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DuckRAT Malware

DuckRAT virus removal guide

What is DuckRAT?

DuckRAT is a piece of malicious software, classified as a Remote Access Trojan (RAT). Trojans of this type are designed to enable remote access and control over an infected machine. RATs can have a wide variety of heinous functionalities, which can be used in various ways and lead to likewise varied issues. DuckRAT malware users DarkTrack, NirSoft and Fynloski RAT tools to access/control compromised devices and steal information from them. This RAT is deemed to be a highly dangerous piece of software and its infections must be eliminated immediately upon detection. Ads

News-gg[.]com redirect removal instructions

What is news-gg[.]com?

Websites like news-gg[.]com either load some dubious content or they promote (open) questionable websites. There are many websites like news-gg[.]com, some examples are mypushz[.]com, beforeigntools[.]club and readnewmessage[.]com. As a rule, users do not visit them on purpose/willingly - it is common that they get opened when browsers have some potentially unwanted application (PUA) installed on them.


BLADABINDI virus removal guide


BLADABINDI is a backdoor threat, designed to inject systems with malicious payloads. In other words, following successful infiltration, it stealthily downloads/installs malware onto affected systems. At the time of research, BLADABINDI had been observed being proliferated bundled with Windscribe VPN installers. "Bundling" is the term used to describe a deceptive marketing technique of packing ordinary software with unwanted or malicious additions. Windscribe is a legitimate cyber-security and privacy company, offering tools geared towards device and online security/privacy. It must be emphasized that the BLADABINDI backdoor bundled with the aforementioned VPN application was not distributed through official channels (e.g. Windscribe's website, Google or Apple stores); cyber criminals pushed the modified installers through various unofficial and third party download sources. Ads

Urt-news1[.]club redirect removal instructions

What is urt-news1[.]club?

Urt-news1[.]club functions as mypushz[.]com, beforeigntools[.]club, readnewmessage[.]com and many other rogue websites. It loads some shady content or opens other questionable pages. In most cases users end up on them when they click deceptive ads, visit untrustworthy pages of have some potentially unwanted application (PUA) installed on a browser and/or computer. In other words, most users do not visit addresses like urt-news1[.]club intentionally.

HDSportSearchs Browser Hijacker

HDSportSearchs browser hijacker removal instructions

What is HDSportSearchs?

HDSportSearchs is a piece of rogue software, categorized as a browser hijacker. Following successful infiltration, it makes modifications to browser settings in order to promote - a fake search engine. This browser hijacker also has data tracking abilities, which are used to monitor/collect information relating to browsing activity. Due to the questionable techniques employed to proliferate HDSportSearchs, it is considered to be a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application) as well.

MoistStealer Malware

MoistStealer virus removal guide

What is MoistStealer?

MoistStealer malware is written in C# programming language. It is capable of stealing cookies, autofill data from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers, system information, FileZilla and Discord data, and taking screenshots of victim's screen. Also, it is capable of functioning as a clipper malware - it can replace cryptocurrency wallet addresses in the victim's clipboard with wallet addresses that belong to cyber criminals. It can be purchased for 499 rubles with buyer's wallets in clipper, or downloaded for free with seller's wallets in clipper.

StandartConsoleSearch Adware (Mac)

How to remove StandartConsoleSearch adware from Mac?

What is StandartConsoleSearch?

StandartConsoleSearch is an adware-type application with browser hijacker qualities. It operates by delivering intrusive advertisement campaigns and by making modifications to browser settings - in order to promote illegitimate search engines. Furthermore, most adware-types and browser hijackers have data tracking abilities, which are employed to spy on browsing activity. Since few users download/install StandartConsoleSearch intentionally, it is classified as a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application) as well. Once of the dubious techniques used to proliferate StandartConsoleSearch is distribution via fake Adobe Flash Player updates. It is noteworthy that illegitimate software updaters/installers spread not only various PUAs but also trojans, ransomware and other malware.

SearchNetCharacter Adware (Mac)

How to remove SearchNetCharacter adware from Mac?

What is SearchNetCharacter?

SearchNetCharacter is a piece of rogue software, classified as adware and it also possesses browser hijacker traits. Following successful installation, SearchNetCharacter runs intrusive advertisement campaigns, makes alterations to browsers settings and promotes fake search engines. Additionally, most adware-types and browser hijackers can spy on users' browsing activity. Due to the dubious tactics employed to proliferate SearchNetCharacter, it is deemed to be a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application) as well. This app has been observed being distributed via fake Adobe Flash Player updates. Users should note that illegitimate software updaters/installers are used to distribute not only PUAs but also trojans, ransomware and other malware as well.

Gvlbsjz Ransomware

Gvlbsjz ransomware removal instructions

What is Gvlbsjz ransomware?

Gvlbsjz ransomware encrypts files, appends its extension to their filenames and creates the "HOW TO RESTORE YOUR FILES.TXT" ransom note with instructions on how to contact its developers in all folders that contain encrypted data. Gvlbsjz appends the ".gvlbsjz" extension to the filenames of encrypted files. For example, it renames a file named "1.jpg" to "1.jpg.gvlbsjz", "2.jpg" to "2.jpg.gvlbsjz", and so on. This ransomware belongs to the ransomware family called Snatch.

GoWebSearch Adware (Mac)

How to remove GoWebSearch from Mac?

What is GoWebSearch?

GoWebSearch functions not only as adware but also as a browser hijacker. To be more precise, it serves advertisements and promotes some fake search engine (its address) by changing browser settings. Additionally, this app may be designed to gather browsing-related information and/or other details. Apps of this type are called potentially unwanted applications (PUAs), it is because most of the times users download and install them unintentionally. This particular app is distributed through a fake installer for Adobe Flash Player.


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