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Lkysearchex Redirect (Mac)

What is lkysearchex?

lkysearchex is an untrustworthy website that people do not often visit intentionally. If a browser opens lkysearchex automatically, an adware-type app is likely to be installed on the browser or operating system.

As well as opening dubious web pages, adware displays intrusive advertisements and/or collects details relating to users. Apps of this type are categorized as unwanted applications, since people usually download and install them unintentionally.

Boot Ransomware

What is Boot?

Discovered by Michael Gillespie, Boot ransomware is a part of a ransomware family called Djvu. Typically, software of this type is designed to encrypt data using strong encryption algorithms. To decrypt their files, victims are encouraged to pay ransoms (purchase decryption software and/or keys from ransomware developers).

Boot adds the ".boot" extension to each encrypted file. For example, "1.jpg" becomes "1.jpg.boot". It also creates a ransom message within the "_readme.txt" text file, which contains instructions about how to pay for decryption.

WindowMix adware (Mac)

What is WindowMix?

The WindowMix app supposedly provides features to enhance the internet browsing experience, however, it is actually an adware-type app.

Adware is software that is usually designed to display various unwanted, intrusive ads. In some cases, these apps also collect details relating to users' browsing activity. They are categorized as potentially unwanted apps (PUAs), since most people download and install them unintentionally. Ads

What is armantark[.]com?

armantark[.]com is one of many rogue websites that redirects visitors to other similar sites or displays dubious content. Note that armantark[.]com is similar to fres-news[.]com, redrelaxfollow[.]com, muchinspardorop[.]info, and others.

Typically, people do not open these web pages intentionally - they are redirected to them by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) installed on their browsers or operating systems. PUAs gather various user details and/or display unwanted ads.

Badut Clowns Ransomware

What is Badut Clowns?

Badut Clowns is malicious software, ransomware designed to encrypt files and display a ransom message in a pop-up window and on the background image. Badut Clowns is a part of Jigsaw ransomware and was discovered by MalwareHunterTeam. This ransomware modifies all encrypted files and changes filenames by adding the ".badutclowns" extension.

To decrypt files, victims are encouraged to pay a ransom to the cyber criminals who developed Badut Clowns. Redirect (Mac)

What is (or is the address of a fake search engine, which is promoted through a potentially unwanted application (PUA) called File Converter Master. This app is a browser hijacker that changes browser settings to promote the aforementioned search engine.

Typically, people download and install apps such as File Converter Master inadvertently, and thus they are classified as PUAs. In addition to making changes to settings, browser hijackers usually collect details relating to browsing habits.

Cales Ransomware

What is Cales?

Discovered by Raby and belonging to the Phobos ransomware family, Cales is malicious software that operates by encrypting data and keeping it locked until the victim pays a ransom. During the encryption process, files are renamed with the attacked user's unique ID number, developer's email address, and the ".Cales" extension.

For example, "1.jpg" might be renamed to a filename such as "[1E857D00-2412].[].Cales". After the process is complete, two files ("info.txt" and "info.hta") are dropped onto the victim's desktop.

GlobalJewishWorld Toolbar

What is

GlobalJewishWorld is a potentially unwanted application (PUA), a browser hijacker and one of many rogue apps designed by Mindspark Interactive.

Applications of this type change browser settings to promote a dubious, fake search engine. Like most apps designed by Mindspark Interactive, GlobalJewishWorld promotes These browser hijackers also collect user details and are known as PUAs, since people usually download and install them accidentally. POP-UP Scam (Mac)

What is[.]live?[.]live is designed to advertise dubious applications. At time of research, it promoted the Cleanup My Mac app. Note that[.]live is a deceptive site, which informs visitors that their computers are infected with viruses.

Websites of this type display fake virus notifications to trick people into downloading and installing an app that supposedly removes the viruses. Neither pages such as[.]live nor apps advertised through them are trustworthy.

People usually do not visit these addresses intentionally - they are redirected to them by potentially unwanted apps (PUAs) installed on their browsers or computers.

MyImageConverter Toolbar

What is

MyImageConverter is a rogue application released by the Mindspark Interactive Network. It is advertised as a free tool for image conversion, accompanied by a web searcher ( MyImageConverter is supposedly capable of converting various image files (JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc.) and providing quick access to online photo editing services.

Due to the dubious distribution methods (i.e., users are tricked to install), this app is classified as a potentially unwanted application (PUA). Furthermore, MyImageConverter is a browser hijacker. It modifies browsers and promotes, a fake search engine. Additionally, it monitors users' browsing activity, thereby gathering personal information.


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