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DHL - Outstanding Payment Email Scam

What kind of email is "DHL - Outstanding Payment"?

After investigating the "DHL - Outstanding Payment" email, we determined that it promotes an elaborate phishing scam. The fake email is presented as a shipping notification from DHL, which claims that delivery requires a fee payment. This spam campaign targets recipients' personally identifiable and financial information.

Fun Ransomware

What kind of malware is Fun?

Our researchers found the Fun ransomware-type program during a routine inspection of new malware submissions to the VirusTotal platform. Ransomware encrypts data and demands ransoms for its decryption.

On our test machine, Fun malware encrypted files and altered their filenames. Original titles were appended with a ".funny" extension, e.g., a file initially named "1.jpg" appeared as "1.jpg.funny", "2.png" as "2.png.funny", and so on for all of the compromised files.

After this process was completed, Fun ransomware changed the desktop wallpaper and created a ransom-demanding message titled "readme.txt".

Cirrus Malicious Extension

What kind of application is Cirrus?

Through meticulous examination, the findings indicate that Cirrus is an untrustworthy browser extension. It is distributed via a malicious installer hosted on a dubious page. Cirrus can read and change data, manage themes and extensions, and enable the "Managed by your organization" feature (in Chrome and Edge browsers).

InterfaceComputing Adware (Mac)

What kind of application is InterfaceComputing?

Our researchers found the InterfaceComputing application during a routine inspection of new submissions to the VirusTotal website. Upon inspection, we determined that this app is advertising-supported software (adware). InterfaceComputing is part of the AdLoad malware family.

Fund Donation Email Scam

What is "Fund Donation"?

Upon examining this email, we concluded that it is a scam email written by scammers who aim to trick recipients into transferring money (or providing information). This particular email falls into the category of advance-fee scams. These scams typically involve fraudsters claiming that you are entitled to a substantial inheritance or unclaimed funds.

AliExpress Package Email Scam

What kind of email is "AliExpress Package"?

Following our review, we determined that the "AliExpress Package" email is spam. This fake message claims that the recipient's purchase from AliExpress is pending delivery. They are urged to schedule it through a phishing website that targets personally-identifiable and finance-related information.

FindMovie Online Browser Hijacker

What kind of application is FindMovie Online?

After careful analysis, it has come to our attention that FindMovie Online is an application designed to change the settings of a web browser to promote a fake search engine. Apps that operate like FindMovie Online are known as browser hijackers. Users often inadvertently incorporate such apps into their browsers, unaware of the consequences.

ExemplaryDatabase Adware (Mac)

What kind of application is ExemplaryDatabase?

After careful examination, we have determined that ExemplaryDatabase is an ad-supported application designed to display advertisements to users. Additionally, there is a possibility that ExemplaryDatabase is gathering user information. It is typical for such applications to be marketed as useful.

Temu - Pending Package Delivery Email Scam

What is "Temu - Pending Package Delivery"?

During our examination, we have determined that this email is a phishing attempt cleverly disguised as a notification from Temu, a legitimate online marketplace. Phishing emails are fraudulent letters crafted by scammers with the intention of deceiving unsuspecting recipients into divulging their personal information.

BlockAll - Block Ads Adware

What kind of software is "BlockAll - block ads"?

While investigating deceptive webpages, our research team discovered the "BlockAll - block ads" browser extension. It promises to remove advertisements from certain popular websites.

However, after analyzing this piece of software, we determined that it is a fake ad-blocker. Instead of blocking adverts – this extension displays them. Due to this behavior, "BlockAll - block ads" is classed as adware.


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