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Havilizedkj[.]club redirect removal instructions

What is havilizedkj[.]club?

When opened/visited, havilizedkj[.]club either opens a couple of unreliable websites or loads shady content. There are many websites like havilizedkj[.]club on the Internet, some examples are click-to-watch[.]live, bestdealfor21[.]life and cvazirouse[.]com. More often than not users do not visit them intentionally, they get opened through clicked deceptive advertisements, other questionable pages or by installed potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). Such apps often are designed not only to promote (open) sites like havilizedkj[.]club but also to serve advertisements and/or collect various data.

Easy Coupon Finder Browser Hijacker

Easy Coupon Finder browser hijacker removal instructions

What is Easy Coupon Finder?

Easy Coupon Finder is designed to hijack browsers by changing some of their settings to - an address of a fake search engine. Another problem with apps of this type is that they often are designed to operate as information tracking tools: they collect information related to user's browsing habits. It is common that users download and install apps like Easy Coupon Finder unintentionally, unknowingly. Therefore, they are cateogorized as potentially unwanted applications (PUAs).

NHLP Ransomware

NHLP ransomware removal instructions

What is NHLP?

NHLP is one of the malicious programs that belong to the Dharma ransomware family. As a rule, malware of this type is designed to prevent victims from accessing/using their files by encrypting them, rename every encrypted file and display and/or create a ransom note. This particular ransomware renames files by adding victim's ID, email address and appending ".NHLP" extension to their filenames. For instance, it changes the filename of "1.jpg" to "[].NHLP", "2.jpg" to "[].NHLP", etc. It displays a pop-up window and creates the "FILES ENCRYPTED.txt" file - both of them contain a ransom note.

Prnds Ransomware

Prnds ransomware removal instructions

What is Prnds ransomware?

Prnds is a malicious program, belonging to the Dharma ransomware family. It operates by encrypting the data of infected systems in order to demand ransoms for the decryption. During the encryption process, all of the affected files are renamed according to this pattern: original filename, unique ID assigned to the victim, cyber criminals' email address and the ".prnds" extension. For example, a file originally titled "1.jpg" would appear as something similar to "[].prnds" - following encryption. After this process is complete, ransom notes are created in a pop-up window and "FILES ENCRYPTED.txt" text file.

CoronaCrypt Ransomware

CoronaCrypt ransomware removal instructions

What is CoronaCrypt?

CoronaCrypt ransomware is designed to encrypt files, modify their filenames, display a ransom note and create the "How_To_Restore_Your_Files.txt" text file (another ransom note). It renames files by adding its name, email address, victim's ID and appending the ".Encrypted" extension to their filenames. For example, CoronaCrypt renames a file named "1.jpg" to "1.jpg.CoronaCrypt[]-[ID-1E857D00].Encrypted", "2.jpg" to "2.jpg.CoronaCrypt[]-[ID-1E857D00].Encrypted", etc.

Dtbc Ransomware

Dtbc ransomware removal instructions

What is Dtbc ransomware?

This malware belongs to a ransomware family called Dharma. Like most malicious programs of this type, Dtbc is designed to encrypt data, rename encrypted files and provide instructions on how to contact its developers. It renames encrypted files by adding victim's ID, email address and appending the ".dtbc" extension. For example, it renames "1.jpg" to "[].dtbc", "2.jpg" to "[].dtbc", and so on. It creates a ransom note, the "FILES ENCRYPTED.txt" and displays another one in a pop-up window.

Search Pro Browser Hijacker

Search Pro browser hijacker removal instructions

What is the Search Pro browser hijacker?

Search Pro is a rogue application, endorsed as a tool that is supposedly capable of providing reliable search results, popular search trends and other web-search related features. This app is categorized as a browser hijacker, due to the modifications it makes to browsers in order to promote - an illegitimate search engine. Additionally, this application spies on users' browsing activity. Since most users download/install Search Pro unintentionally, it is considered to be a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application).

EmailCheckNow Browser Hijacker

EmailCheckNow browser hijacker removal instructions

What is EmailCheckNow?

EmailCheckNow is a piece of software, classified as a browser hijacker. It is advertised as an easy access tool to email accounts. EmailCheckNow operates by making modifications to browser settings in order to promote - a fake search engine. Most browser hijackers have data tracking abilities, employed to spy on users' browsing activity - and it is highly likely that EmailCheckNow has such functionality as well. Since most users download/install this browser hijacker unintentionally, it is also considered to be a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application). Ads

Click-to-watch[.]live redirect removal instructions

What is click-to-watch[.]live?

Click-to-watch[.]live is a rogue website, sharing many similarities with, and thousands of others. Upon being accessed, these sites present visitors with questionable content and/or redirect them to other dubious/malicious webpages. Few users enter such pages intentionally, most get redirected to them by intrusive advertisements or by PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications). These apps do not need express permission to be installed onto devices. PUAs are designed to cause redirects, deliver intrusive advert campaigns and collect browsing-related information. Ads

Bestdealfor21[.]life redirect removal instructions

What is the bestdealfor21[.]life site?

Bestdealfor21[.]life is a rogue website. Visitors to it - are presented with questionable content and/or are redirected to other untrustworthy/malicious sites. Users seldom access bestdealfor21[.]life and similar webpages intentionally, they get redirected to them by intrusive advertisement campaigns or by PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications). There are thousands of rogue sites on the Web, e.g. and many others.


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