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Horabot Malware

What kind of malware is Horabot?

Horabot is part of the campaign where threat actors infect machines with a banking Trojan and spam tool. This campaign primarily focuses on Spanish-speaking users in the Americas. Horabot enables attackers to manipulate Outlook mailboxes, extract email addresses, distribute phishing emails with harmful attachments, and acquire login credentials and security codes. Ads

What kind of page is declinerybelfa[.]buzz?

Declinerybelfa[.]buzz is a rogue page that aims to deceive visitors into enabling its browser notification delivery. Additionally, this webpage can generate redirects to other (likely untrustworthy/hazardous) sites.

Most visitors to declinerybelfa[.]buzz and pages akin to it – access them via redirects caused by websites using rogue advertising networks. Our research team discovered declinerybelfa[.]buzz during a routine investigation of sites using said networks.

Download Assist Adware

What kind of application is Download Assist?

Based on our evaluation, it has been determined that the Download Assist application functions as an ad-supported browser extension. This conclusion was reached after observing the display of advertisements by Download Assist. Furthermore, our investigation revealed that Download Assist possesses the ability to access and read various data. Ads

What kind of page is continue-to-read[.]com?

While inspecting dubious websites, our researchers discovered the continue-to-read[.]com rogue page. It promotes questionable content and spam browser notifications. Additionally, this page can redirect visitors to other (likely untrustworthy/harmful) sites.

Users typically access websites like continue-to-read[.]com through redirects generated by pages employing rogue advertising networks.

Browse Boost Adware

What kind of application is Browse Boost?

After evaluating the Browse Boost application, our team concluded that it operates as an ad-supported application. This determination was based on the observation of advertisements being displayed by Browse Boost. Additionally, we discovered that Browse Boost has the capability to access and read various data.

Office Printer Email Scam

What kind of email is "Office Printer"?

After evaluating this email, our team has concluded that it is a fraudulent email sent by scammers with the intention of deceiving recipients and obtaining their personal information. The email is designed to appear as if it pertains to a new scanned document and includes links to a phishing website. Recipients should disregard this email. Ads

What kind of page is swatonquoust[.]com?

Swatonquoust[.]com is among the websites that employ deceptive tactics to entice visitors into granting permission to display notifications. Our team came across swatonquoust[.]com during the evaluation of sites utilizing untrustworthy advertising networks. It is worth noting that users do not intentionally visit pages like swatonquoust[.]com. Ads

What kind of page is myrrhisunition[.]store?

Upon examining myrrhisunition[.]store, our team learned that the purpose of this page is to receive permission from visitors to send notifications. Myrrhisunition[.]store displays misleading content to obtain that permission. Additionally, myrrhisunition[.]store redirects to various scam websites. Thus, it cannot be trusted. Ads

What kind of page is lolydatingcool[.]top?

Upon examination of lolydatingcool[.]top, we have discovered that the website employs deceptive tactics, such as presenting a false message and other content to coerce visitors into subscribing to notifications. Furthermore, lolydatingcool[.]top may redirect users to other dubious websites. Ads

What kind of page is comedyrent[.]com?

Our researchers discovered the comedyrent[.]com rogue page during a routine investigation of dubious websites. It is designed to endorse browser notification spam. Furthermore, this webpage can redirect visitors to other (likely untrustworthy/hazardous) sites.

Visitors to comedyrent[.]com and pages akin to it – access them primarily through redirects caused by websites employing rogue advertising networks.


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