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NRSMiner Malware

NRSMiner virus removal guide

What is NRSMiner?

NRSMiner is a tool, a cryptominer that is used to mine cryptocurrency by using computer's resources such as Central Processing Unit (CPU). This particular miner is designed to mine Monero cryptocurrency using XMRIG. Cyber criminals distribute NRSMiner using the EternalBlue exploit kit, most targeted countries are Vietnam (54.6% infections), Iran (16.6% infections) and Malaysia (12.1% infections). Virus Virus virus removal guide

What is Virus? itself is a legitimate service (API) provided by Google, however, there are many cyber criminals (scammers) who use it to promote various tech (technical) support scams. The purpose of these support scams is to extract money from people by tricking them into paying money for services or products. is not the only subdomain that cyber criminals use for deceptive, malicious or other purposes. To read an article about another subdomain of that is used to proliferate various malicious programs (malware) click here.

AOL Email Scam

"AOL Email Scam" removal guide

What is "AOL Email Scam"?

"AOL Email Scam" is another email spam campaign used by cyber criminals. However, unlike most of these spam campaigns (which attempt to trick users into downloading/installing malware or sending cyber criminals money), "AOL Email Scam" attempts to trick users into entering AOL email account credentials. This method is called phishing. Crooks send thousands of deceptive email messages stating that users' account is about to be "shutdown" and encourages users to cancel the process. However, all this is a mere scam.

Ppam Ransomware

Ppam ransomware removal instructions

What is Ppam?

Ppam is a high-risk computer infection classified as ransomware. Most ransomware-type programs are designed to encrypt data, to block access to it and to display ransom demanding messages/ransom notes. In this case Ppam creates a ransom note named "Restore-My-Files.txt" and puts it in every folder. This ransomware renames all the encrypted files by adding the ".ppam" extension. For example, it renames a file named "1.jpg" to "1.jpg.ppam" and so on. At the time of the research Ppam was also running a "font.exe (32-bit)" process in the Task Manager. Ppam ransomware was discovered by Petrovic. Ransomware ransomware removal instructions

What is is another ransomware-type virus discovered by a malware security researcher, Petrovic. Once infiltrated, encrypts most of stored data and appends filenames with "!!" extension (thus, it's name). For example, "sample.jpg" would renamed to "!!" once the encryption is over. Following successful encryption, generates a text file ("Help to decrypt.txt") and drops it's copy in every existing folder.

Safari Redirect Virus (Mac)

How to remove Safari Redirect Virus browser hijacker from Mac?

What is Safari Redirect Virus?

All rogue applications that are categorized as browser hijackers and are designed to modify Safari web browser's settings have a generic name - "Safari Redirect Virus". When installed, browser-hijacking apps not only change settings of the affected web browser, but record various (usually browsing-related) information. Typically, people install apps of this type unintentionally/unwillingly.

GootKit Trojan

GootKit virus removal guide

What is GootKit?

GootKit is a trojan-type malicious computer program which is also known by the name Trojan.GootKit. Like many other trojans, this one is designed to steal various personal, confidential information. Once installed, it also acts as a backdoor - it allows cyber criminals to access a computer remotely and control it (e.g. download additional files to a infected computer). Quite often GootKit is being distributed using another trojan-type program called Emotet.

Error Code XLMR01F7985 POP-UP Scam

"Error Code XLMR01F7985" removal instructions

What is "Error Code XLMR01F7985"?

Scammers use the "Error Code XLMR01F7985" to deceive people into thinking that some error has occurred on Windows operating system and it is required to contact Microsoft technical support. This is just a scam, a fake error message that is displayed on a untrustworthy, deceptive website. Typically, people do not visit websites of this type intentionally, they are being forced to do so by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) that are installed on a computer (or web browser). Most of the times users install these apps without knowing about it/inadvertently. PUAs usually not just cause unwanted redirects, but record data (related to browsing activity and other data) and serve their users with various intrusive advertisements. Redirect (Mac)

How to remove browser hijacker from Mac?

What is is a fake search engine (virtually identical to,,, and many others) that is promoted using the TapuFind browser hijacker. This app is supposedly capable of delivering improved search results, however, it is also categorized as a potentially unwanted app (PUA) that most users install unintentionally. Once installed, TapuFind modifies browser settings and gathers browsing-related information. POP-UP Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is is a rogue website similar to,,, and many others. This website is designed to deliver questionable content and cause redirects to other sites. Vast majority of visitors come to inadvertently - they're redirected by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) or intrusive advertisements displayed in other questionable sites. Research results show that potentially unwanted applications typically infiltrate the system without asking for a permission. Moreover, aside from causing redirects, these apps also deliver intrusive advertisements and record various information relating to user's web browsing activity.


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