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Your Television Now Pro Browser Hijacker

What is Your Television Now Pro?

Your Television Now Pro is one of many potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). In this case, it promotes a fake search engine ( by making changes to browser settings. This is a browser hijacker, however, it is advertised as an app that allows users to access various TV streaming web pages. Typically, PUAs also record data.

Access Ransomware

What is Access ransomware?

Belonging to the Djvu ransomware family, Access is a high-risk infection that stealthily infiltrates computers and encrypts most stored files. During the procedure, Access appends each filename with the ".access" extension (e.g., "sample.jpg" becomes "sample.jpg.access").

Encrypted data immediately becomes unusable. Additionally, Access generates a text file called "_readme.txt" and stores copies in most existing folders.

TaskFresh Adware (Mac)

What is TaskFresh?

Many people download and install the TaskFresh application unintentionally. This app supposedly makes access to favorite search engines easier.

In fact, TaskFresh specifically promotes Yahoo ( This application is advertised as legitimate and useful, however, TaskFresh is a potentially unwanted app (PUA) categorized as adware. It is likely to collect information relating to users' browsing habits and display intrusive ads. Redirect (Mac)

What is

By claiming to generate the most relevant search results, often tricks users into believing that it is a legitimate Internet search engine.

Be aware, however, that developers promote this site via dubious app installation set-ups designed to modify Internet browser settings. In addition, causes unwanted browser redirects and gathers various data relating to users' web browsing activity.

Ndarod Ransomware

What is Ndarod?

Ndarod is one of many ransomware-type infections that belong to the Djvu ransomware family. As with most infections from this family, Ndarod was first discovered by Michael Gillespie. Following successful infiltration, Ndarod encrypts stored data, rendering it unusable.

Additionally, Ndarod appends filenames with the ".ndarod" extension (hence its name). For example, "1.jpg" becomes "1.jpg.ndarod". Following successful encryption, Ndarod generates a text file ("_readme.txt") and stores copies in all existing folders.

Mac Magician Unwanted Application (Mac)

What is Mac Magician?

Mac Magician is presented as software that keeps Mac computers clean and secure. It is advertised as a 'system maintenance and security tool' that scans and boosts systems by removing junk/residual files and other unwanted items. In fact, this software is categorized as a potentially unwanted application (PUA).

Many people download and install PUAs unintentionally, since developers deceptively bundle them into set-ups of other, regular software. Therefore, do not trust PUAs or use them.



"HARDDISK_ROOT KIT_TROJAN_HIJACK.EXE" is a tech-support scam that displays a fake virus alert and encourages users to contact "technical support" by calling the telephone number provided. Criminals use these scam pages to generate revenue by tricking people into paying for software or services.

These sites are often opened by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) installed on the system. Do not trust these websites - simply ignore them.

Lilocked Ransomware

What is Lilocked?

Lilocked (also known as Lilu) is yet another ransomware-type infection discovered by Michael Gillespie. As with most ransomware infections, Lilocked stealthily infiltrates the system and encrypts stored data, thereby rendering it unusable.

Additionally, Lilocked renames each file by adding the ".lilocked" extension (e.g., "sample.jpg" is renamed to "sample.jpg.lilocked"). Once encryption is complete, Lilocked generates a "#README.txt" file and stores copies in most existing folders.

ZeroLocker Ransomware

What is ZeroLocker?

ZeroLocker encrypts files so that victims lose access to them unless a ransom is paid. In this way, cyber criminals use ZeroLocker to extort money  from people by forcing them to buy a decryption key that will supposedly decode their encrypted data. ZeroLocker is designed to add the ".encrypt" extension to each encrypted filename.

For example, "1.jpg" becomes "1.jpg.encrypt". It also displays the ransom message in a pop-up window called "Task Manager".

Com2 Ransomware

What is Com2?

Discovered by Jakub Kroustek, Com2 is a high-risk ransomware-type infection from the Dharma ransomware family. The purpose of this ransomware is to stealthily infiltrate the system and encrypt most stored files. Com2 also appends each filename with the victim's unique ID, developer's email address, and ".com2" extension.

For example, "1.jpg" might be renamed to a filename such as "[].com2". Additionally, Com2 opens a pop-up window (an HTML application) and stores the "FILES ENCRYPTED.txt" file on the desktop.


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