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Torlock[.]com redirect removal instructions

What is torlock[.]com?

torlock[.]com is a popular, yet questionable torrent website. On initial appearance torlock[.]com might seem appropriate and handy. However, it is worth mentioning that this site asks each user to "enable notifications" which would allow this site display browser notifications and promote other websites. This functionality is completely legitimate and thousands of completely legitimate websites (e.g., YouTube, Facebook, etc.) use it. However, the problem is that unreliable websites often use these notifications to promote other malicious sites. It is also worth mentioning that using torrent sites may lead to a variety of system infections.

india2lock Ransomware

india2lock ransomware removal instructions

What is india2lock?

There are various ransomware-type programs, india2lock is just one of many. It encrypts data, changes victim's wallpaper and creates a ransom note (the "HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.txt" text file). Simply said, people who have their computers infected with it cannot access their files unless they pay a ransom (buy a decryption tool/key). This ransomware renames all encrypted files by adding the ".Crypted" extension. For example, it renames a file named "1.jpg" to "1.jpg.Crypted" and so on. The person who discovered .india2lock is JAMESWT.

TOR13 Ransomware

TOR13 ransomware removal instructions

What is TOR13?

Belonging to Dharma family, TOR13 is yet another ransomware-type infection discovered by Jakub Kroustek. After stealthily getting into the system TOR13 encrypts most of stored files using RSA-1024 cryptography. While doing so, TOR13 appends filenames with victim's unique ID, developers' email address and ".TOR13" extension. For instance, encrypted "sample.jpg" would be renamed to something like "[].TOR13". Compromised data instantly becomes unusable. TOR13 is also designed to open a pop-up window and drop "RETURN FILES.txt" text file on victim's desktop. POP-UP Ads

Androponhowrow[.]info redirect removal instructions

What is androponhowrow[.]info?

androponhowrow[.]info is a rogue website that shares similarities with,,, and dozens of other similar websites. androponhowrow[.]info is designed to deliver unreliable content and redirect users to other rogue sites. Vast majority of users visit androponhowrow[.]info unwillingly. They get redirected by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) or either intrusive ads delivered by other rogue sites. PUAs are known for infiltrating computers without user's consent. In addition to causing redirects, these applications deliver various intrusive advertisements and gather sensitive data.

Dr. Wolf Internet Security Unwanted Application

Dr. Wolf Internet Security removal instructions

What is Dr. Wolf Internet Security?

Dr. Wolf Internet Security is anti-virus software that provides complete protection for users of desktop computers and Android mobile devices. It protects from viruses, spyware, malware, trojans, ransomware and other threats. Simply said, it is promoted as a legitimate anti-virus suite. However, it is categorized as a potentially unwanted app (PUA). It is because there is a high possibility that most people who have this it installed, did it unintentionally (its developers promote it using a deceptive marketing method called "bundling").

Mcold Ransomware

Mcold ransomware removal instructions

What is Mcold?

Mcold is a malicious program classified as ransomware. Its developers/cyber criminals use it with a purpose to extract money from people by encrypting their data and keeping it encrypted unless a ransom is paid/decryption tool (key) is purchased. Mcold was discovered by Michael Gillespie. It renames all encrypted files, it adds the ".[]" extension. For example, Mcold renames a file named "1.jpg" to "1.jpg.[]" and so on. This program belongs to Maoloa ransomware family. Previous Mcold's versions were using ".Tiger4444" and ".Ox4444" extensions. Like most programs of this type, Mcold creates a ransom note in a text file, in this case the "!INSTRUCTI0NS!.TXT" file. POP-UP Ads

Fortorsarrabse[.]info redirect removal instructions

What is fortorsarrabse[.]info?

fortorsarrabse[.]info is a rogue website similar to,, and many others. It is designed to deliver various content and to redirect users to unreliable websites. Visitors typically end up in fortorsarrabse[.]info inadvertently - they get redirected by potentially unwanted applications or intrusive advertisements displayed in various unreliable websites. Potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) usually infiltrate computers without asking for a permission. In addition to causing redirects, these applications are also likely to deliver intrusive advertisements and a gather information relating to user's web browsing activity.

Radman Ransomware

Radman ransomware removal instructions

What is Radman?

Radman is yet another variant of Djvu ransomware. This variant was firstly discovered by malware researcher Michael Gillespie. After successfully infiltrating the system, Radman encrypts most of stored data and appends filenames with ".radman" extension. For instance, it would rename "sample.jpg" to "sample.jpg.radman" and so on so forth. Encrypted data instantly becomes unusable. Radman is also designed to drop "_readme.txt" text file in every existing folder.

Ads by FirePlayer

FirePlayer removal instructions

What is FirePlayer?

FirePlayer is a deceptive application that supposedly allows users to play various media in the HD format. On initial inspection, FirePlayer may appear legitimate and useful, however, this app is categorized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and adware. There are three main reasons for these negative associations: 1) stealth installation without consent; 2) display of intrusive online advertisements, and; 3) tracking of users' Internet browsing activity.

Giph It Browser Hijacker redirect removal instructions

What is

Giph It is a potentially unwanted application (PUA), a browser hijacker that supposed to provide its users with a collection of various GIFs. It is categorized as a PUA because it is very likely that most people who have it installed, did it unintentionally. Besides, like most apps of this type Giph It changes browser's settings, in other words, promotes a questionable website, the fake search engine. It also gathers information about its user's browsing habits.


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