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How to remove browser hijacker from Mac?

What is is a fake search engine that supposed to be useful, handy and so on. In other words, to provide its users with enhanced browsing experience (faster searchers, accurate search results and so on). It may look like a legitimate search engine, however, it is promoted using a browser hijacker, a potentially unwanted application (PUA) called Margamish. It is distributed using other program's installer (it gets installed through PDF King app). This method is called "bundling". Apps that are promoted using it should not be trusted. Once installed, Margamish changes browser's settings and continuously gathers information related to user's browsing activity.

Tefosteal Malware

Tefosteal virus removal guide

What is Tefosteal?

Tefosteal, as its name suggests, is a malicious program that is designed to track/steal various information. It targets data such as cookies and various other credentials from browsers, data from Discord chats, information about basic service set identifiers (BSSIDs), and other system information. It is also capable of take screenshots. Having a program of this type installed might cause serious problems, it should be uninstalled as soon as possible.

Belonard Trojan

Belonard virus removal guide

What is Belonard?

Belonard is a trojan-type virus that targets Counter Strike 1.6 players. This malware infiltrates computers by exploiting remote code execution (RCE) vulnerabilities in the game client. After successful infiltration, Belonard modifies the game client in order to promote various servers, delivers ads, and so forth.

CrimsonRAT Malware

CrimsonRAT virus removal guide

What is CrimsonRAT?

CrimsonRAT is a remote access tool (RAT) developed in using Java programming language. It is worth noting that CrimsonRAT is categorized as a malware and it is not a legitimate application. Cyber criminals use this to control infiltrated computers and perform various malicious tasks. It is known that crooks spread CrimsonRAT by using various email spam campaigns that contain malicious Microsoft Office documents. You can read more about this distribution method in this article.

bestMovies Now Browser Hijacker redirect removal instructions

What is

Developers promote bestMovies Now app as a tool that allows its users to use a movies-oriented search engine that includes a "To Do List". However, a search engine that it is designed to promote ( is categorized as a fake search engine. Besides, bestMovies Now is a potentially unwanted application (PUA), a browser hijacker. That is because most people download/install it unintentionally. Besides, once installed bestMovies Now modifies browser's settings and, together with its fake search engine, records (collect) information about its user's browsing habits. POP-UP Redirect (Mac)

How to remove "" from Mac?

What is ""? is a website that cannot be trusted, it is very similar to other websites of this type such as, and The main purpose of this deceptive website is to trick its visitors into downloading a potentially unwanted application (PUA) by displaying a fake virus alert/notification. Typically, people do not visit this website (or other similar websites) intentionally, they are redirected to it by some other PUA that is already installed on a web browser (or operating system). Apps of this type not only open untrustworthy websites but feed their involuntary users with various intrusive ads and collect information related to browsing habits.

New Browse Browser Hijacker redirect removal instructions

What is

New Browse is a browser app that, according to its developers, makes everyday browsing easier, faster and enjoyable. In other words, they offer faster searches, accurate search results, some additional features and so on. It may look like a completely legitimate app, however, it is categorized as a potentially unwanted application (PUA). It is because New Browse is one of those apps that people download and install unintentionally. Also because it is designed to gather information about its users, modifies browser's settings and promotes - a fake search engine.

This Account Was Recently Infected Email Scam

"This account was recently infected" removal guide

What is "This account was recently infected"?

Scammers distribute "This account was recently infected" scam by sending this email to a great number of people hoping that someone will fall for it. Their main purpose is to blackmail people by making claims about having recorded some compromising video that they will spread if they will not receive a demanded amount of cryptocurrency. There are many scams of this type, however, this one is a little bit different: it does not contain any text, but an image with a text, this method is used with a purpose to bypass spam filters.

Kroput Ransomware

Kroput ransomware removal instructions

What is Kroput?

Discovered by Michael Gillespie, Kroput is a ransomware-type virus that belongs to Djvu malware family. Kroput is designed to stealthily infiltrate computers and encrypt most of stored files. During this procedure, Kroput adds ".kroput" extension to the name of each encrypted file (e.g., "sample.jpg" is renamed to "sample.jpg.kroput" and so forth). Once data is encrypted, Kroput generates a text file ("_readme.txt") and drops a copy in every existing folder. Other variants of this ransomware use ".kroput1" and ".kropun" extensions for encrypted files.

GILETTE Ransomware

GILETTE ransomware removal instructions

What is GILETTE?

GILETTE is a high-risk computer infection (malicious program) used by cyber criminals with a purpose to blackmail their victims. Ransomware-type programs are used to encrypt files stored on a computer and to make ransom demands. GILETTE changes every encrypted file's name by adding the "GILETTE" extension. For example, it renames "1.jpg" to "1.jpg.GILETTE" and so on. It also generates a text file ("Decrypt DATA.txt"), its victims can find it in every folder that contains encrypted files. GILETTE ransomware was discovered by Michael Gillespie.


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