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SLOVENSKÁ POLÍCIA (Váš počítač je zablokovaný!)" virus - how to unlock your computer?


The SLOVENSKÁ POLÍCIA (Váš počítač je zablokovaný) virus locks computer screens and states that computer users have been downloading copyrighted content (videos, music, etc.) from the Internet and watching pornography, and thus ordered to pay a 100 Euro fine to the Slovakian police. In fact, this is a scam designed by cyber criminals to scare PC users into paying the bogus fine. The security infection originates from a family called Reveton and predominantly targets computer users from Slovakia. This family of ransomware is notorious for its localization capabilities - computer users from different countries observe variants of the deceptive message. Screen lockers such as this are able to detect computer IP addresses to determine the country in which the PC is located. Using this information, the ransomware infection presents computer users with a localized version of the fake message.


TÜRK POLISI virus removal guide


TÜRK POLISI (Bilgisayannızı kilitlendi) is a fake message, which has no connection with the Turkish Police. This is a computer security infection called ransomware. It blocks computer users' screens and demands payment of a 200 TRY fine - supposedly for law violations relating to the downloading of copyrighted content, watching pornography, etc. In fact, this message is designed by cyber criminals in the hope that computer users will fall for their trickery and pay the bogus fine. To make their ransomware appear authentic, the criminals responsible for creating this scam exploit the name and graphics of the Turkish Police. In addition, the TÜRK POLISI (Bilgisayannızı kilitlendi) ransomware infection employs a video recording window, thus indicating that this infection originates from a family of screen lockers called Reveton.

Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 Virus

Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 - how to remove this fake antivirus from your PC?

What is Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013?

Microsoft Essential Security Pro 2013 is a bogus antivirus program; computer users should not trust this software. It is a scam developed by cyber criminals in the hope that computer users will purchase a license key to remove 'security infections' that are supposedly detected by Microsoft Essentials Security Pro 2013. In fact, the process of a security scan is merely imitated, and this is an empty software shell comprising no virus definition database, scan engine, etc. Furthermore, cyber criminals who created this scam, attempted to make its name and user interface appear as if developed by Microsoft. Microsoft, however, produces only one genuine antivirus program called Microsoft Security Essentials, and this is free of charge. Do not mistake these two programs or you may end up paying for a useless program. Redirect - how to remove browser redirects to

What is

The website is owned by a company providing high speed Internet, digital TV, and other services. The website alone is legitimate and not related to viruses or malware, however, computer users have recently started to complain that their Internet browsers are redirecting them to without their consent. Having conducted further investigation, our technicians concluded that these redirects can be caused by installation of the Suddenlink toolbar or may be related to browser hijackers. The Suddenlink toolbar self-installs on Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox and sets the default home page to This website presents users with news, online games, etc. Redirect - how to remove Scour Toolbar and eliminate browser redirects to this website?

What is

The website aggregates search engine results from Google, Bing,and Yahoo and enables users to vote on them. Such functionality supposedly makes the search results more 'social' and eliminates spam from the search results. alone, is a legitimate website, which attempts to make a difference in a standard search engine world. Whilst the website is legitimate, however, recent computer users' complaints - regarding redirects to this site without their consent - indicate that it may be related to Trojans and malware infections. Redirect - how to eliminate browser redirects to and

What is is a homepage for a popular software download manager called Download Accelerator Plus. The developers of this software state that it has over 280 million users worldwide. On one hand this program is legitimate and useful, but on the other, its free version employs deceptive methods to monetize incoming web traffic. Many software developers use browser add-ons and plug-ins to monetize their free programs, and Speedbit is no exception. Download Accelerator Plus free version comes bundled with several Internet browser plug-ins and toolbars. If you are not careful when installing this program, you will also install DAP link checker, SearchPredict, and Ask toolbar to your Internet browsers.

EUROPOL European Law Enforcement Agency Virus

"Europol - Your computer has been LOCKED" virus - how to unlock your computer?

What is EUROPOL European Law Enforcement Agency?

"Europol - Your computer has been LOCKED" is a fake message that blocks computer users' screens and demands payment of a bogus 100 Euro fine for supposed law violations. The deceptive message presented within this ransomware infection states that your computer was locked because you have downloaded or distributed copyrighted content (music and video files). These accusations are false - the deceptive text within this message was created by cyber criminals to scare PC users into paying the fake fine. Redirect - how to remove this browser redirect virus?

What is

The website is promoted using browser redirects and other deceptive methods. Computer users entering this website are presented with a search bar - using this is not recommended. The BasicScan search bar is deceptive and may lead to the installation of unwanted browser add-ons and malware on your computer. Whilst legitimate search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) present users with organic search results, displays only sponsored results. Do not click on any links displayed by this search engine. Google and other major search engine companies spend a lot of time and money to prevent malicious and deceptive sponsored results, whereas BasicScan is related to malware and created with the sole purpose to make money. Redirect - how to remove browser redirect to this website?

What is

The website is a directory containing entries related to health, games, auto, etc. The website alone is not malicious, however, the owners employ some deceptive promotion techniques. Often, Internet users are redirected to this website without their consent. Such redirection is caused by malicious software and Trojans, and therefore, using the website is not recommended. Furthermore, the site is known to collate users' personal information and sell it to third parties. This situation can lead to identity theft and other privacy-related issues.

Politiet Norge Virus

"Politiet Norge (Avdeling for kampen mot datakriminalitet)" virus - how to unlock your computer?

What is Politiet Norge?

The Politiet Norge message is a ransomware infection originating from a family called Urausy and locks the user's computer screen. This family of ransomware infections is developed by cyber criminals with the sole purpose of stealing money from unsuspecting PC users. It is notorious for capabilities to adapt the deceptive message according to the country in which the infiltrated PC is located. Cyber criminals develop this security infection with the ability to detect the IP address of the target computer, and thus displaying the graphics, authority names, and text according to the specific country.


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