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LOCKEDS Ransomware

LOCKEDS ransomware removal instructions

What is LOCKEDS?

LOCKEDS is a piece of malicious software, classified as ransomware. It belongs to the DCRTR-WDM malware family. LOCKEDS encrypts victim's data and keeps locked, until a ransom is paid. During the encryption process, all affected files are retitled with ".LOCKEDS" extension; e.g. making a file named something like "1.jpg" appear as "1.jpg.LOCKEDS". After this process is complete, files "HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.hta" and "HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.txt" are dropped into every compromised folder. Ads

Y2meta[.]com redirect removal instructions

What is y2meta[.]com?

Y2meta[.]com is a website that should be used. It uses questionable advertising networks and provides an illegal video downloading service. It is not legal to download videos from YouTube, besides, y2meta[.]com contains various ads that redirect its visitors to various untrustworthy websites. These are the two main reasons why this or other similar websites should not be used.

Octopus Ransomware

Octopus ransomware removal instructions

What is Octopus?

Octopus is a malicious software that is a part of Phobos ransomware family. It is designed to prevent its victims form accessing their files by encrypting them with a cryptographic algorithm. In order to decrypt their files (get a decryption tool) victims have to pay cyber criminals who developed Octopus a ransom. Furthermore, Octopus renames all encrypted files by adding victim's ID, email address and ".octopus" extension. For example, it renames a file named "1.jpg" to "[1E857D00-2275].[].octopus", and so on. It also drops the "info.txt" and "info.hta" files on victim's desktop. The first one contains instructions on how to contact cyber criminals, the second one enables a pop-up window which is a ransom note.

Rooster865qq Ransomware

Rooster865qq ransomware removal instructions

What is Rooster865qq?

Discovered by Raby, Rooster865qq is a piece of malicious software, belonging to the Maoloa ransomware family. This program is designed to encrypt victim's data and demand a ransom for its decryption. As Rooster865qq encrypts, it renames all files with the ".Rooster865qq" extension; therefore a file like "1.jpg" would appear as "1.jpg.Rooster865qq", and so on. After this process is complete, an executable file titled "HOW TO BACK YOUR FILES.exe" is created on the desktop.

ProdigySearch Adware (Mac)

How to remove ProdigySearch from Mac?

What is ProdigySearch?

ProdigySearch is advertised as an application that helps users to search the web more easily and efficiently. Nevertheless, this app is classified as a potentially unwanted application (PUA) and adware. Typically, people do not download and install apps of this type on purpose. If installed, they feed users with various advertisements and collect information related to browsing activities. For these reasons we recommend to uninstall ProdigySearch and other adware that is installed on a browser or operating system as soon as possible.

Chksumm POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to remove "Chksumm" from Mac?

What is "Chksumm"?

Chksumm is the name of a scam website family. These pages are designed to promote dubious applications, which are typically fake and nonfunctional. This variant promotes the Smart Mac Booster PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application). Said deceptive webpages show alerts of various threats/issues found on visitors' devices and offer software for their elimination. Users should note that no website can detect problems present within operating system; therefore, such claims cannot be trusted. Most visits to Chksumm occur inadvertently, via redirects caused by intrusive advertisements or by PUAs.

CustomStrategic Adware (Mac)

How to remove CustomStrategic from Mac?

What is CustomStrategic?

CustomStrategic is the name of an application which supposed to enhance browsing experience, provide fast and accurate search results and other browsing-related features. However, it is known that this software operates as adware: it displays advertisements while users are browsing the web and collects various information about them. It is recommended to uninstall CustomStrategic (or any other installed adware) as soon as possible. Ads

Shireamentsp[.]info redirect removal instructions

What is shireamentsp[.]info?

Shireamentsp[.]info is an untrustworthy website which contains shady content. Also, very often people who visit it get redirected to other pages of this kind. Other examples of pages that are similar to shireamentsp[.]info are notify-system[.]com, mediasvideo[.]live, and notification-list[.]com. Not many people visit such websites intentionally, more often than not they are forced to do so by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) that are installed on a browser and/or the operating system. Apps of this type usually are designed to redirect users to dubious websites, record browsing-related (and often other) data and display intrusive advertisements.

Mosk Ransomware

Mosk ransomware removal instructions

What is Mosk?

Credit for discovering Mosk belongs to Michael Gillespie. This malicious program is part of STOP/Djvu ransomware family. It is designed to encrypt data and keep it on lockdown, until a ransom is paid. As Mosk encrypts data, it renames all files with the ".mosk" extension. Thereby, making a file titled "1.jpg" appear as "1.jpg.mosk", and so on for all of the affected files. Once this process is finished, a text file - "_readme.txt" is created on the victim's desktop. Ads

Buffstream[.]stream redirect removal instructions

What is buffstream[.]stream?

Buffstream[.]stream is a website which is advertised as a best online sports streaming portal. However, this page is using rogue advertising networks. In other words, people who use its services get redirected to various untrustworthy, potentially malicious websites. There are many websites that operate this way, for example, keepvid[.]pro, converto[.]io, and convert2mp3[.]net. We advise against visiting buffstream[.]stream and using its services.


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