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Mdk4y Ransomware

Mdk4y ransomware removal instructions

What is Mdk4y?

Mdk4y is a computer infection classified as ransomware. Ransomware-type viruses are malicious programs that cyber criminals use to encrypt data stored on their victim's computer. In order to be able to access their data again users are being forced to pay a ransom. This particular computer infection was discovered by Leo. Mdk4y renames every encrypted file by adding the ".mdk4y" extension. If the file was named "1.jpg", then after encryption Mdk4y renames it to "1.jpg.mdk4y" and so on. It places the "HOW_TO_RETURN_FILES.txt" ransom note in every folder that exist on a infected computer and also runs a process in the Task Manager (with a name of a random string). Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is

There are many fake search engines that are virtually identical to, for example:, and It might look very similar to other well known search engines such as Google, Yahoo and so on. However, this one is being promoted using rogue download and/or installation set-ups that are designed to modify browser's settings without user's consent. Besides, it also collects information related to its users browsing habits and causes redirects to questionable, untrustworthy web pages.

Comcast Cable Communications Congratulations POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to remove "Comcast Cable Communications congratulations" from Mac?

What is "Comcast Cable Communications congratulations"?

Comcast Cable Communications is a legitimate provider of cable operator services in the US. However, the actual Cable Communications company has nothing to do with this "Comcast Cable Communications congratulations" scam. Scammers promote this pop-up scam a lottery, an offer to win a Walmart Gift Card. As a rule, such fraudulent pop-up (and other type) scams are promoted through unreliable, deceptive websites. However, not many users visit websites of this type intentionally - most of them are being forced to visit by installed potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). PUAs are apps that get installed in a stealthy way, in other words, very often users install them unknowingly. When installed, they not only cause unwanted redirects, but serve their users with various intrusive advertisements and collect information related to browsing habits (and other data).

Yоu May Not Know Mе Email Scam

"Yоu may not know mе" removal guide

What is "Yоu may not know mе"?

"You may not know me" is scam that is being proliferated using a spoofing method: scammers forge email address and make it look like the recipient received it from himself. Cyber criminals send this email to a lot of people hoping that someone will fall for it and pay them money for not spreading a video that actually does not exists. It is a typical scam that is being used to swindle people out of their money. Such emails should not be trusted and the best option is to simply ignore them.

Crypt0r Ransomware

Crypt0r ransomware removal instructions

What is Crypt0r?

Crypt0r is categorized as malicious program, a ransomware-type virus. Like most computer infections of this type, cyber criminals use it with a purpose to encrypt data (block access to it) and to make ransom demands. Ransom note can be found in a text file named "_HELP.txt". As a rule, ransomware-type programs rename encrypted files by adding a new extension, in this case it is a unique victim's ID (in our case it is ".aqhATfjK"). For example, if the file was named "1.jpg", then after encryption it gets renamed to "1.jpg.aqhATfjK" and so on. Crypt0r runs a process in Task Manager, it is a process with a name of a random string. This infection was discovered by MalwareHunterTeam.

Torrent Movies Virus

Torrent Movies Virus virus removal guide

What is Torrent Movies Virus?

Torrent Movies Virus is the generic name of malware that disguises itself as a video format file. In fact, it is a Windows shortcut. Cyber criminals proliferate the virus via The Pirate Bay torrent tracker, which is notorious for distribution of malware and potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). Torrent Movies Virus is a high-risk virus that poses a significant threat to your privacy, finances, and computer safety.

Tro Ransomware

Tro ransomware removal instructions

What is Tro?

Like most ransomware-type infections, Tro is designed to encrypt data and keep it in this state unless a ransom is paid (a decryption tool/key is purchased). This malicious program is a new variant of Djvu ransomware and was discovered by Michael Gillespie. During the encryption process, the virus displays a fake Windows Update pop-up window and disables Task Manager. Once encryption is complete, all files are renamed by adding the ".tro" extension. For instance, "1.jpg" becomes "1.jpg.tro". A ransom message can be found in the "_openme.txt" text file.

Tfude Ransomware

Tfude ransomware removal instructions

What is Tfude?

Discovered by Michael Gillespie, Tfude is classified as a ransomware-type computer infection. This malicious program is a new variant of Djvu ransomware. Like most viruses of this type, it affects systems by encrypting stored data (blocking access to it) and keeping it in this state until victims purchase a decryption tool (in effect, pay a ransom). The virus renames all encrypted files by adding the ".tfude" extension (updated versions use ".tfudet"). For example, "1.jpg" becomes "1.jpg.tfude". It also generates a ransom message within a text file called "_openme.txt" and disables Task Manager. During encryption, Tfude displays a fake Windows Update pop-up window. Redirect (Mac)

How to remove browser hijacker from Mac?

What is

There are many fake search engines online, including,, and The site is another example and is promoted as a search engine that provides faster searches, more accurate results, and so on. It is promoted using rogue downloaders and installers that modify browser settings. Furthermore, most fake search engines collect browsing-related information, and thus you are advised never to use them.

MongoLock Ransomware

MongoLock ransomware removal instructions

What is MongoLock?

MongoLock is a malicious program categorized as ransomware-type computer infection. Most programs of this type are designed to encrypt data (thus preventing victims from accessing it) and to make ransom demands. This version, however, has somewhat different behavior: it infects computers, deletes data, and formats backup drives. It also generates a ransom message within the "Warning.txt" file.


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