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Ireland's National Police Service Virus

How to remove Ireland's National Police Service virus from your computer?

What is Ireland's National Police Service?

Ireland's National Police Service is a screen locker scam distributed by Cyber criminals. This ransomware targets computer users from Ireland and is often spread using Trojans and misleading websites, which exploit your computer's security vulnerabilities. After infiltrating your computer, this ransomware blocks your desktop with a message demanding that you pay a 100 Euro fine for watching child pornography, storing pirated content, etc.

Windows Anytime Upgrade Virus

Windows Anytime Upgrade Virus removal guide

What is Windows Anytime Upgrade?

Windows Anytime Upgrade is ransomware, which demands that you pay a £100 fine to unlock your computer. This screen locker is one of many scams actively distributed across the Internet by Cyber criminals. Windows Anytime Upgrade targets unsuspecting PC users, stating that they have to pay a fine for using unlicensed software. This screen lock uses a slightly different tactic to trick PC users - other versions of this scam state that you have to pay a fine for copyrighted content or for watching pornography.

West Yorkshire Police Virus

How to remove West Yorkshire Police Virus?

What is West Yorkshire Police?

West Yorkshire Police screen lock is a scam created by Cyber criminals. This ransomware targets computer users who live in England, and to make this fake message appear more legitimate, Internet criminals exploit the name of the West Yorkshire Police. If your computer is infected with this ransomware, you will be unable to access your desktop. The message reports that your computer has been used for illegal activities such as child pornography, etc., and the payment of a £100 fine is demanded to unlock your PC.

Windows Ultra Antivirus

What is Windows Ultra Antivirus and how to eliminate it from your computer?

What is Windows Ultra Antivirus?

Windows Ultra Antivirus is a fake antivirus program, which uses trickery in order to sell its useless license key to unsuspecting PC users. This program is an imitation of a legitimate computer security scanner and the processes displayed by Windows Ultra Antivirus are falsely-generated (fake). This malicious software mimics the detection of security infections - the results identical on all computers infiltrated. Cyber criminals created this rogue program in the hope that you will believe the bogus security warning messages and purchase a full version of this software in order to eliminate supposed security issues. This bogus software is distributed via security vulnerabilities in users' PCs - Cyber criminals set up misleading websites to exploit these vulnerabilities and install Windows Ultra Antivirus without consent. Often, this rogue antivirus program imitates a critical Windows update. The landing page, used by Cyber criminals to install this scam, appears like the genuine Windows update website - asking to install the 'Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (Critical Update) - February 2011 (KB990831)'. To avoid rogue programs such as Windows Ultra antivirus from entering your computer, download your operating system and other program updates from reputable sources only.

International Police Association Virus

How to remove International Police Association (I.P.A.) virus  from your computer?

What is International Police Association?

International Police Association screen locker is a scam released by Internet criminals. It targets European computer users by displaying fake information and demanding the payment of a fine for supposedly distributing copyrighted content. Recently, such screen lockers have become popular among Cyber criminals, resulting in many computer users observing this fake message on their screens. To distribute this ransomware, Internet criminals use various misleading strategies. Commonly, the Internet Police Association scam is disguised as a software update. For example, a user clicks on an online video and is asked to download a Flash Player update - instead of the update, the screen locker is downloaded.

SweetIM Toolbar

What is SweetIM toolbar and how to remove it?

What is SweetIM Toolbar?

SweetIM toolbar is a browser add-on, which adds various shortcuts such as games, deal pages, etc., to your browsers for easy access. This toolbar also changes your homepage to

While some people may find SweetIM toolbar useful, this browser add-on can be categorized as an unwanted application. The default homepage set by this toolbar is enhanced by deceptive ads which redirect PC users to survey pages.

Windows Security System

What is Windows Security System and how to eliminate it from your computer?

What is Windows Security System?

Windows Security System is malicious software, which imitates a legitimate antivirus program. In fact, this bogus software has none of the features required of an antivirus program - it is merely a scam released by Internet criminals. They designed Windows Security System to imitate the processes of a computer security scanner and to scare unsuspecting PC users into believing that their computers have various malware and virus infections. To distribute this fake program, Internet criminals use Trojan infections, which infiltrate users' computers and install this rogue software without permission.

Searchqu Toolbar

What is Searchqu Toolbar and how to remove it?

What is Searchqu?

Searchqu Toolbar is a browser add-on, which adds various social network shortcuts and other buttons to your Internet browsers. Some computer users may find these shortcuts useful, but Searchqu toolbar can be categorized as an unwanted program due to its deceptive methods of installation and lack of full uninstall procedures. When installed on your computer, this toolbar will change your default homepage to in all of your browsers (for example, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome).

Celas Ransomware

How to unlock your computer after Celas "Access to your computer was denied" scam?

What is Celas Ransomware?

Celas screen locker is a familiar scam, whereby Internet criminals exploit the name of a legitimate organization in order to trick PC users into paying a fine for supposed infringement of copyrighted material. This ransomware targets European computer users. In the latest press release, Celas clearly states that its organization has nothing to do with this scam: "CELAS does not charge users to watch music videos online and never has." The message presented by this screen locker asserts that the user owns pirated copies of music files and thus has violated copyright laws. Ransomware such as Celas is especially devious since, while infected, you will be unable to access your desktop or any programs.

PCeU Virus

PCeU virus removal instructions

What is PCeU?

Police Central e-crime Unit is ransomware that locks computer users' desktops, demanding payment of £100 fines. This malicious program is targeted at computer users who live in Great Britain. The message presented to users whose systems are infected with this scam states that their computer has been locked due to a violation of copyright laws. Internet criminals who designed and released this screen locker, hope that you will fall for their trickery and pay the fine to unlock your PC.


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