online. Like its predecessors, AV Protection 2011 is proliferated through Trojans, misleading websites, non legitimate updates, and other rogue methods. AV Protection 2011 self-installs on your computer by exploiting security vulnerabilities, and then starts a fake security scan. On completion of the scan, you will be provided  with a list of supposedly 'detected' infections. This list of detections is fake - AV Protection 2011 uses this list to scare you into believing that your computer has serious security issues.

Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection virus removal instruction

What is Privacy Protection?

Privacy Protection is a fake computer security program derived from the same family of misleading applications as Security Protection and Malware Protection. Like its predecessors, Privacy Protection attempts to scare you into believing that your computer has various security threats. After you click the 'Remove All' button in the main window of Privacy Protection, you are asked to purchase a full version of the software in order to remove the 'detected' security issues. Do not purchase Privacy Protection - it is a scam.

AV Security 2012

AV Security 2012 uninstall guide

What is AV Security 2012?

AV Security 2012 is a fake security scanner derived from the same family as System Protection 2012, Guard Online, and many others. Internet criminals change the names of their rogue programs and continue to distribute these bogus programs across the Internet. Like its predecessors, AV Security 2012 self-installs on users' computers without permission. Internet criminals use numerous methods to proliferate misleading programs such as AV Security 2012, and recent research has proved that they are able to infiltrate legitimate ad networks and distribute their fake security scanner via trusted websites. If your PC is infected with AV Security 2012, your work will be continually interrupted by fake security scans and fake security warning messages.


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