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MacEnizer Unwanted Appliction (Mac)

How to remove MacEnizer from Mac?

What is MacEnizer?

MacEnizer is one of the many potentially unwanted applications (PUAs), MacEnizer is categorized as PUA because its developers promote it using questionable, deceptive method. Simply said, most people download and install apps of this type unintentionally. However, MacEnizer is advertised as a system optimizer, a tool that supposed to clean and maintain Mac computers. Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is is a fake search engine, however, it is advertised as useful and completely legitimate. As a rule, developers distribute search engines of this type through rogue download or installation setups. These setups promote fake search engines by changing browser settings. Typically, these search engines are used to gather various information.

Search Hub Browser Hijacker

Search Hub browser hijacker removal instructions

What is Search Hub?

Search Hub is a browser hijacker, advertised as a tool for enhancing web search and allegedly provides quick access to favorite websites. It is designed to change certain browser settings in order to promote its fake search engine ( and it also spies on users' browsing activity. It is classified as a PUA (potentially unwanted application), due to the fact that most users install it inadvertently.

DarkRAT Malware

DarkRAT virus removal guide

What is DarkRAT?

DarkRAT is one of the many remote access tools (RATs) that are used to control connected computers remotely. Unfortunately, there are many cases where cyber criminals trick people into installing RATs on their systems and use them to steal personal details, infect computers with malware and cause other damage. If a system is infected with this RAT, then we strongly recommend to uninstall it as soon as possible.

StuardRitchi Ransomware

StuardRitchi ransomware removal instructions

What is StuardRitchi?

StuardRitchi is a ransomware, belonging to the GlobeImposter ransomware family. It is designed to encrypt files and keep them on lock-down, until a ransom is paid (decryption software/tool is bought). StuardRitchi changes afflicted file extensions into ".crypt", which would make "1.jpg" appear as "1.jpg.crypt" and so on. It drops an html file, titled "how_to_back_files.html" on victim's desktop, which contains the ransom demanding message. This malicious piece of software was discovered by dnwls0719.

encryptedRSA Ransomware

encryptedRSA ransomware removal instructions

What is encryptedRSA?

encryptedRSA is the name of a software that is a part of SamSam ransomware, the person who discovered encryptedRSA is Michael Gillespie. Programs of this type prevent victims from accessing their data by encrypting it using strong encryption algorithms. Typically, the only way for victims to unlock their files is to decrypt them with software that can be purchased from cyber criminals who developed ransomware. This particular ransomware changes extension of every encrypted file to ".encryptedRSA", for example, it renames "1.jpg" to "1.jpg.encryptedRSA", and so on. A ransom note that encryptedRSA creates is a text file named "HELP_DECRYPT_YOUR_FILES.txt".

WSH RAT Malware

WSH virus removal guide

What is WSH?

WSH is the name of a remote access/administration trojan (RAT). Typically, cyber criminals use software of this type to control victim's computer remotely. To be more precise, to steal personal details, data that could be used to generate revenue in one or another way. WSH is a quite powerful RAT that can cause users of infected computers serious problems. If there is a reason to believe that WSH is installed on the system, it should be removed/uninstalled immediately.

Apple ID Scam (Mac)

How not to get scammed through Apple ID scam?

What is Apple ID scam?

There are many deceptive websites that scammers (cyber criminals) design to look like official Apple (Apple ID) websites. However, the only and real address of Apple ID website is, deceptive websites use different addresses. Besides, fake Apple ID websites usually do not function properly, for example, menu links on them do not work. The main purpose of these scam pages is to extract personal details from unsuspecting people. We strongly recommend not to trust unofficial Apple pages and more importantly not to provide any personal information on them.

WannaCash Ransomware

WannaCash ransomware removal instructions

What is WannaCash?

Ransomware is a type of software that encrypts files and denies access to them unless victims unlock them with a decryption software (or/and key) that can be purchased from cyber criminals who designed a program. WannaCash is one of these programs, it encrypts files using AES-256 encryption algorithm. It compresses all files and renames them by adding the "файл зашифрован" string to their filenames. For example, it changes "1.jpg" to "файл зашифрован (1.jpg).zip", and so on. Additionally, when a victim launches a malicious executable file, WannaCash opens the "keys.txt" text file. It also creates a ransom note, the "как расшифровать файлы.txt" file.

Caleb Ransomware

Caleb ransomware removal instructions

What is Caleb?

Caleb is a piece of malicious software, classified as ransomware. It is part of the Phobos ransomware family and/or was developed based on this software. Caleb operates by encrypting files and keeping them locked until a ransom is paid (i.e. until a decryption program/tool is purchased). The message files demanding the ransom, depend on specific ransomware. In this case, Caleb creates two files on victim's desktop - "info.txt" and "info.hta", which contain the ransom details. All encrypted files are also renamed with user's unique ID number, followed by an email address and the ".Caleb" file extension. To elucidate, it renames, for example - "1.jpg" to "[1E857D00-2394].[].Caleb" and so on for all afflicted files. Credit for discovering Caleb belongs to GrujaRS.


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