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How to remove redirects to startnewestmostprogram[.]icu from Mac?

What is startnewestmostprogram[.]icu?

Startnewestmostprogram[.]icu is scam website, promoting a fake Flash Player updater. Visitors to this site are indirectly informed that their Flash is outdated. These fraudulent updaters are used to proliferate a variety of untrustworthy and malicious content. For example, they spread various PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications) and even malware (e.g. trojans, ransomware, etc.). Webpages like startnewestmostprogram[.]icu are rarely accessed intentionally, typically users get redirected to deceptive pages by intrusive ads or by PUAs

Oled Ransomware

Oled ransomware removal instructions

What is Oled?

Oled ransomware was discovered by S!Ri. Typically, software of this type encrypts files, renames them and creates a ransom note. Oled renames encrypted files by adding victim's ID and developer's email address and appending the ".oled" extension to their filenames. For instance, it renames "1.jpg" to "1.jpg.[EF7BE7BC].[].oled", and so on. Also, Oled creates a ransom note, a text file named "readme-warning.txt".

Search Plus Browser Hijacker

Search Plus browser hijacker removal instructions

What is Search Plus?

Search Plus is a rogue application, advertised as a tool designed to improve the browsing experience by supposedly allowing users to manage their web searches. Instead it operates as a browser hijacker. In other words, it modifies browsers in order to promote - a fake search engine. Furthermore, it spies on users' browsing habits and collects their personal information. Since most users install this app inadvertently, it is also categorized as a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application). It is often distributed together with another PUA called Hide My Searches. Ads

Lodder1[.]biz redirect removal instructions

What is lodder1[.]biz?

Lodder1[.]biz is an address of a rogue website which, once visited, opens a couple of other untrustworthy web pages or loads some questionable content. There are many websites like lodder1[.]biz on the Internet, some examples are worldmylife[.]info, balanceformoon[.]com and mediazone[.]mobi. Quite often they get opened by some potentially unwanted application (PUA) that is installed on a browser. Apps of this type usually are designed to gather browsing data and/or display intrusive advertisements as well.

Online TV Streamer Browser Hijacker

Online TV Streamer browser hijacker removal instructions

What is Online TV Streamer?

Online TV Streamer is a rogue application, promoted as a tool for easy access to various TV streaming services. Additionally, it supposedly provides quick access to move and live sports streaming websites. Online TV Streamer is classified as a browser hijacker, due to the modifications it makes to browsers in order to promote - a fake search engine. It also has data tracking abilities, which are employed to gather browsing-related information. Due to its dubious proliferation methods (i.e. most users install this app unintentionally), it is categorized as a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Applications) as well.

TV Sreaming Online Browser Hijacker

TV Streaming Online browser hijacker removal instructions

What is TV Streaming Online?

TV Streaming Online is one of the many applications that are designed to promote some fake search engine (in this case by changing browser's settings and gather browsing data. Apps of this type are called browser hijackers. They are categorized as potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) because people usually download and install them unintentionally. Research shows that TV Streaming Online gets installed together with Hide My Searches (another PUA).

Multy App Browser Hijacker

Multy App browser hijacker removal instructions

What is Multy App?

Multy App is a browser hijacker, endorsed as a multi-purpose tool. To elaborate, it provides quick access to various services, such as various search engines, encyclopedias, email, social networking and social media, e-commerce and online stores. Multy App operates by modifying browsers in order to promote - a fake search engine. Additionally, this browser hijacker has data tracking abilities, which it employs to spy on users' browsing activity. Most users install Multy App inadvertently, therefore it is also categorized as a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application).

Directions And Maps Now Browser Hijacker

Directions and Maps Now browser hijacker removal instructions

What is Directions and Maps Now?

Directions and Maps Now is a potentially unwanted application (PUA), a browser hijacker which supposed to provide users with free maps and directions. However, it is designed to promote a fake search engine ( and gather information related to user's browsing habits. It is worth mentioning that it is being distributed/gets installed together with another PUA called Hide My Searches. Redirect (Mac)

How to remove browser hijacker from Mac?

What is

Sharing many similarities with and countless others - is a fake search engine. Typically, illegitimate web searchers are advertised as tools, designed to improve the browsing experience, provide fast searches, accurate search results and so on. Fake search engines like are primarily promoted by browser hijackers. These rogue applications promote fake searching tools by making unauthorized changes to browsers and restricting/denying access to their settings. What is more, most browser hijackers have data tracking abilities, which they employ to spy on users' browsing activity. POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to remove apps downloaded from fineplayerreliablenew[.]best on Mac?

What is fineplayerreliablenew[.]best?

When visited, fineplayerreliablenew[.]best displays pop-up windows suggesting that Adobe Flash Player is out of date. This website is designed to trick people into downloading and opening/executing an installer of some potentially unwanted application (PUA) like a browser hijacker, adware-type app or even malicious software like a Trojan, ransomware, or other high-risk malware. We strongly recommend not to download anything from fineplayerreliablenew[.]best or any other unofficial website that offers to update Adobe Flash Player (or other legitimate software).


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