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SURFSEE Browser Hijacker

What kind of extension is SURFSEE?

While analyzing SURFSEE, we found that it changes the settings of a web browser to promote a fake search engine. Extensions of this type are known as browser hijackers. Quite often, users unknowingly add such extensions to browsers due to deceptive methods used for their promotion and distribution. Redirect

What is

Our examination of has revealed that it is a questionable search engine. It is common for sites like to be promoted via unwanted extensions (e.g., browser hijackers) or applications. Users who encounter while using their browsers should follow the instructions provided in our removal guide.

CoreInterface Adware (Mac)

What kind of application is CoreInterface?

Our researchers discovered the CoreInterface application while investigating new submissions to VirusTotal. Upon examination, we learned that this piece of software is adware. CoreInterface belongs to the AdLoad malware family.

DApp Airdrop Scam

What is the fake "DApp Airdrop"?

After investigating this "DApp Airdrop", we determined that it is fake. This scam uses a hoax giveaway to lure users into exposing their digital wallets to a cryptocurrency drainer. Victims of the fraudulent "DApp Airdrop" experience financial loss.

DeskBoost Adware (Mac)

What is DeskBoost?

During our testing of the DeskBoost application, we learned that it generates annoying advertisements. For this reason, we classified DeskBoost as adware. It is uncommon for apps like DeskBoost to be downloaded knowingly due to their promotion and distribution methods. Users are advised against installing DeskBoost and similar apps.

System Glitch Email Scam

What kind of scam is "System Glitch"?

Our team has analyzed this email and found that it is a fake letter masquerading as a notification from an email service provider. This email is crafted to trick recipients into disclosing personal information on a fraudulent website. Emails of this type are called phishing emails, and they should be ignored to avoid potential consequences.

AssistiveEntry Adware (Mac)

What is AssistiveEntry?

Upon finishing our examination of AssistiveEntry, we concluded that this app operates as adware. As a rule, software of this type generates advertisements (often annoying ones). AssistiveEntry is distributed using dubious methods. Thus, interacting with ads from AssistiveEntry might lead to potentially harmful sites.

NetworkServer Adware (Mac)

What kind of application is NetworkServer?

While browsing file submissions to the VirusTotal platform, our researchers discovered the NetworkServer application. After inspecting this rogue software, we determined that it is adware. NetworkServer is part of the AdLoad malware family.

BalanceDesktop Adware (Mac)

What kind of application is BalanceDesktop?

Our researchers found BalanceDesktop while reviewing new file submissions to the VirusTotal website. Upon inspection, we learned that it is yet another adware-type app from the AdLoad malware family. BalanceDesktop is designed to run intrusive advertisement campaigns, and it may possess other harmful capabilities.

$ZERO Token Distribution Scam

What is the fake "$ZERO Token Distribution" website?

After examining this "$ZERO Token Distribution" website, we determined that it is a scam. When users attempt to take part in this hoax airdrop, they expose their digital wallets to a cryptocurrency drainer. Victims of this scheme can lose all or most of the funds stored in their cryptowallets.


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