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Copa Ransomware

Copa ransomware removal instructions

What is the Copa ransomware?

Copa is a piece of malicious software, belonging to the Djvu ransomware group. It is designed to encrypt data and demand payment for the decryption. During the encryption process, files are appended with the ".copa" extension. For example, a file originally titled something like "1.jpg" would appear as "1.jpg.copa" - following encryption. Once this process is complete, ransom-demanding messages titled "_readme.txt" - are dropped into compromised folders.

PC Gold Optimizer And System Repair Unwanted Application

PC Gold Optimizer and system repair removal instructions

What is PC Gold Optimizer and system repair?

PC Gold Optimizer and system repair is advertised as a tool which allows users to boost PC performance, block unwanted URLs and files and delivers a real-time antivirus protection. However, the distribution method of this software is questionable. For this reason PC Gold Optimizer and system repair is categorized as potentially unwanted application (PUA).

Mount Locker Ransomware

Mount Locker ransomware removal instructions

What is Mount Locker?

Mount Locker encrypts victim's files, renames them and creates the "RecoveryManual.html" ransom note in folders that contain encrypted files. It renames files by adding "ReadManual" to their filenames and appending a string of random characters as their new extension. For instance, it renames a file named "1.jpg" to "1.jpg.ReadManual.C77BFF8C", "2.jpg" to "2.jpg.ReadManual.C77BFF8C", and so on.

Mac Optimizer Pro Unwanted Application (Mac)

How to remove Mac Optimizer Pro from Mac?

What is Mac Optimizer Pro?

Mac Optimizer Pro is a piece of software, promoted as a tool for cleaning and optimizing Mac Operating System. However, due to the questionable techniques used to distribute this app, it is classified as a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application). Software within this classification may be nonoperational and/or have unmentioned abilities.

MacCleanBooster Unwanted Application (Mac)

How to remove MacCleanBooster from Mac?

What is MacCleanBooster?

MacCleanBooster is advertised as an app which is designed to clean Mac computers for better performance. Although, it is promoted on untrustworthy websites, also, its developers use questionable methods to distribute it. Therefore, MacCleanBooster is categorized as potentially unwanted application (PUA). Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is is the address of a fake search engine. Such illegitimate web searchers are usually promoted by PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications), classified as browser hijackers. This software operates by making modifications to browser settings in order to promote fake web searching tools (e.g. Additionally, most browser hijackers and illegitimate search engines have data tracking abilities which are used to spy on users' browsing habits. Ads

Superduniya[.]com redirect removal instructions

What is superduniya[.]com?

Typically, users do not visit superduniya[.]com and other similar websites (e.g., pragatimeg[.]com, potentingond[.]club, gdimmunical[.]club) intentionally. It is common that such pages get opened by browsers that have some potentially unwanted application (PUA) installed on them. As a rule, pages like superduniya[.]com promote other questionable pages or they display some shady content.

Arrow Ransomware

Arrow ransomware removal instructions

What is Arrow?

Arrow belongs to the ransomware family called Dharma. Like many other programs of this type, it encrypts data, renames all encrypted files and provides victims with instructions on how to contact its developers (and some other details). Arrow renames files by adding victim's ID, email address and appending the ".arrow" extension to their filenames. For instance, it renames a file named "1.jpg" to "[].arrow", "2.jpg" to "[].arrow", and so on. Instructions on how to contact it developers (ransom notes) are provided in a displayed pop-up window and the "FILES ENCRYPTED.txt" text file.

Consumer Opinion Adware (Mac)

How to remove Consumer Opinion adware from Mac?

What is Consumer Opinion?

Consumer Opinion is a piece of rogue software, classified as adware. Additionally, this application has browser hijacker traits. Hence, following successful infiltration, Consumer Opinion runs intrusive advertisement campaigns and makes changes to browser settings in order to promote fake search engines. Most adware-types and browser hijackers spy on users' browsing activity and it is highly likely that Consumer Opinion does so as well. Due to the dubious techniques used to distribute this app, it is also deemed to be a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application).

TotalConsoleSearch Adware (Mac)

How to remove TotalConsoleSearch from Mac?

What is TotalConsoleSearch?

In most cases users download and install apps like TotalConsoleSearch unknowingly, therefore, they are categorized as potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). It is known that this particular app is distributed via fake installer for Adobe Flash Player. When installed, it serves advertisements and promotes some fake search engine (its address). In other words, TotalConsoleSearch functions as adware and a browser hijacker. It is possible that it collects various information as well.


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