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Inferno Ransomware

What is Inferno ransomware?

Inferno is a new variant of ransomware called Avaddon. This variant encrypts files and appends the ".avdn" extension to their filenames. For example, it renames "1.jpg" to "1.jpg.avdn", "2.jpg" to "2.jpg.avdn". To provide information regarding data decryption, Inferno creates the "210201-readme.html" file (a ransom note).

Chinadecryption2021 Ransomware

What is Chinadecryption2021 ransomware?

Chinadecryption2021is a ransomware-type program. It is designed to encrypt data and demand payment for the decryption. In other words, this malware renders files inaccessible and asks for payment to restore access to the data.

Files are appended with ".chinadecryption2021.[victim's_ID]" extension. For example, a file like "1.jpg" would appear similar to "1.jpg.chinadecryption2021.D9C-F8C-C49" - following encryption. Afterwards, a ransom note - "!!! ALL YOUR FILES ARE ENCRYPTED !!!.TXT" - is created.

PathPanel Adware (Mac)

What is PathPanel adware?

PathPanel is classified as adware because it delivers advertisements. PathPanel also falls into the category of browser hijackers - it changes the web browser's settings to promote a fake search engine. Most users download and install apps of this type inadvertently. Thus, PathPanel and similar apps are called potentially unwanted applications (PUAs).

Locked (VoidCrypt) Ransomware

What is Locked ransomware?

Locked ransomware belongs to a ransomware family called VoidCrypt. It encrypts files and appends the email address, a string of random characters, and the ".locked" extension to filenames. For example, it renames "1.jpg" to "1.jpg.[][MJ-LW1687953420].locked", and so on. Locked also creates identical two ransom notes: "矜鰠Á" and "ነǁ" files.

SearchMultiplyResults Adware (Mac)

What is SearchMultiplyResults adware?

SearchMultiplyResults generates advertisements and makes changes in the web browser's settings to promote a fake search engine. This application is distributed through a fake Adobe Flash Player installer. Thus, the chance that someone would download and install it on purpose is small. Ads

What is zippyshare[.]com?

Zippyshare[.]com is a file-sharing website. While this service is legitimate, the site uses rogue advertising networks. Hence, visitors to this website can be presented with misleading/harmful ads and/or get redirected to untrustworthy/malicious webpages through them.

Employing advertising networks of this kind is a common monetization technique. Therefore, the Internet is rife with such pages;,,,, and are but a few examples.

FlawedGrace Malware

What is FlawedGrace?

FlawedGrace is a piece of malicious software classified as a RAT (Remote Access Trojan). Malware of this type is designed to enable remote access and control over infected devices. It is noteworthy that FlawedGrace has been actively proliferated via email spam campaigns. Ads

What is fugles[.]net?

Fugles[.]net is a rogue website that loads dubious content and/or redirects its visitors to other (likely unreliable or malicious) pages. The Internet is rife with such websites;, and are but a few examples.

Most users are redirected to rogue webpages by suspect sites, intrusive advertisements, or installed PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications).

ForceGuide Adware (Mac)

What is ForceGuide adware?

ForceGuide generates annoying ads and changes web browser's settings (promotes a fake search engine). This app has the qualities of adware and a browser hijacker. It is very uncommon for apps of this type to downloaded and installed knowingly. Thus, ForceGuide and similar apps are categorized as potentially unwanted applications (PUAs).

CTT Email Scam

What is "CTT" email scam?

"CTT email scam" refers to a spam campaign. The emails sent through it are disguised as failed delivery notifications from CTT - Correios de Portugal, S.A. – the Portuguese national postal service and commercial group dealing in banking and e-commerce.

It must be emphasized that these letters are fake and in no way associated with the real CTT. This spam mail aims to promote a phishing website designed to record vulnerable data entered into it.


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