Also Known As: System Doctor 2014 Website
Distribution: Low
Damage level: High - Malicious website promoting System Doctor 2014 rogue antivirus

What is is a malicious website created by cyber criminals who are also responsible for distributing the System Doctor 2014 fake antivirus program. This site is created with the purpose of tricking payment processing companies into believing that they are dealing with a legitimate company developing genuine antivirus software. Note that whilst this website may appear legitimate, in fact it is a scam. It acts to clone a deceptive business model, a model which infects users' computer with a fake antivirus program and coerces them into buying a bogus license key to activate it. malicous website distributing System Doctor 2014 rogue

The interesting feature of this website is that, unlike conventional fake antivirus programs, users who download System Doctor 2014 are presented with a variant, which does not generate false security warning messages or block installed programs or Internet browsers. Rather, it uses a virus database from an open source antivirus program, "ClamAv". Nevertheless, Internet users should not be fooled into believing that System Doctor 2014 is in any way legitimate. Another variant of this software is a typical fake antivirus program from WinWebSec family - this blocks the Task Manager and Internet browsers, and attempts to scare PC users into believing that their computers are infected with high-risk malware and viruses. Be aware that this variant of System Doctor 2014 is developed by cyber criminals also responsible for creating the website.

A screenshot of the malicious website:

If your Internet browsers have redirected you to, your computer is infected with a fake antivirus program called System Doctor 2014. This is a scam created by cyber criminals who hope that you will pay for their rogue program in order to remove the supposedly-identified security threats (threats which do not actually exist on your PC).

The System Doctor 2014 subscription page requesting payment of $99.99 USD for a 12-month license:

System Doctor 2014 subscription website

System Doctor 2014 is a scam - paying the license key of this program is equivalent to sending your money to cyber criminals. Moreover, by paying for this scam, you are divulging your banking information, which in most cases can be used for further money thefts from your account.

A screenshot of System Doctor 2014 (ClamAV virus definition database), which can be downloaded from (serving as a cloak for a variant, which displays fake security scans, generates fake security warning messages, etc.):

System Doctor 2014 using ClamAV virus definition database

This variant does not block execution of installed software or hijack Internet browsers, however, do not be fooled - System Doctor 2014 is a scam, and this variant serves as a cloak for another version of this program, which uses aggressive tactics to sell a useless license key.

The real purpose of is the cloaking of a fake antivirus program from the WinWebSec family. If you see this program on your computer, your PC is infected with a rogue antivirus program. Do not trust it or pay for the 'full version' - remove System Doctor 2014.


declining installation of adware while downloading free software sampleCommonly, adware or potentially unwanted applications infiltrate Internet browsers through free software downloads. Note that the safest source for downloading free software is via developers' websites only. To avoid installation of adware, be very attentive when downloading and installing free software. When installing previously-downloaded free programs, choose the custom or advanced installation options – this step will reveal any potentially unwanted applications listed for installation together with your chosen free program.

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