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Notube[.]net redirect removal instructions

What is notube[.]net?

Notube[.]net is presented as the best free and fast YouTube downloader and converter. However, it is not legal to download videos from YouTube. Another reason not to use notube[.]net video downloading service is that this page uses rogue advertising networks, people who use it are being redirected to various untrustworthy websites.

Ministry of Justice Email Virus

"Ministry of Justice Email" Virus removal guide

What is "Ministry of Justice Email Virus"?

"Ministry of Justice Email Virus" is a spam campaign, employed to trick users into downloading/installing a malware called - Predator The Thief. The scare-tactics of this scam are designed to push users into investigating the web-link written within the email. Thereby leading them through certain actions resulting in a system infection. The term "spam campaign" refers to mass sending of deceptive/scam emails, typically containing infectious attachments or links redirecting to such. This mail is usually disguised as "important", "urgent", "official" and similar. It is expressly advised against opening suspicious and/or irrelevant emails; any attached files or web-links found in them must never be opened. We strongly advise you to read our article about phishing campaigns that summoner recipients to court which is also related to "Ministry of Justice Email Virus".

NeedWebSearch Adware (Mac)

How to remove NeedWebSearch from Mac?

What is NeedWebSearch?

NeedWebSearch is an application, classified as adware. It is endorsed as a tool for improving the browsing experience; allegedly capable of providing fast searches, accurate search results, etc. Instead, it runs intrusive advertisement campaigns, i.e. delivers undesirable and potentially harmful ads. Most adware-types possess data tracking abilities, which they employ to spy on users' browsing habits. For its dubious proliferation methods, NeedWebSearch is also deemed to be a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application).

Nonamebnm POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to remove apps downloaded from Nonamebnm websites from Mac?

What is Nonamebnm?

Nonamebnm is a family of deceptive, scam websites that are designed to advertise various questionable applications. At the time of the research it was the Smart Mac Booster app. These pages display fake notifications stating that visitor's computer is infected with a virus, they encourage visitors to remove it using one of the advertised apps. We advise against downloading and installing software that is distributed through Nonamebnm or other deceptive pages. Ads

Get-search[.]info redirect removal instructions

What is get-search[.]info?

Get-search[.]info is but one of many rogue websites out there. It shares similarities with and many other. This site is designed to present visitors with questionable content and generate redirects to other untrustworthy, even malicious pages. Access to get-search[.]info is mostly gained through undesirable redirects caused by intrusive adverts or by PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications). Users should note that these apps do not need explicit permission to infiltrate devices. After successful installation, PUAs generate redirects, deliver ad campaigns, hijack browsers and track private data.

ProductTask Adware (Mac)

How to remove ProductTask from Mac?

What is ProductTask?

ProductTask is disguised as an app that supposed to help its users to search the web (provide accurate search results and other similar features). However, this app is a potentially unwanted application (PUA) which is classified as adware. Typically, people do not download and/or install adware willingly (intentionally). When installed, apps of this type display unwanted, intrusive advertisements and record data related to user's browsing habits. Ads

Fetchtube[.]com redirect removal instructions

What is fetchtube[.]com?

Fetchtube[.]com is a website that offers YouTube video downloading service. There are two problems with this page: it is not legal to download videos from YouTube and this page uses rogue advertising networks. People who use fetchtube[.]com get redirected to a variety of untrustworthy websites. These are the reasons why fetchtube[.]com should not be used.

Nvram Ransomware

Nvram ransomware removal instructions

What is Nvram?

Discovered by GrujaRS, Nvram is a ransomware, belonging to the CrySis/Dharma malware family. It operates by encrypting data and demanding payment (ransom) for its decryption. During the encryption process, all files are retitled with a unique ID number, developers' email address and the ".nvram" extension. Therefore, a file named for example, "1.jpg" would appear as something like - "[].nvram", and so on. Afterwards, a text file ("FILES ENCRYPTED.txt") is created on the desktop and Nvram also displays a pop-up window.

Please Yourself Email Scam

"Please yourself Email Scam" removal guide

What is "Please yourself Email Scam"?

Like most email scams, this one is being sent by scammers who seek to extract money from unsuspecting recipients. They claim that recipient's computer is infected with malware that allowed them to record a compromising video. Scammers behind this email threaten to spread that video if recipients will not send them a certain amount of money. We strongly recommend to ignore this or any other email of this kind. Ads

Asonsbirthi[.]pro redirect removal instructions

What is asonsbirthi[.]pro?

Asonsbirthi[.]pro is an address of a website which contains questionable content. Nevertheless, it redirects its visitors to other untrustworthy websites as well. Asonsbirthi[.]pro functions like many other web pages of this kind, for example, pushstack[.]co, readmenewz[.]com and shireamentsp[.]info. It is worth mentioning that most people end up on such websites unintentionally. They get redirected to them by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) that are installed on their browsers and/or operating systems. Additionally, these apps usually are designed to display various ads and collect details related to user's browsing habits.


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