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Epoblockl Ransomware

Epoblockl ransomware removal instructions

What is Epoblockl?

Epoblockl is a high-risk ransomware virus which is a variant of SYMMYWARE ransomware. It affects computers by encrypting all (or most of) the stored data. Once the files are encrypted it opens a YouTube video, creates a "EPOBLOCKL-NOTE.txt" text file and renames every encrypted file. It adds a ".Epoblockl" extension to every encrypted file, for example: "sample.jpg" gets renamed to "sample.jpg.Epoblockl" and so on.

Error: 0xc004f014 POP-UP Scam

"Error: 0xc004f014" removal instructions

What is "Error: 0xc004f014"?

"Error: 0xc004f014" is one of the many fake virus alert messages. Such virus alerts usually are displayed on various untrustworthy and deceptive websites. As a rule, users do not visit these websites intentionally, they are redirected by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). These applications get installed without user's permission, most users install them unwillingly. Once installed, unwanted apps of this type deliver intrusive ads and gather various browsing-related (and other) data.

Hawkeye Keylogger Virus

Hawkeye virus removal guide

What is Hawkeye?

Hawkeye is a high-risk virus designed to record keystrokes, account credentials and other similar information. In most cases, Hawkeye is distributed using email spam campaigns. Developers send thousands of deceptive emails that encourage users to open attached files. However, opening results in an infiltration of Hawkeye. Sometimes cyber criminals infiltrate Hawkeye manually, by using remote access tools (RATs). POP-UP Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is is a rogue website that is very similar (or even identical) to other websites of this type, such as,, and many more. This website is designed to redirect its visitors to untrustworthy, deceptive websites. Most of the times people do not visit it willingly, they are redirected by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). These unwanted apps often get installed without a direct user's permission and are designed to deliver ads and collect browsing-related data. Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is is one of the many fake search engines that is very similar to,, and many more. This fake search engine is promoted using a Your Television Now application which is categorized as a potentially unwanted application (PUA), a browser hijacker. This app is promoted as a tool that allows users to access various online video content directly from a web browser. However, PUAs like Your Television Now not only infiltrate systems without a direct permission, but also gather data related to browsing activity, so does the fake search engine. Redirect (Mac)

How to remove browser hijacker from Mac?

What is is another fake web search engine similar to,,, and many others. Judging on it's appearance alone, barely differs from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other legitimate web search engines. For this reason, many believe that is also appropriate and handy. However, be aware that this website is promoted using browser-hijacking download/installation setups that modify web browsers' options without permission. Moreover, continually record various data about user's web browsing habits.

.pptx Ransomware

.pptx ransomware removal instructions

What is .pptx?

.pptx is one of the many ransomware-type viruses that is designed to infect computers and to lock/encrypt the stored files. This .pptx virus belongs to a GlobeImposter ransomware  family. This ransomware changes the extension of all encrypted files by adding the ".PPTX" extension. For example, it renames the "sample.jpg" to "sample.jpg.PPTX", "1.jpg" to "1.jpg.PPTX" and so on. It also creates a "READ_ME.txt" text file and places it in every folder that contains encrypted files.

DataWait Ransomware

DataWait ransomware removal instructions

What is DataWait?

DataWait is a high-risk virus (ransomware-type virus) that is designed to affect computers by encrypting stored data. This virus was discovered by MalwareHunterTeam and it is a variant of SAVEfiles ransomware. Once a computer is infected with DataWait, it locks the files and renames them by adding the ".DATAWAIT" extension. For example, if the file before encryption was named "sample.jpg", then after encryption DataWait names it "sample.jpg.DATAWAIT" and so on. It also creates a "!readme.txt" text file with a ransom demanding message.

AdSafeProtected POP-UPs (Mac)

How to remove "AdSafeProtected" from Mac?

What is "AdSafeProtected"? is a completely legitimate domain owned by Integral Ad Science company. This domain is used by a variety of companies that deliver advertisements in legitimate websites, such as YouTube, Yahoo, Google, and so forth. The problem is that some users encounter certain error messages regarding this domain. Nevertheless, there's nothing to worry about.

Hello, Sacrifice. This Is My Last Warning!!! Email Scam

"hello, sacrifice. This is my last warning!!!" removal guide

What is "hello, sacrifice. This is my last warning!!!"?

Scammers use the "hello, sacrifice. This is my last warning!!!" email spam campaign with the intention to threaten people by claiming that they have some humiliating video of a recipient and that they will spread it if their demands will not be met. Typically, they urge people to pay them a particular amount of money in Bitcoins.


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