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OpenCloud Antivirus

What is OpenCloud?

OpenCloud antivirus is a fake computer security scanner derived from the same family of misleading scanners as WolfRam Antivirus and Blueflare Antivirus. Like its predecessors, OpenCloud antivirus is a scam created with only one intention - to steal money from your credit card account.

This rogue computer program is installed on your computer without permission and can occur while surfing misleading websites. These websites exploit various security vulnerabilities in order to install OpenCloud Antivirus on your computer.

Total Protect

What is Total Protect?

Total Protect is a bogus computer scanner that attempts to convince you that your computer is infected with various malware and spyware in order to steal money from your credit card account. Total Protect does not actually scan your system for infections, this process is merely imitated.

After performing the fake computer scan, this rogue program displays a results page whereby legitimate Windows programs are indicated as spyware. Redirect

What is the redirect?, developed by the Google LLC multinational technology company, is the most popular search engine in the world. "Google redirect" can refer to two types of undesirable phenomena.

First, when Google had been the default search engine but no longer is, and users experience a redirect to a different site when they try to use it.

The second is an unwanted redirect to Google when the default search engine was not it. Additionally, users can experience so-called "drive-by" redirects when a browser hijacker redirects to a suspicious site which, in turn, redirects users to Google as a disguise.

Such redirects to various search engines are caused by software classified as browser hijackers. They modify browser settings to promote (mostly fake) Web searching tools. Furthermore, browser-hijacking software spies on users' browsing activity.

Personal Shield Pro

What is Personal Shield Pro?

Personal Shield Pro is a fake security scanner created by Internet criminals to scare you into believing that your computer is being attacked by viruses. This fake computer security program is distributed though Trojans, fake video codec downloads, and fake Adobe Flash Player updates.

Zentom System Guard

What is Zentom System Guard?

Zentom System Guard is a fake computer program that attempts to sell you a non existent full version. This program is distributed through Trojans and your computer could become infected by downloading fake Flash Player updates or you could have been tricked into downloading fake video codecs.

The Internet is flooded with misleading websites that proliferate fake computer programs and you should express great caution when downloading anything from unknown sources. Zentom System Guard is propagated via a Trojan, which downloads a fake Windows update after infecting your computer.

You will be encouraged to install this update, and rather than a genuine Windows security update, your computer will be infected with Zentom System Guard.  You should not buy this software, it is useless - merely imitating the process of scanning your computer, and then displaying fake results.

This action is performed to scare you into believing that your PC has various problems.

Home Safety Essentials

What is Home Safety Essentials?

Home Safety Essentials is a fake computer antivirus program created by Internet criminals with the intention of stealing money from your credit card account. After Home Safety Essentials is installed on your computer using misleading methods, it displays various security warning messages and attempts to make you believe that your computer is highly infected with malware.

After the fake security scan, you will be asked to activate Home Safety Essentials in order to remove the 'detected' threats. If you click the activate "Ultimate Protection" or "Clean Now" buttons within this bogus program, you are redirected to a website where you will be encouraged to purchase a full version of Home Safety Essentials.

Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitee

What is Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitee?

Created in French, Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitee is a fake computer security scanner. This bogus program self-installs on your computer without approval.

Fake scanners such as Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitee are commonly propagated through fake Flash Player updates or by spam email messages. When installed on your PC, this program mimics the scanning of your hard drive for viruses.

The fake scan reports various threats 'detected' on your computer. You should not trust this program, as it does not actually scan your computer - the process is merely imitated to scare you into believing that your computer is infected.

When installed, this program will modify your operating system to start automatically on system start-up. Antivirus 2011 Edition Limitee also disables the Task Manager in order to hinder the removal of this rogue software.

WolfRam AntiVirus

What is WolfRam?

WolfRam AntiVirus is a fake antivirus program, and a variant of a previous version, Flare Antivirus. This fake computer security scanner is distributed through Trojans.

To prevent fake programs such as WolfRam Antivirus infecting your PC, you should not download Flash Player updates from unknown sources, since this is one of the ways in which infections are propagated. Internet criminals also use misleading email messages to proliferate malware, and therefore, you should not open email attachments from unknown parties.

Enhanced Protection Mode

What is Enhanced Protection Mode?

Enhanced Protection Mode is a fake message displayed by Trojan.FakeAV.LVT. Your computer could have become infected with this Trojan if you were tricked into downloading fake Flash Player updates.

When installed on your PC, this Trojan displays a fake message reporting that your computer is infected with backdoor.11.Win32.xnco. To remove this 'detected' threat, you will be prompted to reboot your computer, and if you agree, your operating system boots in Safe Mode with only a blank page displayed.

After this procedure, your computer is restarted in Normal Mode, and if you click on the icon of your antivirus program, you are presented with a message reporting that your antivirus program is operating in Enhanced Protection Mode.

Albinos/alfa defender, bogema/clean security

What is Albinos/alfa defender, bogema/clean security?

These fake computer scanners are distributed through professional-looking websites. These misleading sites are well designed and appear legitimate, but you should not trust them. Internet criminals use many tactics to infect your computer with rogue security scanners.

When you enter a website promoting these bogus programs, awards are displayed from various trusted sources - these are fake. These websites are created with one purpose - to proliferate fake computer security programs.


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