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Kvag Ransomware

Kvag ransomware removal instructions

What is Kvag?

Kvag is a ransomware-type software that belongs to the Djvu family. Like most programs of this type, Kvag is designed to prevent victim's from accessing their files by encrypting them with a strong encryption algorithm. In order to decrypt files, victims have to use a decryption tool and key. However, the only way to get them is to pay cyber criminals (Kvag developers) a ransom. This ransomware creates a ransom note, the "_readme.txt" file and renames all files by adding the ".kvag" extension to their filenames. For example, it renames "1.jpg" to "1.jpg.kvag", and so on.

Purple Fox Malware

Purple Fox virus removal guide

What is Purple Fox?

Purple Fox is the name of a malware downloader, a malicious program that spreads other programs of this type. It is known that this malware is being used to infect systems with cryptocurrency mining programs. Either way, Purple Fox can cause serious damage and it must be uninstalled immediately.

CompuClever PC TuneUp Unwanted Application

CompuClever PC TuneUp removal instructions

What is CompuClever PC TuneUp?

CompuClever PC TuneUp is a piece of software, supposedly capable of optimizing computer system performance and cleaning unnecessary files, as well as making various other enhancements. Most users install this application onto their devices inadvertently, therefore it is categorized as a PUA (potentially unwanted application). CompuClever PC TuneUp is often distributed together with other software, i.e. it is "bundled". This false marketing tactic, by which ordinary programs are pre-packed with unwanted content, is called "bundling".

Free Forms Online Browser Hijacker

Free Forms Online browser hijacker removal instructions

What is Free Forms Online?

Free Forms Online is but one of many browser hijackers out there. It is endorsed as a free multiple tool pack, consisting of quick access to various forms and a fake search engine. Due to few users ever installing this rogue application intentionally, it is categorized as a PUA (potentially unwanted application). As a browser hijacker, it alters certain browser settings in order to promote, its fake search engine. It must also be known, that Free Forms Online has data tracking abilities. POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to remove[.]site from Mac?

What is[.]site?[.]site is one of the many deceptive websites that display fake notifications about detected viruses. Typically, websites of this type are designed to promote one or another questionable application.[.]site encourages visitors to download and install Cleanup My Mac, however, it could be used to promote some other app as well. Either way, it is not recommended to download apps from pages like[.]site. POP-UP Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is

Most people do not visit intentionally - they are redirected to it by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) that they have installed on their browsers (or computers) unintentionally. This is a rogue website, very similar to,,, and many others. These sites cause redirects to other dubious pages or display malicious content. Most PUAs cause redirects to web pages similar to and also deliver unwanted, intrusive ads and gather data.

My Weather Live Browser Hijacker

My Weather Live browser hijacker removal instructions

What is My Weather Live?

My Weather Live is a browser hijacker. It is endorsed as a pack off tools, comprised of a quick access to weather forecasts and a fake search engine ( Due to most users installing this app inadvertently, it is classified as a PUA (potentially unwanted application). My Weather Live alters browser settings and promotes its fraudulent web searching tool, however it can also track data. Ads

Joophesh[.]com redirect removal instructions

What is joophesh[.]com?

joophesh[.]com is a rogue site, sharing many traits with and countless others. It is created for the purpose of generating redirects to compromised and possibly malicious websites. Additionally, it feeds users unreliable and dubious content (e.g. clickbait). The joophesh[.]com website gets most of its visitors through unauthorized redirects, i.e. users access it unwillingly. These redirects can be caused by clicking on intrusive advertisements or by PUAs (potentially unwanted applications) already present in the system. It should be noted, that these apps do not need express user permission to be installed onto their devices. Once invaded, they cause redirects, deliver invasive ad campaigns and some can even track data.

InnfiRAT Virus

InnfiRAT virus removal guide

What is InnfiRAT?

InnfiRAT is the name of a remote access or administration tool (RAT). Typically, software of this type is used to control connected computers remotely. However, there are many cases where cyber criminals seek to trick users into installing RATs so they could use them to perform malicious actions. In order to avoid any serious problems that can be caused with a software of this type we strongly recommend to uninstall it form the system as soon as possible.

My Inbox App Browser Hijacker

My Inbox App browser hijacker removal instructions

What is My Inbox App?

My Inbox App is a browser hijacker, advertised as a quick access to favorite email services with a web searching tool. It modifies browsers in order to promote its fake search engine ( It also has data tracking abilities, which it employs to spy on users' browsing activity and to gather their personal information. My Inbox App is additionally categorized as a PUA, as most users install it onto their devices inadvertently.


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