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"2020 EU/COMMONWEALTH LOTTO" removal guide


Scammers behind this phishing scam attempt to obtain sensitive information. They claim that whoever received this email has been selected as a winner of $500,000 in some 2020 EU/COMMONWEALTH lottery and encourage to claim the funds by contacting them via the provided email. It is strongly recommended not to trust this or any other scam of this type. Ads

Mediamodern[.]biz redirect removal instructions

What is the mediamodern[.]biz site?

Mediamodern[.]biz is an untrustworthy website, sharing many similarities with and countless others. Visitors to it - are redirected to other untrustworthy/malicious pages and/or are presented with dubious content. Few users access mediamodern[.]biz or similar sites intentionally, most get redirected to them by intrusive advertisements or by PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications), already installed onto the system. PUAs are designed to cause redirects, deliver intrusive advertisement campaigns and gather browsing-relating information.

SearchConverterHD Browser Hijacker

SearchConverterHD browser hijacker removal instructions

What is SearchConverterHD?

SearchConverterHD is a piece of dubious software, classified as a browser hijacker. Following successful infiltration, it operates by making alterations to browser settings to promote illegitimate search engines. SearchConverterHD promotes in this manner. Additionally, this browser hijacker spies on users' browsing activity. Due to the questionable techniques used to proliferate SearchConverterHD, it is also deemed to be a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application). Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is is an address of a fake search engine. Typically, fake search engines are promoted through browser hijackers - potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) that are designed to hijack browsers by modifying some of their settings. One of the apps which is designed to change browser's settings to is called Convlus App. Although, it is very likely that it is not the only app designed to promote this fake search engine. It is worthwhile to mention that browser hijackers often are designed to gather various data as well. They are categorized as PUAs because most users download and install them unintentionally, unknowingly. Ads

Newmode[.]biz redirect removal instructions

What is the newmode[.]biz site?

Newmode[.]biz is a rogue website, designed to present visitors with dubious material and/or redirect them to other untrustworthy or malicious pages. Users rarely access newmode[.]biz intentionally, most get redirected to it by intrusive adverts or by PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications), already infiltrated into the system. There are thousands of sites like newmode[.]biz on the Web; e.g. and many others.

MyShortcutTab Browser Hijacker

MyShortcutTab browser hijacker removal instructions

What is MyShortcutTab?

MyShortcutTab is classified as a browser hijacker because it is designed to promote a fake search engine. To be more precise, it changes certain browser's settings to More often than not apps of this type are designed to collect details related to user's browsing activities as well. Typically, users download and install browser hijackers unknowingly, unintentionally. Therefore, they are categorized as potentially unwanted applications (PUAs).

Lxhlp Ransomware

Lxhlp ransomware removal instructions

What is Lxhlp?

Lxhlp is malicious program, belonging to the Dharma ransomware family. This malware's discovery is credited to Jakub Kroustek. It operates by encrypting files and demanding payment for the decryption. During the encryption process, all of the compromised files are renamed following this pattern: original filename, unique ID assigned to the victim, cyber criminals' email address and the ".lxhlp" extension. For example, a file like "1.jpg" would appear as something akin to "[].lxhlp" - after encryption. Once this process is complete, ransom-demanding messages are created in a pop-up window and "FILES ENCRYPTED.txt".

Mountains Browser Hijacker

Mountains browser hijacker removal instructions

What is Mountains?

Mountains browser hijacker is designed to change certain browser's settings to - an address of a fake search engine. Typically, apps of this type are designed not only to modify settings but also to collect various data. Browser hijackers are categorized as potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). It is because most of the times users download and install them unknowingly.

Free Up Some Memory Urgently POP-UP Scam

"Free up some memory urgently" scam removal instructions

What is the "Free up some memory urgently" scam?

"Free up some memory urgently" is a scam, run on deceptive websites. It is designed to promote the Kalox APP browser hijacker. However, it is not unlikely that the scheme may promote different browser hijackers, adware and other PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications). This scam could potentially promote malware (e.g. ransomware, trojans, etc.) as well. Like the name suggests, the scheme claims that users' device is overloaded and states that they must immediately free up the memory. It must be emphasized that no webpage can detect issues and/or threats present in systems; therefore, any pages that make such claims - are scams. Typically, users access these websites unintentionally, they get redirected to by intrusive advertisements or by PUAs, already infiltrated into the device.

.support Ransomware

.support ransomware removal instructions

What is .support?

.support belongs to the MedusaLocker ransomware family, it was discovered by Petrovic. It is designed to encrypt files, modify their filenames and create a HTML file named "Recovery_Instructions.html" (ransom note). This ransomware its ransom note in every folder that contains encrypted files. It renames files by appending the ".support" extension, for example, it renames a file named "1.jpg" to "", "2.jpg" to "", etc.


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