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TeamViewer Tech Support Scam

What is a TeamViewer scam?

TeamViewer is legitimate software used to connect to remote computers, provide remote support, transfer files between different computers, and so on, however, scammers use this software for malicious purposes. They often trick people into installing TeamViewer using various scam websites.

One example is a tech-support scam site claiming that the visitor's computer might be at risk. People do not generally visit websites of this kind intentionally - they are opened by potentially unwanted applications installed on browsers and operating systems.

GoToAssist Tech Support Scam (Mac)

What is GoToAssist scam?

GoToAssist (now called RescueAssist) is a legitimate remote support platform that is used mainly by customer support organizations and support teams, however, scammers also use this platform. In this case, they attempt to trick people into downloading and installing GoToAssist using a tech-support scam web page.

This site implies that visitors' computers are infected with viruses and encourages them to use the aforementioned software to solve the problem/remove detected viruses. Most people do not visit these websites intentionally - they are redirected to them by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs).

MyPDFConverter Browser Hijacker

What is MyPDFConverter?

MyPDFConverter is yet another browser-hijacking application that supposedly allows users to convert file formats to and from PDF. Its appearance suggests that MyPDFConverter is legitimate and useful, however, this application promotes two websites: and

Additionally, gathers various user-information and is thus categorized as a potentially unwanted application (PUA) and a browser hijacker.

World Time News Browser Hijacker

What is World Time News?

World Time News is a browser hijacker, a potentially unwanted application (PUA), however, developers present it as a useful app that allows users to access various news pages. In fact, this browser hijacker changes browsers settings, promotes the fake search engine, and gathers information relating to users' browsing habits.

It is categorized as a PUA, since most people download and install apps such as World Time News unintentionally.

Directions And Maps Plus Browser Hijacker

What is Directions and Maps Plus?

Directions And Maps Plus is presented as a legitimate and useful app that can supposedly find faster routes to any destination.

In fact, it is classified as a potentially unwanted app (PUA), a browser hijacker. Typically, people install PUAs unintentionally. When installed, they change browser settings to promote fake search engines and collect information relating to users' browsing habits. POP-UP Redirect

What is is one of many rogue websites on the internet. Other examples include,, and

Note that redirects visitors to other potentially malicious, untrustworthy websites. People do not generally open this site intentionally - they are redirected to it by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) that they install unintentionally. PUAs often perform more than one function and can gather information and deliver advertisements.

Fastsearchday POP-UP Scam (Mac)

What is "Fastsearchday"?

The Fastsearchday scam website is used to advertise the Smart Mac Booster application. This web page promotes the app using deception.

It displays a fake notification stating that the computer is infected with viruses, which can be removed with the aforementioned program. Generally, people do not visit websites of this kind intentionally. They are usually opened by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) installed on the system. Ads

What is lesindingretne[.]info?

Similar to,,, and many others, lesindingretne[.]info is a rogue site designed to deliver potentially malicious content and redirect users to other dubious websites.

Many users arrive at lesindingretne[.]info inadvertently - they are redirected by intrusive ads (encountered on other rogue sites) or potentially unwanted applications (PUAs), which typically infiltrate systems without permission. In addition to causing redirects, PUAs deliver intrusive advertisements and gather information relating to browsing activity.

Varenyky Trojan

What is Varenyky?

Varenyky is a trojan which operates as a spambot. If installed, this malicious software records victims' screens when they visit websites containing adult content (such as pornography). The same applies to some web pages with keywords relating to sex. Research shows that Varenyky mostly targets people who live in France.


What is "KNAPP EQUIPMENT Email Virus"?

KNAPP EQUIPMENT is the name of a spam campaign (scam) that cyber criminals use to spread Agent Tesla malicious software. To achieve this, they send emails that include an executable file, which, if opened, downloads and installs the aforementioned malware.

Generally, these emails are disguised as 'official' and 'important', however, do not trust them and never open attached files.


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