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What kind of page is freenotifications[.]com?

Freenotifications[.]com is a rogue website that our researchers found during a routine inspection of untrustworthy sites. This page is designed to push browser notification spam and redirect visitors to other (likely dubious/malicious) websites. Users typically access such webpages via redirects caused by sites using rogue advertising networks.

SearchZubi Browser Hijacker

What is SearchZubi?

SearchZubi is a browser extension, which we determined to be a browser hijacker. This piece of software modifies browser settings to promote the fake search engine.

Donation Grant For You Email Scam

What kind of email is "Donation Grant For You"?

After inspecting the "Donation Grant For You" email, we determined that it is spam. These scam letters attempt to trick recipients into believing that they will receive a massive amount of money as support to individuals and businesses suffering economic setbacks. This mail claims that recipients' emails were selected as winners in a randomized process. Ads

What kind of page is blandcaptcha[.]top?

While inspecting untrustworthy sites, we found the blandcaptcha[.]top webpage. It promotes browser notification spam through the use of fake CAPTCHA verification. Additionally, this page is capable of redirecting visitors to other (likely unreliable/malicious) websites.

Most users enter pages like blandcaptcha[.]top via redirects caused by sites using rogue advertising networks.

SearchMok Browser Hijacker

What kind of application is SearchMok?

SearchMok is a browser hijacker designed to promote a fake search engine. It hijacks a web browser by changing some of its settings to Typically, browser-hijacking apps are promoted using questionable pages and other methods. We have discovered SearchMok while inspecting deceptive websites.

PancakeSwap Giveaway Scam

What is "PancakeSwap Giveaway"?

"PancakeSwap Giveaway" is a scam we discovered while inspecting deceptive websites. This fake giveaway promises to double the amount of CAKE cryptocurrency that users "contribute" to it. However, users will receive nothing in return and lose everything that they transfer to this scam.


What is "GMAIL UK FREELOTTO" email scam?

We have examined this email and concluded that it is a fake message (winner notification) about winning a lottery from Google (Gmail). Typically, scammers behind such emails seek to trick recipients into providing sensitive information and (or) transferring money (paying some "fees"). It is strongly advisable to ignore and delete emails of this type. Ads

What kind of page is picprosto[.]click?

We have discovered the picprosto[.]click website after receiving an email containing a link to it. After examining the page, we found that it displays a deceptive message to trick visitors into agreeing to receive notifications. It is worth mentioning that pages like picprosto[.]click usually are promoted via other pages that use rogue advertising networks.

BlockChain POP-UP Scam

What is the "BlockChain" scam?

While inspecting deceptive websites, our research team found the "BlockChain" scam. It operates as a phishing scam. This scheme attempts to obtain victims' BlockChain cryptocurrency wallet log-in credentials.

336 Parts B.V. Email Scam

What kind of email is "336 Parts B.V."?

After analyzing the "336 Parts B.V." email, we determined that it is spam. This email concerns a fake invoice to view which - recipients are asked to log in again using their email account. However, the sign-in page is a phishing website designed to record the information provided to it.

Therefore, users can lose their email accounts and content associated with them by attempting to log in through the webpage promoted by "336 Parts B.V.".


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