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Canadian Police Association Virus

"Canadian Police Association - Your Computer is Locked" Virus - how to remove?

What is Canadian Police Association?

"Canadian Police Association - Your Computer is Locked" is a screen locker infection, which demands that computer users pay a bogus fine (100 Canadian dollars) for supposed law violations. This is a scam developed by cyber criminals who employ deceptive strategies to trick computer users into believing that they have to pay a fine for owning pirated content, watching pornography, etc. In fact, the Canadian Police Association has nothing to do with this message; cyber criminals responsible for creating this ransomware infection exploit the name of an authority in order to make their screen locker appear authentic.

Bedfordshire Police Virus

"Bedfordshire Police - Your Operating System is Locked" Virus- how to remove this scam?

What is Bedfordshire Police?

"Bedfordshire Police - Your operating system is locked" is a ransomware infection targeted at computer users from the United Kingdom. Cyber criminals exploit the name of Bedfordshire Police in order to make their deceptive message appear authentic. This ransomware infection originates from a family of screen lockers called Goscri. Cyber criminals responsible for creating ransomware infections from this family also target PC users from France, USA, Canada, and other countries. Cyber criminals are able to change the body and the header sections of their ransomware infection according to the country in which the computer is infected.

My Web Search Toolbar (redirect)

My Web Search Toolbar - how to eliminate browser redirects to etc. ?

What is My Web Search Toolbar?

My Web Search Toolbar is a browser add-on, which adds a search bar, weather forecast quick launch button, etc. to Internet browsers. When installed, this toolbar changes your homepage to or This action is taken by default, however, if you look closely at the installation progress of the toolbar, you can elect to change these options so that your homepage is not changed. When searching the Internet using the added search bar, the organic search results are gathered from Google, but the sponsored results are generated by conduit or My Web Search Toolbar. redirect and - how to remove redirect to these websites?

What is

MetaCrawler is a search engine that combines search results from major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. MetaCrawler might appear as a legitimate project, but in fact the company behind it employs some dubious methods in order to promote their websites (MetaCrawler and Infospace). Recently, we received many complaints from users reporting that they were being redirected to these websites. Furthermore, computer users should express great caution whilst using the search services provided by MetaCrawler and Infospace - although the organic search results are legitimate (they originate from reputable search engines), the sponsored results are generated by MetaCrawler and often lead to dubious software installation methods or misleading websites.

Association of Chief Police Officers Virus

Association of Chief Police Officers Virus - how to remove it?

What is Association of Chief Police Officers?

Association of Chief Police Officers is a ransomware infection, which was created by Cyber criminals. When this security infection infiltrates your PC, you will be unable to access your desktop and presented with a deceptive message stating that you need to download paid security updates in order to unlock your operating system. This message is a scam - cyber criminals use screen lockers such as this to steal money from unsuspecting computer users.

Alot Toolbar

Alot toolbar - how to eliminate and redirects?

What is Alot Toolbar?

Alot toolbar is browser add-on, which applies shortcuts for social networks, online games, weather apps, etc. to your Internet browsers (for example, Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox). Whilst some users might find the free services provided by this browser add-on useful, there is a downside: the Alot toolbar changes your default homepage to and your default search engine to Furthermore, if you attempt to search using the recommended website, you will be presented with some dubious search results.

SmileBox Redirect

SmileBox - how to remove and

What is SmileBox?

SmileBox is a popular application used to make collages, scrapbooks, and slide shows. Whilst the application itself is not malware or a virus, the creators of this app use some deceptive methods to monetize their free program. If you download and install this program without closely checking each installation progress window, you will inadvertently install a browser toolbar and your homepage will be changed to

System Progressive Protection

System Progressive Protection fake antivirus- how to remove it from your PC?

What is System Progressive Protection?

System Progressive Protection is a fake antivirus program, which attempts to mimic legitimate security software and sell a useless license key to unsuspecting PC users. This rogue program originates from a family of fake antivirus programs called WinWebSec. Programs from this family use the deceptive strategy of displaying fake security scans and false malware 'detection lists' to scare PC users into believing that their computers are infected with high-risk security threats. The fake security scan and bogus security warning pop-ups serve the purpose of deceiving PC users.

MaxMySpeed rogue system optimizer rogue system optimizer - how to remove it?

What is MaxMySpeed rogue system optimizer? system optimizer is a scam, which presents computer users with a long list of supposedly detected system errors and then requests payment for a license key in order to remove them. Whilst this software is similar to other rogue registry cleaners and system optimizers, this one employs TV ads to trick unsuspecting PC users. When installed and executed, the software scans your computer for various system errors, and after a few of minutes, you are presented with a list of 'detected' errors. We tested this program on a fresh copy of Windows operating system and it reported over one thousand errors.

RegGenie rogue registry utility

What is Reggenie and how to remove it?

What is RegGenie?

Reggenie is rogue software, which claims to be a registry cleaner designed to improve the performance of users' PCs. In reality, however, this is a rogue program, which detects fake system errors and requests payment for a license key in order to remove them. Reggenie often comes bundled with free software downloaded from the Internet. Therefore, when downloading free programs, carefully study all installation information to avoid inadvertently installing Reggenie or other unwanted applications (toolbars etc.) during the installation process. When we tested this software, it supposedly 'detected' over one hundred registry and other errors when installed on a fresh Windows operating system.


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