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How to avoid redirects to lp.macapps-optimize[.]club on Mac?

What is lp.macapps-optimize[.]club?

Lp.macapps-optimize[.]club is an address of a deceptive website which notifies its visitors that their computers are infected with viruses. Typically, websites of this type display fake virus messages to trick people into installing some questionable application that supposed to remove detected viruses. At the time of research lp.macapps-optimize[.]club promoted a potentially unwanted application (PUA) called Smart Mac Booster. Websites like lp.macapps-optimize[.]club or apps like Smart Mac Booster cannot be trusted. As a rule, people get redirected to such websites when there is some PUA already installed on a browser or operating system.

Google Automatically Switches To Bing (Mac)

How to remove a browser hijacker from Mac?

What is browser hijacker?

There are many cases where web browsers open fake or legitimate search engines, or various questionable websites every time a user opens a new window, tab or tries to search the web through the URL bar. Typically, they behave this way when they are hijacked by some browser hijacker. Browser hijacker is a form of unwanted software (a potentially unwanted application) that modifies a browser's settings, quite often programs of this type gather various details about user's browsing habits/activities too. Either ways, a browser hijacker is a software that should be uninstalled as soon as possible. Ads

Redtext[.]biz redirect removal instructions

What is redtext[.]biz?

Redtext[.]biz is a rogue website, one of many thousands out there. It shares similar traits with and others. It operates by redirecting users to other unreliable and possibly malicious sites; it also delivers dubious content for user consumption. It should be known, that few visitors to this webpage access it willingly. In most cases, they are redirected by PUAs (potentially unwanted applications) or invasive advertisements. The aforementioned apps do no need explicit user consent to be installed onto their devices. Once within, they generate redirects to unreliable/malignant sites, run intrusive ad campaigns and track data. Ads

Babunenhemted[.]pro redirect removal instructions

What is babunenhemted[.]pro?

Sharing many similarities with and, babunenhemted[.]pro is a rogue website. It is designed to generate redirects to compromised and possibly malicious sites, as well as present unreliable content for user consumption. It is noteworthy, that few visitors to this webpage access it willingly. Most get redirect by intrusive ads (usually hosted by untrustworthy webpages) or by PUAs (potentially unwanted applications) already present in the system. These undesirable apps do no need explicit user permission to be installed onto their devices. Once successfully infiltrated, they cause redirects, run invasive advertisements campaigns and gather intel. POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to stop redirects to mobileapplesecurity[.]com on Apple devices?

What is mobileapplesecurity[.]com?

Mobileapplesecurity[.]com is an untrustworthy, deceptive web page which targets mostly iPhone and iPad users. Mobileapplesecurity[.]com is designed to advertise an app called Web Security Checker which supposed to remove fake viruses that were detected by this website. We strongly recommend not to trust notifications about detected viruses or other fake messages that are displayed on pages like mobileapplesecurity[.]com. Apps that are advertised through such pages should not be trusted too. Quite often browsers open untrustworthy websites because there is some potentially unwanted application (PUA) installed on them. In other words, people usually do not open pages like mobileapplesecurity[.]com by themselves. Ads

Mirox25[.]biz redirect removal instructions

What is mirox25[.]biz?

Mirox25[.]biz is a rogue website. Since such deceptive sites are a widespread phenomenon, they are quite similar in-between. The mirox25[.]biz is akin to and thousands of others. They are designed to feed users unreliable content (e.g. clickbait) and/or redirect them to other likewise harmful webpages. It is worthy of noting, that few users ever enter this site willingly. It gets most of its visitors through redirects caused by intrusive ads (usually located within compromised websites) or by having it force-opened by PUAs (potentially unwanted application). It is pertinent to mention, that said apps do not need express user permission to invade their devices. Once successfully within systems, they generate redirects to sale-oriented, untrustworthy and even malicious sites, deliver invasive advertisement campaigns and some can track data. Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is

StreamMe is endorsed as a tool for easy access to newest TV related content with an enhanced web search. While seemingly useful and innocuous, StreamMe is a browser hijacker. It modifies browser settings to promote its fake search engine ( and spies on users' browsing habits. It is also considered a PUA (potentially unwanted application), as few users install it intentionally. POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to avoid redirects to apple-vpn-pro[.]com on Apple devices?

What is apple-vpn-pro[.]com?

Apple-vpn-pro[.]com is one of the deceptive websites that display fake virus messages and encourage visitors to remove detected viruses with a particular application. At the time of the research apple-vpn-pro[.]com promoted the Web Security Checker application. It is not recommended to trust pages like apple-vpn-pro[.]com or apps that are advertised through them. Apple-vpn-pro[.]com mostly targets iPad and iPhone users, however, Mac users are being targeted as well. Either way, most people end up on apple-vpn-pro[.]com unintentionally, usually they get redirected to websites of this type by potentially unwanted apps (PUAs) that are installed on their browsers or devices. POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to stop redirects to bestappsecurity[.]com on Apple devices?

What is bestappsecurity[.]com?

Bestappsecurity[.]com is an address that usually gets visited on iPad or iPhone devices, however, it targets desktop (Mac) users too. It is a deceptive website which is used to trick people into downloading the Web Security Checker app. Bestappsecurity[.]com is designed to display fake notification about detected viruses and encourage visitors to remove them with the aforementioned app. Typically, people do not visit websites like bestappsecurity[.]com intentionally, more often they are being redirected to them by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) that are installed on their browsers (or computers).

TFlower Ransomware

TFlower ransomware removal instructions

What is TFlower?

Discovered by GrujaRS, TFlower is software categorized as ransomware. Unlike most ransomware-type programs, it does not change extensions of encrypted files. It does, however, create a ransom message (within a text file named "!_Notice_!.txt") that contains instructions about how to purchase a decryption tool. Typically, programs such as TFlower encrypt (lock) files, which then cannot be accessed unless they are decoded with a decryption tool (that cyber criminals encourage victims to purchase).


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