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Search Smarter and Search Assistor Ads

Search Smarter and Search Assistor ads - removal instructions

What is Search Smarter and Search Assistor?

Search Smarter and Search Assistor are rogue browser plugins, which infiltrate users' Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox) through fake downloads. At time of research, these potentially unwanted applications were distributed using a fake download called 'Secure loan viewer'. Internet users are tricked into installing these potentially unwanted applications by a malicious website purporting to represent a financial institution (Trust Financial Group) and offering the viewing of loan decisions. Internet users should be aware that, rather than downloading 'Secure loan viewer' software, they will actually install adware called 'Search Smarter' and 'Search Assistor'.

Windows Cleaning Toolkit

Windows Cleaning Toolkit removal instructions

What is Cleaning Toolkit?

Windows Cleaning Toolkit is a rogue antivirus program, which reports non existent security infections in order to scare unsuspecting PC users into buying a useless license key. The license key supposedly allows users to remove the fake security threats. In fact, no security infections indicated by this bogus program are genuine. Cyber criminals responsible for creating this scam hope that PC users will fall for the trickery and divulge their banking information in order to clean their operating systems. Commonly, this fake security scanner infiltrates users' computers via 'exploit kits', fake downloads, or fake online security scanners. Virus virus removal instructions

What is is a deceptive Internet search engine, promoted using various browser hijackers. Hijacking programs redirect browsers, consequently causing adware, and are commonly installed inadvertently together with free software when users are tricked by deceptive freeware 'download clients'. presents users with an Internet search engine, however, the search results are crowded with dubious sponsored results - clicking these can lead to installation of additional potentially unwanted applications or even malware. If your Internet browsers redirect you to, it is a clear indication that your computer is infiltrated with adware. redirect redirect virus removal instructions

What is

The 'Whitesmoke search redirect virus' is a term used to describe a browser hijacker, which infiltrates Internet browsers through dubious free software 'download clients' and modifies browser settings by assigning the homepage and default search engine to This browser hijacker often installs together with free software downloaded from the Internet using a deceptive software marketing method called 'bundling'. Internet users should be aware that, today, most free software download websites use download clients. Download clients are small programs, which manage the process of freeware download and also monetize it by offering installation of advertised browser extensions together with the chosen free software.

Windows Expert Console

Windows Expert Console removal instructions

What is Expert Console?

Windows Expert Console is a fake antivirus program created by cyber criminals and distributed using fake downloads or 'exploit kits'. After successful infiltration, this rogue software modifies operating system registry entries and configures itself to start automatically on each system start-up. Furthermore, it disables the Task Manager and blocks execution of installed programs. In some cases, it blocks the entire desktop. Registry modifications are applied in order to make the removal process more complicated and create a sense of high-risk malware and virus infections. This bogus program is developed by cyber criminals in the hope that unsuspecting PC users will trust the software and purchase the license key in order to eliminate the supposedly 'detected' security threats. PC users should be aware that no security infections identified by Windows Expert Console actually exist on their systems - it is merely a scam.

SurfEnhance Virus

SurfEnhance virus removal guide

What is SurfEnhance?

The SurfEnhance browser plugin promises to make Internet browsing more productive by displaying website ratings, enabling multi-site searching, and comparison shopping. This add-on was created by SuperWeb LLC and is compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Whilst on initial inspection this plugin may appear legitimate, it is categorized as adware or a potentially unwanted application since it installs without users' consent and causes various unwanted ads. Developers of this add-on use a deceptive software marketing method called 'bundling', and thus, most Internet users install this plugin unwillingly together with free software downloaded from the Internet.

WonderBrowse Ads

WonderBrowse removal instructions

What is WonderBrowse?

WonderBrowse is a potentially unwanted application, which generates unwanted ads and may lead to serious malware infections. This browser plugin is developed by a company called SuperWeb LLC and distributed using a deceptive software marketing method called 'bundling'. Commonly, computer users install this add-on without their consent when downloading free software. This browser extension claims to implement useful features, supposedly enhancing the way users browser the Internet (by providing website ratings and reviews, inline text and multi-site searching, related search results, comparison shopping, etc.) In fact, this add-on causes unwanted ads and diminishes Internet browser performance (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox). Virus virus removal instructions

What is

The browser hijacker installs together with free software downloaded from the Internet. After successful infiltration, this adware modifies users' Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox) settings by assigning Websearch URLs to the homepage and default search engine. Moreover, users are prevented from rolling back these changes, since browser 'helper objects', block such attempts. The website is used to search the Internet, however, the search engine provided is crowded with dubious sponsored search results - clicking on these can lead to serious malware and virus infections.

Amazon Smart Search Toolbar

Amazon Smart Search toolbar removal instructions

What is Amazon Smart Search toolbar?

The Amazon Smart Search toolbar is a browser add-on, which enhances users' Internet browsing experience by displaying notifications of Amazon deals, enabling product and price comparisons, etc. This plugin is not related to malware or virus infections, however, some Internet users report that it was installed on their Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox) without their consent. Unwilling installation of this toolbar can be caused by deceptive free software 'download clients', which offer installation of free browser plugins together with the chosen freeware.

Outobox Virus

OutoBox virus removal instructions

What is OutoBox?

The OutoBox browser add-on is developed by Super Web LLC. The plugin claims to enhance users' Internet browsing experience by enabling easy multiple site searches and displaying website ratings. Whilst such added functionality may seem legitimate, in fact, the OutoBox add-on is categorized as a potentially unwanted application or adware. Super Web LLC, the company responsible for this plugin, release numerous browser extensions with identical functionality under different names in order to avoid detection by antivirus and anti-spyware programs.


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