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What kind of page is mtxadvert[.]com?

Our researchers discovered mtxadvert[.]com while investigating suspicious websites. Upon inspection, we determined that this rogue webpage promotes browser notification spam and redirects users to other (likely dubious or malicious) sites.

Most visitors to mtxadvert[.]com and pages akin to it access them through redirects caused by sites utilizing rogue advertising networks. Ads

What kind of page is goabeefoad[.]com?

During our analysis of the goabeefoad[.]com website, we discovered its utilization of deceptive tactics, specifically clickbait, aimed at enticing unaware visitors to consent to receive notifications. Numerous comparable pages to goabeefoad[.]com exist, and it is essential to highlight that users do not intentionally visit them. Ads

What kind of page is bemadsonline[.]com?

In our examination of the bemadsonline[.]com page, we found that it uses a deceptive method (clickbait) to lure unsuspecting visitors into agreeing to receive its notifications. There are numerous examples of pages similar to bemadsonline[.]com. It is worth noting that they can redirect users to other websites of this kind.

Fast Cars Browser Hijacker

What kind of application is Fast Cars?

In our examination of the Fast Cars browser extension, we have noted that it alters browser settings to favor a particular address, a behavior commonly referred to as browser hijacking. Users should avoid adding browser hijackers to their browsers to mitigate potential complications.

Wallpaper Ext Browser Hijacker

What kind of application is Wallpaper Ext?

In our investigation of the Wallpaper Ext app, we observed that this extension is created to function as a browser hijacker. Its primary goal is to change the settings of a web browser. Apps of this type should not be trusted, and users are advised to remove them from affected browsers. Ads

What kind of page is psoastourd[.]com?

Psoastourd[.]com is the address of a rogue page discovered by our researchers during a routine inspection of untrustworthy websites. This webpage is designed to promote browser notification spam and redirect users to different (likely unreliable/hazardous) sites.

Visitors to psoastourd[.]com and similar pages access them primarily via redirects generated by websites utilizing rogue advertising networks.

ControlMethod Adware (Mac)

What kind of application is ControlMethod?

While inspecting new submissions to VirusTotal, our research team found the ControlMethod application. Our examination revealed that it is adware from the AdLoad malware family. ControlMethod operates by running intrusive advertisement campaigns.

Prizm Search Browser Hijacker

What kind of software is Prizm Search?

Our researchers discovered the Prizm Search browser extension while inspecting questionable websites. After analyzing this piece of software, we learned that it is a browser hijacker. This extension operates by changing browser settings to promote (via redirects) the fake search engine.

MasterProject Adware (Mac)

What kind of application is MasterProject?

MasterProject is a rogue app discovered by our researchers during a routine investigation of file submissions to VirusTotal. After checking out this piece of software, we determined that it is adware from the AdLoad malware family. MasterProject runs intrusive advert campaigns and may have other harmful capabilities.

DockBuffer Adware (Mac)

What kind of application is DockBuffer?

Our researchers discovered the DockBuffer application while investigating new file submissions to the VirusTotal platform. After examining this app, we determined that it is advertising-supported software (adware). DockBuffer is part of the AdLoad malware family. It operates by running intrusive ad campaigns.


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