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BlueFlare Antivirus

What is BlueFlare Antivirus?

BlueFlare Antivirus is a fake computer scanner created by Internet criminals. This program will not help you to eliminate spyware from your computer; it is designed to steal money from your credit card account.

BlueFlare Antivirus is distributed through Trojans, and uses misleading methods to self-install on your computer. After this rogue program is installed on your computer, it will modify your operating system's registry in such way that BlueFlare Antivirus starts automatically on system start-up.

Milestone Antivirus

What is Milestone?

Milestone Antivirus is a fake computer security scanner. This rogue antivirus program is propagated via Trojans. When your machine is infected with this fake program, you will notice various 'security scans' being performed.

These scans are fake, since Milestone Antivirus does not actually scan your computer - it merely imitates the scanning process. The files that this program reports as being infected, are legitimate Windows files, so do not remove them manually or you could damage your operating system.

When the program is installed on your computer, it configures itself to run automatically each time you start your computer. You will see a fake security scan being performed, and if you click the "Remove Threats" button at the end of the fake scan, you will be encouraged to purchase a full version of the program.

You should not buy this program, it is a scam and completely useless. Security warning messages are displayed to further scare you into believing that your computer is infected with malware.

Milestone Antivirus generates warning pop-ups designed to coerce PC users into activating a full version of this rogue software. All of the features offered by this bogus program are fake.

Milestone Antivirus offers to protect your privacy, but in fact this software is only an imitation of a legitimate antivirus software.

Security Protection Virus

What is Security Protection?

Security Protection is a fake computer program propagated via misleading websites. When this bogus security scanner infects your computer, it configures itself to run automatically on system start-up.

You should not trust this program. Your computer can be infected with this misleading program whilst downloading Flash Player updates or video codecs.

System Smart Security

What is System Smart Security?

System Smart Security is malicious software installed by tricking computer users into believing that their computers are infected with viruses and that this program will help to remove them. This fake computer scanner is propagated via infected websites.

In most cases, when you enter these sites, you will observe a fake security scan running and reporting infections on your computer.

Ultimate Guard

What is Ultimate Guard?

Ultimate Guard is a misleading computer program derived from the same family of rogue scanners as Windows 7 Recovery and many others. This rogue scanner is distributed through Trojans.

You could be infected with Trojans whilst visiting infected websites. These sites usually display a video window with a 'Play' button.

When the button is clicked, a message appears advising that you must update your Flash Player or download video codecs to view the video.

Security Central

What is Security Central?

Security Central is a fake computer security scanner distributed via misleading websites. When entering these sites, a fake security scan is performed - one that does not actually scan your computer.

After the fake scan, you are informed that multiple infections were found on your computer during the scan.

Security Essentials Ultimate Pack

What is Security Essentials Ultimate Pack?

Security Essentials is a rogue antivirus program which imitates real security software with a goal of selling a license. This is a fake computer scanner that attempts to scare users into believing that their computers are infected with various malware so as to encourage them to buy the full version of this program.

You should not be impressed by the professional appearance of this program. Cyber criminals created this bogus scanner with one intention - to steal money from your credit card.

This rogue antivirus program is spread through Trojans.

Fake Firefox Security Alert

What is Fake Firefox SecurityAlert?

Firefox security alert is a fake pop-up message created by Internet criminals with the intention of distributing fake antivirus programs. These rogue pop-up messages are incorporated into misleading websites and target computer users who are inadvertently directed to them.

Although the alert reports that your computer is infected, the software has no method of detecting infections that may exist on your PC. The messages generated are designed to scare PC users into downloading rogue antivirus programs in order to eliminate these non existent security threats.

Malware Protection Designed to Protect

What is Malware Protection?

Malware Protection is a cleverly designed fake antivirus program, which coerces unsuspecting computer users into buying a license key. This malicious program promises to remove the 'detected' malware on your PC if you activate the full version.

In fact, none of these security infections actually exist on your computer, and this fake scanner only mimics detection with the intention of scaring you.

Your Windows has been blocked - Screenlocker

What is Your Windows has been blocked?

"Your windows has been blocked" message is a Trojan, which displays a fake message when it infects your computer. The message encourages you to pay $100 to unlock your operating system, but you should ignore this message and remove the Trojan from your computer.

The message reports that you have violated copyright law and that Microsoft has blocked your Windows.


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