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Security Essentials Ultimate Pack

What is Security Essentials Ultimate Pack?

Security Essentials is a rogue antivirus program which imitates real security software with a goal of selling a license. This is a fake computer scanner that attempts to scare users into believing that their computers are infected with various malware so as to encourage them to buy the full version of this program.

You should not be impressed by the professional appearance of this program. Cyber criminals created this bogus scanner with one intention - to steal money from your credit card.

This rogue antivirus program is spread through Trojans.

Fake Firefox Security Alert

What is Fake Firefox SecurityAlert?

Firefox security alert is a fake pop-up message created by Internet criminals with the intention of distributing fake antivirus programs. These rogue pop-up messages are incorporated into misleading websites and target computer users who are inadvertently directed to them.

Although the alert reports that your computer is infected, the software has no method of detecting infections that may exist on your PC. The messages generated are designed to scare PC users into downloading rogue antivirus programs in order to eliminate these non existent security threats.

Malware Protection Designed to Protect

What is Malware Protection?

Malware Protection is a cleverly designed fake antivirus program, which coerces unsuspecting computer users into buying a license key. This malicious program promises to remove the 'detected' malware on your PC if you activate the full version.

In fact, none of these security infections actually exist on your computer, and this fake scanner only mimics detection with the intention of scaring you.

Your Windows has been blocked - Screenlocker

What is Your Windows has been blocked?

"Your windows has been blocked" message is a Trojan, which displays a fake message when it infects your computer. The message encourages you to pay $100 to unlock your operating system, but you should ignore this message and remove the Trojan from your computer.

The message reports that you have violated copyright law and that Microsoft has blocked your Windows.

Security Solution 2011

What is Security Solution 2011?

This is a misleading program derived from the same family of fake security software as Antivirus Antispyware 2011. Both of these programs use the same devious strategy to sell a fake license key to remove non existent security threats.

This bogus security scanner is distributed mainly via infected websites that contain spyware scanning ads or spam emails.

Warning! Piracy detected! POP-UP Scam

What kind of scam is "Warning! Piracy detected!"?

This pop-up message displays misleading information in order to scare computer users into believing that an investigation has begun regarding their stored information. When malware infects your computer, it displays a fake warning message reporting that pirated files have been detected on your computer and threatens that this is a serious violation and that an investigation is under way.

Security Center

What is Security Center?

Security Center is a bogus program created by Internet criminals who distribute it via fake online security scanners. Misleading websites are created with the purpose of displaying these fake scanners, which leads to installation of Security Center.

Following a fake scan, a message reports that your computer is infected and advises that you download and install Security Center in order to remove the detected infections. If you agree, the fake security scanner will infect your PC.

Security Shield Pro 2011

What is Security Shield Pro 2011?

Security Shield Pro 2011 is a malicious security scanner designed to scare PC users into believing that their computers are infected with critical risk security threats.  This rogue scanner is commonly propagated through fake updates and video codecs.

You should express great caution when downloading video codecs from the Internet. Recently, there was a spate of misleading websites spreading rogue scanners using this misleading method.

When you enter these websites, you will often be presented with a video screen and large 'Play' button.

Control Commander

What is Control Commander?

Control Commander is a misleading application distributed by Internet criminals with the intention of tricking unsuspecting computer users into buying a fake antivirus program. This program is a well designed scam, and although the interface of this fake scanner has a highly professional appearance, you should not be fooled.

Control Commander is designed with the sole purpose of stealing money from your credit card. You should ignore the fake scans and fake security messages generated by this bogus software.

Essential Cleaner

What is Essential Cleaner?

Essential Cleaner is a fake antivirus program created by Internet criminals and derived from a large family of bogus software. Other members from this rogue family include Smart Fortress 2012, System Tool, and many other.

This fake scanner is often distributed through websites displaying ads for spyware scanning. On entering such a website, a pop-up window appears showing a fake security scan and stating that your computer is at risk and that you should download and install a security program to remove these threats.

If you click on this window, Essential Cleaner will be installed on your computer.


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