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What is

The website is promoted using various popular browser toolbars developed by Mindspark. Computer users who install toolbars such as this, without paying close enough attention to the installation steps, are frequently redirected to Browser extensions created by this company modify Internet browser settings including the homepage and default search engine. Some popular browser toolbars which cause these redirect issues include MapsGalaxy, Bring Me Sports, Cursor Mania, MyWebFace, and many others. Note that the or websites are not malicious and they use a customized Google search engine which returns legitimate search results.

MyStart by Incredimail

MyStart by Incredimail - how to remove this browser hijacker?

What is MyStart by Incredimail?

The website is promoted using a popular email client called Incredimail. Developers of this free software bundle their program with a toolbar which alters Internet browser settings and causes redirects to Note that the software alone is not technically considered a virus or malware, however, many computer users do not pay close enough attention to the installation steps and inadvertently install Incredibar toolbar, which displays unwanted ads (Coupon Buddy, etc.) and may cause significant security issues.

Smart Security (designed to protect) Virus

Smart Security - how to remove?

What is Smart Security?

Smart Security is not a typical antivirus program, it is a scam created by cyber criminals. This rogue security scanner infiltrates users' computers using malicious websites, drive-by downloads, and Trojans. When this bogus program self-installs on users' PCs, it imitates a legitimate security program and reports various security infections that are supposedly 'detected' on the system. Moreover, this misleading program generates security warning messages stating that the PC is at risk, and in order to eliminate the 'detected' security threats, Smart Security advises activation of the full version. Paying for the full version of Smart Security, however, is equivalent to sending your money to cyber criminals. This software is a scam - it mimics the detection of security infections, which in fact do not exist on the PC.

Guardia di Finanza Virus

Guardia di Finanza Virus removal guide

What is Guardia di Finanza?

The Guardia di Finanza message blocks computer users' screens and is a scam which should not be trusted. This ransomware infection originates from a family of screen lockers called Reveton. This particular infection predominantly targets computer users from Italy and exploits the name of a local authority: 'Guardia di Finanza'. This authority has no connection with this message - the screen locker was developed and distributed by cyber criminals. If computer users pay the bogus 100 Euro fine, the money is sent to cyber criminals.

2YourFace Adware

2YourFace - how to remove unwanted ads caused by this adware?

What is 2YourFace?

2YourFace is a browser extension adding video and audio calls functionality to users' FaceBook chat. This browser add-on is developed by Outbrowse Ltd. and employs some deceptive monetization methods, such as displaying unwanted ads in search engine results pages and displaying deals pop-ups within online shopping websites. This browser add-on alone is not technically a virus or malware, however it is categorized as being adware for two reasons: 1) it installs on users' computers without their consent, since it is bundled with free software downloaded from the Internet, and; 2) 2YourFace displays unwanted ads and diminishes Internet browser performance (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox).

Smart Suggestor Adware

Smart Suggestor - how to remove this adware?

What is Smart Suggestor?

The Smart Suggestor browser extension, developed by Think Tank Labs, promises to save users time when searching the Internet. Moreover, this browser add-on displays coupon deals when visiting online shopping websites. Whilst this browser add-on may appear legitimate, its developers use a deceptive distribution channel - bundling with free software. The result of this promotional method is that many computer users install the browser add-on inadvertently without their consent. Users report that they have installed Smart Suggestor unwillingly and feel annoyed by unwanted pop-ups and unwanted ads imposed by Smart Shopping Buddy. Commonly, Smart Suggestor is installed together with free software downloaded from the Internet (such as xlplayer or software from various download clients).

ZoomEx Adware

ZoomEx - how to eliminate this unwanted browser add-on?

What is ZoomEx?

The ZoomEx browser extension enhances users' Internet browsing experience by enlarging Facebook photos (when the user hovers over them). Whilst on first inspection this browser plug-in appears legitimate, it has a downside: this extension displays unwanted ads (pop-ups and text link ads). ZoomEx is one of a number of adware-related browser add-ons used by free software developers to monetize their free programs.

Search Enhance Adware

Search Enhance - how to eliminate this adware from your Internet browsers?

What is Search Enhance

The Search Enhance browser add-on is developed by 215 Apps and promises to save computer users time when searching the Internet. In fact, this browser add-on overrides search bars found on various websites and displays its own search results - sponsored third party links. This browser extension commonly self-installs on users' computers together with free software downloaded from the Internet. The problem with these promotion methods (bundling) is that computer users often install browser extensions without their consent. Furthermore, this add-on tracks computer users' Internet browsing habits and the creators may sell this collated information to third-parties.

SuperFish Ads

SuperFish - how to remove ads by SuperFish?

What is SuperFish?

SuperFish ads are caused by an api, which various browser extension developers apply to their add-ons. These ads appear when Internet users visit online shopping websites such as eBay, Amazon,, etc. Although these ads are not directly related to virus or spyware infections, many computer users report that they do not know why these pop-ups appear or what causes them. Users should be aware that SuperFish ads are caused by free add-ons installed on Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome).

Security Defender (2013)

Security Defender - how to remove this rogue antivirus program?

What is Security Defender?

Security Defender is fake antivirus software developed by Cyber criminals - it is a scam and it should not be trusted. This rogue security scanner originates from a family of bogus antivirus programs called Braviax. Its main goal is to trick unsuspecting PC users into 'activating' a full version of the software. This software has no connection with legitimate antivirus programs - Security Defender relies on fake security warning messages and 'detection' of bogus security infections in order to coerce PC users into buying this worthless product.


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