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Skolk[.]pro redirect removal instructions

What is skolk[.]pro?

In most cases browsers open websites like skolk[.]pro because some PUA (potentially unwanted application) that is installed on them (and/or operating systems) forces them to. In other words, it is very common for websites of this type not to be visited intentionally. When visited, they either load questionable content or redirect visitors to other untrustworthy pages. Some examples of other websites like skolk[.]pro are balanceformoon[.]com, mediazone[.]mobi and toobotnews[.]biz. It is worth mentioning that most PUAs not only open various untrustworthy websites, but also collect information related to user's browsing activity and/or serve intrusive advertisements.

There Is A New Codec Pack Version POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to remove "There is a new Codec Pack version" from Mac?

What is "There is a new Codec Pack version"?

"There is a new Codec Pack version" is a scam, run by deceptive sites. By claiming that Adobe Flash Player might be outdated, the scheme attempts to trick users into downloading/installing a fake software updater. Illegitimate updates are used to spread a wide variety of untrustworthy and even malicious content. For example, various PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications), such as adware and browser hijackers, and malware, like ransomware, trojans, etc. The researched sample pushed via "There is a new Codec Pack version" installed MyCouponsmart adware and SearchMine browser hijacker, however it may be "bundled" with additional/other PUAs and/or malicious software. Most visits to deceptive/scam websites occur through redirects caused by intrusive adverts and/or PUAs, already infiltrated into the system.

GlobalAdviseSearch Adware (Mac)

How to remove GlobalAdviseSearch from Mac?

What is GlobalAdviseSearch?

GlobalAdviseSearch is an adware-type application, belonging to the AdLoad adware family. It is typically disguised as a fake Adobe Flash Player updater and operates by running intrusive advertisement campaigns. Additionally, this app may possess browser hijacker traits, such as promotion of fake search engines. Due to its highly dubious proliferation methods, GlobalAdviseSearch is also classified as a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application). Most PUAs (adware included) have data tracking abilities, which they employ to spy on users' browsing habits.

Adair Ransomware

Adair ransomware removal instructions

What is Adair?

Adair is a part of Phobos ransomware family. Like most programs of this type, Adair encrypts files, changes their filenames and provides victims with instructions on how to contact its developers. This ransomware renames every file by adding victim's ID, email address of its developers and appending the ".Adair" extension to their filenames. For example, it renames "1.jpg" to "[1E857D00-2261].[].Adair", and so on. It also provides two ransom notes: one in a text file named "info.txt" and another one in a pop-up window which gets launched through "info.hta" file.

Removeme2020 Ransomware

Removeme2020 ransomware removal instructions

What is removeme2020?

Removeme2020 is a malicious program, belonging to the GlobeImposter ransomware family. Its discovery is credited to malware researcher - Raby. This ransomware operates by encrypting data and demanding a ransom to be paid for the decryption. As removeme2020 encrypts, files are appended with the ".locker" extension; for example, a file tilted something like "1.jpg" would appear as "" - following encryption. After this process is finished, an HTML file - "how_to_back_files.html" - containing the ransom note is dropped onto the desktop. Ads

Hitnews[.]biz redirect removal instructions

What is hitnews[.]biz?

Sharing countless similarities with and many others, hitnews[.]biz is a rogue site. It operates by causing redirects to other untrustworthy and malicious webpages, it also presents visitors with unreliable content. Few users enter hitnews[.]biz willingly, most get redirected by intrusive advertisements or by PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications), already installed onto the system. Following successful infiltration, unwanted apps generate redirects, deliver intrusive ad campaigns and spy on users' browsing activity. Ads

Worldmylife[.]info redirect removal instructions

What is worldmylife[.]info?

worldmylife[.]info is one of the websites (like balanceformoon[.]com, mediazone[.]mobi, toobotnews[.]biz and many more) that are designed to redirect visitors to other untrustworthy websites or load shady content. As a rule, people do not visit such websites intentionally. Very often browsers open them when there is some potentially unwanted application (PUA) installed on them and/or operating system. Additionally, apps of this type usually are designed to gather browsing data and/or serve intrusive advertisements.

Get The New iPhone 11 Pro POP-UP Scam

"Get the new iPhone 11 Pro" removal instructions

What is "Get the new iPhone 11 Pro"?

"Get the new iPhone 11 Pro" is a scam, run by deceptive pages. The scheme claims that users can win an Apple iPhone 11 Pro for a small fee. However, this is an attempt to scam users out of their money and/or steal their personal information (e.g. credit card details). Few visitors to deceptive websites, like ones running "Get the new iPhone 11 Pro", access them intentionally; most get redirected by intrusive advertisements or by PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications), already infiltrated into the system. POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to remove unwanted apps downloaded from yourultimatesafevideoplayers[.]info on Mac?

What is yourultimatesafevideoplayers[.]info?

Yourultimatesafevideoplayers[.]info is one of the many deceptive websites that are designed to trick their visitors into downloading and installing some potentially unwanted application (PUA), or applications through a fake installer of a new Adobe Flash Player version. Typically, they are designed to download installers of PUAs like browser hijackers, adware. However, in some cases those installers infect systems with malicious software like ransomware, Trojan, or other high-risk malware. In one way or another, websites like yourultimatesafevideoplayers[.]info should never be trusted.

Я Прôгрaммиcт, Кoтôрый Взлôмaл 0с Вaшeгô Уcтрôйcтвa Email Scam

"Я Прôгрaммиcт, Кoтôрый Взлôмaл 0с Вaшeгô Уcтрôйcтвa" removal guide

What is "Я Прôгрaммиcт, Кoтôрый Взлôмaл 0с Вaшeгô Уcтрôйcтвa"?

Like many sextortion emails, this one is being sent by scammers who attempt to extract money from unsuspecting recipients. Typically, they claim that they have recorded and/or taken some humiliating, compromising videos and/or photos and threaten to spread them if they will not be paid a certain amount of money. We strongly recommend not to take such emails seriously and pay scammers any money, all emails of this type should be ignored.


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