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Metable AirDrop Scam

What kind of scam is "Metable AirDrop"?

"Metable AirDrop" is a scam disguised as a platform that integrates education, blockchain, and the Metaverse. Victims are lured with a cryptocurrency airdrop (giveaway). This scam aims to drain funds out of victims' digital wallets.


What kind of scam is "STAKE MERLIN SPELLBOOKS"?

"STAKE MERLIN SPELLBOOKS" is a scam presented as a platform that allows users to buy, stake, and swap Merlin's Spellbook NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). However, it actually operates as a cryptocurrency drainer that steals digital assets from victims' cryptowallets.

Procreation AI Presale Registration Scam

What kind of scam is "Procreation AI Presale Registration"?

"Procreation AI Presale Registration" scam impersonates the Procreation AI platform. The lure is a supposed presale event for the PAI cryptocurrency. When users try to register for it – they inadvertently expose their digital wallets to a crypto drainer. Hence, victims of this scam can lose all their cryptocurrency.

Lido Token Airdrop Scam

What kind of scam is "Lido Token Airdrop"?

This "Lido Token Airdrop" is a scam. It imitates the official Lido website, supposedly announcing an airdrop for the platform's own token. Users tricked by this lure inadvertently expose their digital wallets to a cryptocurrency-draining scam.

CATCOIN Allocation Scam

What kind of scam is "CATCOIN Allocation"?

"CATCOIN Allocation" is a fake cryptocurrency airdrop. It claims to distribute the CatCoin cryptocurrency for a limited time only. This scam operates as a crypto drainer that empties victims' digital wallets of assets.

Lucky Bridge BSC To ETH LBLOCK Scam

What kind of scam is "Lucky Bridge BSC To ETH LBLOCK"?

"Lucky Bridge BSC To ETH LBLOCK" is a scam that promises to bridge two blockchain networks – Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum (ETH), specifically the LBLOCK cryptocurrency. LBLOCK is the native token of the Lucky Block crypto casino.

This scheme operates as a cryptocurrency drainer. When users connect their digital wallets, a mechanism is triggered that begins pilfering stored funds.

AppWinner Adware (Mac)

What kind of application is AppWinner?

Upon investigating the AppWinner app, it was observed that it exhibits characteristics of adware, a type of software that inundates users with intrusive advertisements and may collect various types of data without consent. Adware like AppWinner is often installed inadvertently by users, who may not be aware of its presence or the potential risks associated with it.

Connect To OpenSea Scam

What kind of scam is "Connect To OpenSea"?

"Connect To OpenSea" is a crypto drainer scam. It is presented as the sign-in page for OpenSea – an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) marketplace. When a user attempts to access their account by connecting their cryptowallets to the fake platform, they trigger a cryptocurrency-draining mechanism. It must be stressed that this fraudulent webpage is in no way associated with OpenSea. Browser Hijacker

What kind of website is is the address of a fake search engine. These sites usually cannot generate search results and redirect to legitimate Internet search engines. They are commonly endorsed (via redirects) by browser hijackers. has been promoted by multiple rogue extensions. Additionally, fake search engines and browser-hijacking software tend to collect sensitive data.

$WUF Airdrop Scam

What is "$WUF Airdrop"?

After conducting a thorough examination of the website, we uncovered its true nature as a fraudulent platform posing as a host for a cryptocurrency airdrop. This deceptive site mimics the appearance of a legitimate airdrop page, enticing users with promises of free cryptocurrency tokens. However, its true intent is to steal cryptocurrency.


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