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Macrovirus On-Call

Macrovirus On-Call removal instructions

What is Macrovirus On-Call?

Macrovirus On-Call is a fake computer scanner that attempts to scare you into believing that your PC is highly infected with various spyware. When installed, this rogue software scans your computer and reports many infections found on your PC. You should not trust Macrovirus On-Call. This program merely imitates the functions of computer security scanning and displays fake results. Do not try to remove the 'detected' files manually, as you could damage your operating system. Files 'detected' by Macrovirus On-Call are harmless and the identification of them is carried out to scare you into believing that your computer is at risk.

Ms Removal Tool

"MS Removal Tool" virus removal instructions

What is Ms Removal Tool?

MS Removal Tool is a misleading program derived from a large family of rogue antivirus programs. This fake security scanner is distributed using Trojans and other misleading methods such as spam campaigns, search engine result poisoning techniques, and misleading websites. When this bogus program infects your computer it configures itself to run automatically on system start-up. It then performs various security scans, reports that your computer is at risk, and encourages you to purchase a full version of the program to remove the 'infections'.

Unlimited Defender

Unlimited Defender virus  removal guide 

What is Unlimited Defender?

Unlimited Defender is a fake computer security program that imitates the process of a computer security scan and then attempts to sell you a fake license for a full version. You should not be impressed by the professional appearance of Unlimited Defender, this program is a scam and derived from a large family of misleading programs, including Vista Antivirus 2012, Win 7 Security 2012, and many others.

Ultimate Scan

How to remove Ultimate Scan?

What is Ultimate Scan?

Ultimate Scan is a fake computer antivirus/anti-spyware program. This fake PC scanner is distributed through misleading websites and your computer could be infected with Ultimate Scan if you are tricked into downloading fake video codecs or a fake Flash Player update. Another popular way of propagating this malware is by using a fake online spyware scanner. If you enter a website and you notice a pop-up window showing a progress bar for a security scan, you should leave the website immediately. When Ultimate Scan self-installs on your computer, it will block legitimate Windows programs, limit your Internet connection, and you will not be able to run executable files. The creators of Ultimate Scan designed the program so that it is difficult to remove. On computer start-up, you will notice the main window of Ultimate Scan performing a supposed 'security check-up'.


ResultBar removal information

What is ResultBar?

ResultBar is external program (adware), that will hijack your Internet browsers. The rogue program sets your default search engine to "resultbar" and is known to affect Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome. If you notice that your default search engine was changed to resultbar without your permission, your PC is likely to be infected with this adware. While your computer is infected, you may notice various unwanted pop-ups and you will not be able to access your preferred search engines.

Google: Your computer appears to be infected

What is Google: Your computer appears to be infected?

If you receive the Google message "Your computer appears to be infected" above your Google search results, your computer is infected with malware, sending fake search traffic to Google using proxy servers. Remove this malware as soon as possible. If  you receive this message when trying to search for something on Google, your computer is infected by a specific type of malware that uses a number of proxy servers to send fake traffic to Google's search engine. It is unsafe for your computer to remain infected with this malware, since it is not only capable of sending fake traffic to Google, but can also steal your personal data, delete files on your computer, or slow the browsing experience significantly. Google describes this problem on the official Google blog

BlueFlare Antivirus

How to uninstall BlueFlare Antivirus?

What is BlueFlare Antivirus?

BlueFlare Antivirus is a fake computer scanner created by Internet criminals. This program will not help you to eliminate spyware from your computer; it is designed to steal money from your credit card account. BlueFlare Antivirus is distributed through Trojans, and uses misleading methods to self-install on your computer. After this rogue program is installed on your computer, it will modify your operating system's registry in such way that BlueFlare Antivirus starts automatically on system start-up.

Milestone Antivirus

Milestone Antivirus - How to remove?

What is Milestone?

Milestone Antivirus is a fake computer security scanner. This rogue antivirus program is propagated via Trojans. When your machine is infected with this fake program, you will notice various 'security scans' being performed. These scans are fake, since Milestone Antivirus does not actually scan your computer - it merely imitates the scanning process. The files that this program reports as being infected, are legitimate Windows files, so do not remove them manually or you could damage your operating system. When the program is installed on your computer, it configures itself to run automatically each time you start your computer. You will see a fake security scan being performed, and if you click the "Remove Threats" button at the end of the fake scan, you will be encouraged to purchase a full version of the program. You should not buy this program, it is a scam and completely useless. Security warning messages are displayed to further scare you into believing that your computer is infected with malware. Milestone Antivirus generates warning pop-ups designed to coerce PC users into activating a full version of this rogue software. All of the features offered by this bogus program are fake. Milestone Antivirus offers to protect your privacy, but in fact this software is only an imitation of a legitimate antivirus software.

Security Protection Virus

Security Protection virus removal guide

What is Security Protection?

Security Protection is a fake computer program propagated via misleading websites. When this bogus security scanner infects your computer, it configures itself to run automatically on system start-up. You should not trust this program. Your computer can be infected with this misleading program whilst downloading Flash Player updates or video codecs.

System Smart Security

System Smart Security removal information

What is System Smart Security?

System Smart Security is malicious software installed by tricking computer users into believing that their computers are infected with viruses and that this program will help to remove them. This fake computer scanner is propagated via infected websites. In most cases, when you enter these sites, you will observe a fake security scan running and reporting infections on your computer.


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