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What is is a website promoted via StarBurn software. The software is used to burn video files, music, etc. to CD or DVD disks. Although the software itself is useful and not related to any type of malware or viruses, its free version employs some deceptive monetization methods. When installing the software, your Internet browser default homepage and default search engine are are modified to Computer users should express caution whilst installing any free software downloaded from the Internet, since many developers use devious strategies to make money from these channels.

Luxembourg Police Virus

"Luxembourg Police Cybercriminalite Departement" ransomware - how to unlock your computer?

What is Luxembourg Police?

Luxembourg Police Cybercriminalite Departement ransomware is a security infection derived from a family called Reveton. It is a deceptive message demanding computer users pay a 100 Euro fine for supposed law violations. This ransomware completely locks computer users' screens, stating that this action was taken to prevent illegal activity such as watching pornography, downloading copyrighted material, etc. This particular screen locker employs the graphics and name of the Luxembourg Police Cybercriminalite Departement to add authenticity. In fact, the Luxembourg Police has no association with this ransomware - this message was designed by cyber criminals with the sole purpose of scaring PC users into paying a bogus fine for fabricated crimes.

File Restore Virus

File Restore virus - how to eliminate it from your PC and unhide your files?

What is File Restore?

The File Restore fake system optimizer originates from a family of rogues called FakeHDD. This fake program imitates the process of scanning your computer hard drive for errors and generates a large list of supposedly-detected critical problems. To make the detection list appear authentic, this fake software also generates various fake hard drive-related error pop-ups and hides most of the files stored on your computer. Do not mistake File Restore for a legitimate system optimizer, since this program is a scam created by cyber criminals. The main purpose of this fake scanner is to scare PC users into believing that their computer hard drive has bad sectors, in order to sell a useless license key to fix them.


CIBS POL. Virus - how to remove this ransomware from your computer?

What is CIBS POL.?

CIBS POL. (Bundesamt für Polizei) screen lock is a scam created by Cyber criminals, targeting PC users from Switzerland. This security infection is termed 'ransomware'. These infections lock users' screens and demand payment of a bogus fine for supposedly committing law violations. This particular message is derived from the Reveton family and targets PC users predominantly from Switzerland. The deceptive screen locking message reports that this action was taken to prevent illegal activities such as watching pornography, downloading copyrighted material, etc. In fact, the Swiss authority, CIBS POL. (Bundesamt für Polizei), has no connection with this message - it is a scam created by cyber criminals. This deceptive message is designed to trick PC users into paying a 100 Euro fine, which is sent to criminals behind the scam.

Politie Nederland Virus

Politie Nederland virus removal guide

What is Politie Nederland?

The Politie Nederland message is a ransomware security infection developed by Cyber criminals that blocks computer users' screens. Criminals responsible for this scam hope that unsuspecting PC users from the Netherlands will fall for the trickery within the message and pay a bogus fine of 100 Euros. The deceptive message states that the computer user has committed serious law violations and thus is required to pay the fine. The Netherlands Police has no connection with this message. In fact, neither the Netherlands Police, nor any other authorities, use screen lockers to collect fines for law infringements. Redirect redirect - how to remove Startnow toolbar?

What is is a website promoted through the Startnow toolbar. This browser add-on was developed by Zugo LTD, a company offering monetization methods using browser add-ons for their clients. This toolbar adds various shortcuts to users' Internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox), directing users to social networks, eBay, Amazon, etc. Although seemingly useful, there is a downside to using the Startnow toolbar: when installed on your computer, it modifies your Internet browser homepage to and forces Internet users to use the Yahoo! search engine as their default. Whilst the search engine results are not modified and seem legitimate, there are no genuine benefits of using this toolbar or as your homepage. Redirect - how to remove browser redirects to,, etc.?

What is

The website is promoted using malicious software. It is a browser redirect capable of harming your computer's security and invading your privacy. When infected with this redirect virus, your Internet browser settings will be modified; each time you open your Internet browser you will be redirected to sites such as,, etc. The website appears as a parked domain full of advertisements. Clicking on the links presented in this website could lead to installation of additional malware or unwanted browser add-ons.

Cuerpo Nacional de Policía Virus

Cuerpo Nacional de Policía virus removal guide

What is Cuerpo Nacional de Policía?

Dirección General de la Policía - Cuerpo Nacional de Policía is an authority from Spain, which has no connection with the screen locker displayed in the screenshot below. The message demanding payment of a 100 Euro fine for law infringements is generated by a ransomware infection. This type of infection is used by Cyber criminals to trick PC users into paying bogus fines for fabricated law violations. The Cuerpo Nacional De Policia screen locker originates from a family of ransomware called Reveton. Cyber criminals responsible for creating this family of screen lockers localize their deceptive messages in order to deliver them in many languages.

Polizia Penitenziaria Virus

Polizia Penitenziaria (Polizia Di Stato)  Virus - how to remove this ransomware from your computer?

What is Polizia Penitenziaria?

Polizia Penitenziaria is a ransomware infection targeting computer users from Italy. This screen locker originates from a family of ransomware called Reveton. This family of rogues is infamous for its capability to localize deceptive messages that lock computer users' desktops. When infected with this scam, computer users are unable to access their desktops or any installed programs; the only visible element is the fake message, which states that the user has violated copyright and other laws, and thus, must pay a 100 Euro fine in order to unlock the system. This is a scam. If your PC is locked with such a message, do not pay the fine - you will lose your money and your PC will remain infected.

POLIISI Osasto Tietoverkkorikollisuuden Virus

POLIISI Osasto Tietoverkkorikollisuuden Virus - how to remove this ransomware and unlock your PC?

What is POLIISI Osasto Tietoverkkorikollisuuden?

POLIISI Osasto Tietoverkkorikollisuuden is the name of a legitimate Finnish authority that has no connection with the screen locker shown in the screenshot below. The name of this authority is exploited by cyber criminals in order to make their deceptive screen locker appear authentic. The message blocks computer users' screens and is fake. It states that your computer is locked because you were using copyrighted content and have committed other law violations. In fact, these are bogus statements and only made to scare computer users into paying a fake 100 Euro fine. This particular screen locker originates from a family of ransomware infections called Reveton.


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