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Fast Address Bar

Fast Address Bar - how to remove this browser add-on?

What is Fast Adress Bar?

The Fast Address Bar browser add-on claims to enhance Internet users' browsing experience by adding search engine functionality to the address bar. Once installed, this browser plug-in suggests additional websites when addresses are typed into the address bar. Note, however, that whenever you click on suggested sites, you are redirected to Moreover, some of the suggested sites are promoted by the developers of Fast Address Bar.

Shop to Win Adware

Shop to Win adware - how to remove this browser add-on?

What is Shop to Win?

The Shop to Win browser extension (compatible with Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox) tracks Internet users' browsing and awards prizes to those who purchase products from their partners. Developers of this website claim that Shot to Win has partnered with more than 2500 merchants. This browser extension is not related to malware or virus infections, however, recent complaints from computer users state that they did not willingly install this plug-in and receive notifications and ads from Shop to Win. This categorizes the browser plug-in an unwanted application. There are two ways in which Shop to Win becomes installed on users' systems: 1) the plug-in is downloaded from the Shop to Win homepage and users' are aware of it presence on their systems, or; 2) it is bundled with free software and installed without users' consent.

Complete an Offer to Unlock Your Desktop Virus

"Complete an Offer Below to Unlock Your Desktop" virus - how to remove this ransomware?

What is Complete an Offer to Unlock Your Desktop?

"Complete an offer below to unlock your desktop" is a ransomware infection used by cyber criminals to coerce PC users into taking online surveys, thus making money from dubious affiliate networks. This ransomware infection differs from others distributed - standard ransomware infections exploit the names of authorities (such as the FBI, Interpol, Federal Department, etc.), demanding payment of bogus fines for supposed law violations. "Complete an offer to unlock your desktop", however, is a new approach to ransomware infections. This scam blocks computer users' desktops and attempts to coerce them into taking up online offers. Redirect

iMesh - how to remove adware related to this software?

What is

iMesh is a P2P program that enables users to download songs and videos. Redirects to are also caused by BearShare freeware. iMesh is legitimate software used by many computer users worldwide, however, the downside of this free program is the adware bundled with its installer. By default, each user electing to install iMesh will also install a search-results toolbar and have their Internet browser default homepage modified to Note that users can opt out of these potentially unwanted installations and homepage changes, though unfortunately, many users do not pay close enough attention at the installation phase.

CouponBar Toolbar

CouponBar toolbar - how to remove this browser add-on?

What is CouponBar toolbar?

The CouponBar Toolbar browser add-on supposedly enhances the Internet browsing experience by displaying coupon deals on Internet shopping websites, thus allowing users to save money whilst buying online. The toolbar alone is not related to malware or spyware infections, however, it is promoted using free software and is commonly installed on users' systems without their consent. This categorizes CouponBar as an unwanted browser extension. When installed on Internet browsers, this browser add-on not only displays coupon deals, but also changes the default homepage to

MyBrowserBar Toolbar

MyBrowserBar toolbar - how to eliminate this browser add-on?

What is MyBrowserBar toolbar?

The MyBrowserBar toolbar (an Internet browser extension) is promoted using popular free software. This toolbar is legitimate and not related to malware or spyware infections, however, computer users commonly install this toolbar inadvertently and without their consent. This situation occurs when computer users do not pay close attention during installation of free software downloaded from the Internet. This method of bundling free browser add-ons and toolbars is common and used by developers for monetization purposes. The following are some popular free software packages that bundle the MyBrowserBar Toolbar with their programs: YTD Video Downloaders (allows users to download videos from YouTube), Pdfforge (software used to create PDF documents), dealio (coupon savings-related add-on), IObit (security and registry cleaner software), Vuze (bittorrent client), etc.

Department of Justice Virus

Department of Justice Virus "Your computer has been blocked" removal guide

What is Department of Justice?

The United States Department of Justice message - "Your computer has been blocked" is a scam - a ransomware infection that should not be trusted. The Department of Justice do not send messages such as this - they are created by Cyber criminals in order to trick unsuspecting PC users into paying a bogus 100 Euro fine for supposedly committing law violations. This deceptive message blocks computer users' screens, stating the screen lock was applied due to users allegedly watching pornography (involving children under 18 years), downloading copyrighted content, etc. To further scare PC users into paying this bogus fine, cyber criminals employ graphics from legitimate authorities and imitate video recordings. Moreover, the latest versions of ransomware infections (including the Department of Justice virus) use sound recordings within the deceptive message - another intimidation tactic used by cyber criminals. If you see this type of message blocking your computer screen, you are dealing with a ransomware infection. Do not pay the 100 Euro (or $300) fine. Virus - how to remove redirects to this website caused by fTalk adware?

What is

The website is promoted via browser add-ons and free software. Commonly, Internet users visit this website when their Internet browser settings are modified to redirect to it. Computer users have complained recently that redirects to occur after installing fTalk, a free FaceBook chat client. fTalk is free software that enables users to access FaceBook chat without opening their Internet browsers, and also to use emoticons and update their status. This program is not related to malware or virus infections, however, its deceptive monetization methods (redirects to, unwanted toolbar installation [searchqu], and default search engine modifications to make this program an unwanted application.

Blekko Redirect

Blekko toolbar - how to eliminate browser redirects to

What is Blekko toolbar?

The Blekko search engine aims to be a spam-free search results provider. This is a community-based search engine, which attempts to fight spam results in search engines and features its own crawler and human review process. This website and associated search engine are not malicious and are unrelated to malware or virus infections, however, some computer users complain that they are redirected to unwillingly. Redirect problems such as this are related to installation of the Blekko toolbar. This browser plug-in modifies computer users' Internet browser settings and changes the homepage and default search engine to

XFinity Toolbar

Xfinity toolbar - how to eliminate browser redirects to

What is Xfinity toolbar?

The XFinity toolbar is a browser add-on created by Comcast. This is a browser extension that enables quick access to email, voicemail, Xfinity TV, and other features used by Xfinity high speed Internet customers. This browser add-on is not related to malware or virus infections, however, it is categorized as an unwanted application due to recent user complains. These state that this toolbar was installed on their Internet browsers without consent and that they receive unwanted coupon ads. When installed, Xfinity toolbar changes the Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox) default homepage to and the default search engine to (this change can be 'opted out' during the toolbar installation phase).


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