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NativeSimply Adware (Mac)

What kind of application is NativeSimply?

While testing the NativeSimply application, our team learned that it generates intrusive advertisements to promote various websites and apps. Software that shows ads is called adware (or advertising-supported software). We discovered NativeSimply after using a fake installer downloaded from a shady page. Ads

What kind of page is sopuw[.]click?

While examining sopuw[.]click, we learned that it promotes legitimate software in a deceptive way (it displays fake virus warnings) and asks for permission to show notifications. Our team discovered sopuw[.]click while inspecting websites that use rogue advertising networks. Users rarely visit pages like sopuw[.]click on purpose.

LegionSuites Adware (Mac)

What kind of application is LegionSuites?

LegionSuites is an application that generates revenue for its developer by bombarding users with various advertisements. Software of this type is called adware. We discovered LegionSuites after examining a fake installer that is supposed to update the Adobe Flash Player. Redirect

What is is the address of an illegitimate search engine. Websites of this kind are typically promoted by browser hijackers. This software makes changes to browser settings in order to cause redirects to fake search engines (e.g., Furthermore, browser-hijacking software and the sites they push - tend to collect private information.

Funding Commitments To Fight COVID-19 Email Scam

What kind of email is "Funding Commitments To Fight COVID-19"?

Our inspection of the "Funding Commitments To Fight COVID-19" email swiftly revealed that it is spam. This letter states that the recipient has been randomly selected as a beneficiary of a huge grant. This scam is presented as a "funding commitment" of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as part of its work concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.

It must be emphasized that this email is fake, and it is in no way associated with the actual Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation or any other legitimate entities or persons. Ads

What kind of page is fynweb[.]com?

Fynweb[.]com is a rogue site that our researchers discovered during a routine inspection of questionable websites. This page uses deception to trick visitors into allowing it to deliver browser notification spam. Additionally, it is capable of redirecting visitors elsewhere (likely unreliable/dangerous sites).

Most users enter fynweb[.]com and similar webpages through redirects caused by sites using rogue advertising networks.

FLB Music Adware

cWhat kind of software is FLB Music?

FLB Music is one of the ChromeLoader malware variants. It is an advertising-supported application disguised as a media player. It generates unwanted advertisements and enables the malware to load modules for network communication and DHCP snooping. Our team discovered the FLB Music application after downloading an ISO file from a deceptive page. Ads

What kind of page is ponuadema[.]com?

While inspecting dubious websites, our research team discovered the ponuadema[.]com page. This rogue site promotes spam browser notifications and redirects users to other (likely unreliable/malicious) websites. Users typically access webpages like ponuadema[.]com via redirects caused by sites using rogue advertising networks. Redirect

What is

While inspecting, our team found that it is a search engine that generates questionable results and shows advertisements. It is worth mentioning that search engines of this kind usually are promoted by browser hijackers that modify the browser's settings. Most users add browser hijackers to browsers inadvertently.

Arazite Ransomware

What is Arazite ransomware?

Arazite is a piece of malicious software categorized as ransomware. This type of malware is designed to encrypt data and demand payment for decryption.

After we executed a sample of Arazite on our test system, it began encrypting files and appended their filenames with the ".arazite" extension. For example, a file titled "1.jpg" appeared as "1.jpg.arazite", "2.png" as "2.png.arazite", etc. Once this process was completed, a ransom note was created/displayed in a pop-up window ("info.hta").


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