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Jackal Malware

What is Jackal?

GoldenJackal, an APT group, has developed a collection of .NET malware tools known as Jackal. The Jackal toolset includes components such as JackalControl, JackalWorm, JackalSteal, JackalPerInfo, and JackalScreenWatcher. GoldenJackal typically focuses its attacks on government and diplomatic entities primarily located in the Middle East and South Asia regions.

Personalized Background Browser Hijacker

What kind of application is Personalized Background?

Upon testing the Personalized Background extension, we found that it is a browser hijacker designed to promote, a fake search engine. Personalized Background forces users to visit/use by changing the settings of a web browser.

Shapes Tab Browser Hijacker

What kind of software is Shapes Tab?

Shapes Tab is a rogue browser extension that we discovered while inspecting suspect webpages. It is presented as a tool that displays browser wallpapers. After analyzing this extension, we determined that it is browser-hijacking software. Shapes Tab makes alterations to browser settings in order to promote the illegitimate search engine.

Car Tab Browser Hijacker

What kind of software is Car Tab?

While investigating dubious websites, our researchers discovered the Car Tab browser extension. It is promoted as a tool that displays automobile-themed wallpapers. However, our analysis revealed that Car Tab is a browser hijacker. It changes browser settings and endorses (via redirects) the fake search engine.

TurkoRat Malware

What kind of malware is TurkoRat?

TurkoRat is the name of a malicious program classed as a stealer. This malware aims to steal sensitive information from infected machines. TurkoRat was observed being distributed in several malicious packages via the npm package repository.

AhRat Malware (Android)

What kind of malware is AhRat?

AhRat is a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) that focuses on infiltrating Android devices. Its distribution occurred through a trojanized screen recording application, which was disguised and offered for download on the Google Play store.

The original version of the app that was uploaded to the store did not possess any malicious characteristics, but later on, threat actors manipulated its functionality and introduced malicious components into the app. Ads

What kind of page is ilitonline[.]com?

While investigating suspicious websites, our research team discovered the rogue webpage. It is designed to endorse browser notification spam and redirect users to other (likely dubious/malicious) websites. Users primarily access pages like ilitonline[.]com via redirects caused by sites employing rogue advertising networks. Ads

What kind of page is editortrip[.]com?

Editortrip[.]com is a rogue page that our research team discovered while inspecting questionable websites. It operates by promoting browser notification spam and redirecting visitors to other (likely untrustworthy/hazardous) sites. Most users enter webpages like editortrip[.]com via redirects generated by sites using rogue advertising networks. Ads

What kind of page is mediatesupervis[.]com?

After analyzing mediatesupervis[.]com, we discovered that the page employs a deceitful tactic to entice visitors into granting permission for notifications. We also observed that mediatesupervis[.]com redirects users to other questionable websites. As a result, it is strongly recommended to refrain from visiting mediatesupervis[.]com or any sites accessed through it.

Your Account Is Successfully Debited POP-UP Scam

What kind of scam is "Your Account Is Successfully Debited"?

Our analysis of this page revealed that it presents a fabricated system scan and employs deceptive tactics to coerce users into contacting a fraudulent technical support number. These scams, known as pop-up scams, often masquerade as legitimate websites and are utilized by scammers to engage in malicious activities.


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