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Brothersoft toolbar

How to remove Brothersoft extreme toolbar from your computer?

What is Brothersoft?

Brothersoft toolbar is a browser add-on, which is designed to enhance computer users' Internet browsing experience by adding various shortcuts to the top of the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers. This toolbar can be downloaded from software distribution websites or is bundled with certain free software downloads. Whilst browser add-ons can be useful, Brothersoft extreme toolbar is categorized as an unwanted application, since the toolbar has deceptive default installation settings.

File Recovery Virus

File Recovery Virus - how to eliminate it from your computer?

What is File Recovery?

File Recovery is a fake hard disk drive optimization/repair program. This misleading software is derived from a relatively new rogue family, which, rather than displaying fake security scans, generates hard drive error messages and attempts to trick unsuspecting PC users into believing that they could lose their stored information. While the tactics employed by File Recovery are different to most fake programs released by Internet criminals, the outcome is the same. Creators of File Recovery hope that you will fall for the trickery incorporated within this software and purchase a license key in order to fix the supposedly 'detected' hard drive errors.

Incredibar Toolbar

What is Incredibar Toolbar and how to remove it?

What is Incredibar?

Incredibar Toolbar is a browser add-on, which adds shortcuts to your Internet browsers. There are two variants of this toolbar: one for music related enhancements, and the other for flash games. While this toolbar can be useful for people wishing to download videos or quickly access online flash games, it is also categorized as an unwanted program for several reasons.

Chatzum toolbar

What is Chatzum Toolbar and how to remove it?

What is Chatzum?

Chatzum toolbar is a browser add-on, which enhances Facebook's photo viewing experience - it magnifies photos when hovering over them. While this function can be useful for social network users, Chatzum is categorized as an unwanted program, due to its deceptive methods of installation and also for not providing a full uninstall facility. By default, when installed on your computer, Chatzum toolbar automatically changes your browser's homepage to

Funmoods Toolbar

Funmoods Toolbar - how to remove browser redirects to

What is Funmoods?

Funmoods toolbar is a browser add-on used to add smileys to social networks and emails. When installed on your computer, however, this toolbar changes your default search engine and homepage. Furthermore, displays deceptive advertisements, tricking computer users into completing various surveys or subscribing to costly mobile services.

Babylon Virus

Babylon virus removal instructions

What is Babylon?

Babylon Toolbar is an annoying browser toolbar that changes your Internet browser default search engine, homepage, and displays deceptive ads. This toolbar self-installs on all major browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. While this toolbar is not malware or a virus, it is categorized as a potentially unwanted program or adware. You should keep this toolbar only if you have willingly installed it, since most commonly, Babylon Toolbar is bundled with free software and is available to download through software distribution websites such as and many others. Be aware that installation of the Babylon toolbar will lead to browser slowdowns, privacy issues, and it can lead to serious malware and virus infections (through deceptive ads).

System Protection Tools virus

How to remove System Protection Tools virus?

What is System Protection Tools?

System Protection Tools is a creation of Internet criminals - malicious software, which imitates a legitimate antivirus program and advises PC users to purchase a license key in order to remove 'detected' security infections. In fact, this program is rogue and has none of the features required of a genuine security suite, such as a virus definition database and a virus scan engine.

Best Antivirus Software virus

"Best Antivirus Software" infection removal instructions

What is Best Antivirus Software?

Best Antivirus Software is a rogue antivirus program, which uses fake security scans and warning messages to scare PC users into believing that their computers are infected. It then coerces them to purchase a useless license key in order to remove the 'detected' threats. This bogus program exploits the Microsoft name in order to make it appear authentic and trick PC users into believing they are using a legitimate security program.

Total Anti Malware Protection

Instructions to remove Total Anti Malware Protection

What is Total Anti Malware Protection?

Total Anti Malware Protection is a fake antivirus program created by Internet criminals in the hope that you will fall for the trickery shown by this software and purchase a useless license key to remove supposed 'security infections'. Cyber criminals responsible for releasing this rogue software use Trojans and fake online security scanners to distribute their bogus program. Always keep your operating system and installed programs updated to prevent security vulnerabilities, which can lead to the installation of rogue software on your PC.

Data Recovery

What is "Data Recovery" virus and how to remove it?

What is Data Recovery?

Data Recovery is a rogue program, which attempts to scare PC users into believing that their computer hardware has malfunctioned and the situation could lead to potential data loss. This is an updated version of previously discovered bogus software of the same name - Data Recovery. Do not mistake this rogue program for a legitimate computer optimizer - it is a scam developed by Internet criminals. The creators of this fake program hope you will fall for the trickery employed by Data Recovery, and that you will purchase a license key in order to repair computer hardware errors that do not actually exist. This fake computer optimizer is distributed using misleading websites and fake program updates. When installed on your computer, this bogus program starts imitating a computer check-up and reports that your PC has serious hard disk drive issues.


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