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What is is a fake search engine promoted by its developers using the Free Live Radio browser hijacker. It offers quick and easy access to a radio streaming website called iHeartRadio and others such as YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Instagram, Twitter, etc. directly from the browser new tab page. POP-UP Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is is a rogue site similar to,,, and many others. It redirects users to various untrustworthy (potentially, malicious) websites. In most cases, users visit inadvertently - they are redirected by PUPs (potentially unwanted programs) or intrusive ads (delivered by other dubious sites). Potentially unwanted programs often infiltrate systems without users’ permission and, as well as causing redirects, deliver intrusive ads and gather sensitive information.

"This Video Is Yours?" Facebook Virus

This video is yours? virus removal guide

What is This video is yours??

"This video is yours?" (also known as "You are in this video?" and "This is your video?") is a very popular scam model used in the Facebook social network. Cyber criminals send hundreds of messages to random users. Messages contain links to various malicious websites together with the "This video is yours?" message. This is done to trick unsuspecting users into clicking dubious links. Since there are three variants of the "This video is yours?" scam, the outcome of clicking these links is not always the same.

Occamy Trojan

Occamy virus removal guide

What is Occamy?

Occamy is a trojan-type virus detected by most anti-virus/anti-spyware suites. It is designed to be controlled remotely - the developer decides which actions Occamy performs. Anti-virus/anti-spyware suites typically name this malware "Trojan:Win32/Occamy.B" or "Trojan:Win32/Occamy.C". Note also that Occamy's process ("nc.exe") is listed in Windows Task Manager, thus making it easier to detect. Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is is another fake Internet search engine that, according to the developers, significantly enhances users' browsing experience by generating improved results. Judging on appearance alone, may seem similar to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other legitimate search engines. Therefore, many users believe that is also legitimate and useful. In fact, developers promote this deceptive website by employing rogue download/installation set-ups designed to modify browser options without permission. In addition, continually records various information relating to users' Internet browsing activity.

ADP Invoice Email SPAM

ADP Invoice Email SPAM virus removal guide

What is ADP Invoice Email SPAM?

Similar to FedEx Package, eFax, Sage Invoice, and many others, "ADP Invoice Email SPAM" is another email spam campaign used to distribute TrickBot malware. This campaign distributes email messages that contain various invoices (in .doc format) and encourages users to save them. Be aware, however, that these attachments are malicious - once opened, they stealthily download and install ADP Invoice Email SPAM.

Predator The Cipher Ransomware

Predator The Cipher ransomware removal instructions

What is Predator The Cipher?

Predator The Cipher is a ransomware-type virus discovered by malware security researcher, Michael Gillespie. It is designed to infiltrate the system and encrypt most stored files (making data unusable). In doing so, this malware adds the ".predator" appendix to the name of each compromised file. Once data is encrypted, Predator The Cipher generates a text file ("README.txt") and places a copy in every existing folder. Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is

The browser hijacker is installed as an app called Free Forms, which is a fake search engine that offers quick access to popular forms. For example, IRS and tax-related forms including 1040, W-9, w-4 and 1099. It also links to various websites directly from the new tab page Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is is another fake search engine promoted by developers using a browser hijacking app called Easy To Watch News. The browser hijacker offers a search engine that allows you to watch live news directly on the new tab page and access various websites with a single click. Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is is a fake search engine promoted by developers using a browser hijacker app called Easy To Convert Now. It may seem to be a legitimate search engine offering tools to convert TXT, HTML, DOC, and JPG files to PDF, and convert PDF, JPG, TXT, and HTML files to DOC files. In fact, most browser hijackers claim to be legitimate by offering 'useful functions'.


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