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How to remove[.]live from Mac?

What is[.]live?[.]live (or "[.]live") is a deceptive site that is used to promote a potentially unwanted application (PUA). When opened, it states that it has detected viruses and encourages its visitors to remove them with the Cleanup My Mac app. We do not recommend to trust this page (and the app advertised on it). This is simply a scam page that is used to trick people into installing one of the many questionable applications. Quite often these sites are opened by unwanted apps that are already installed on operating systems or browsers. Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is is a fake search engine that is promoted via potentially unwanted application (PUA) called Get Live News, it can be downloaded from the website. This app promotes by changing settings of a hijacked browser. Besides, apps of this type usually collect various browsing data too. According to people who developed Get Live News, this app supposed to help users to find news pages and provide great search experience. Ads redirect removal instructions

What is

Similar to and many others, is yet another rogue website designed to feed users with unreliable content and to redirect them to questionable websites. Research results show that vast majority of users end up in inadvertently, as they're being redirected by potentially unwanted applications and/or intrusive advertisements delivered by other rogue sites. It is also worth mentioning that potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) are notorious for infiltrating computers without user's consent and, aside from causing redirects, these applications also deliver intrusive advertisements, as well as record information about user's web browsing activity.

GeneralNetSearch Adware (Mac)

How to remove GeneralNetSearch from Mac?

What is GeneralNetSearch?

GeneralNetSearch is an application that is identical to GlobalTechSearch, Resourcetools and SimpleProExtension. All these apps supposed to provide features that would make web browsing easier/enhance browsing experience. However, it is simply an adware-type app that delivers unwanted ads. Besides, it forces users to visit some questionable website too. When a search query is entered, GeneralNetSearch redirects users to third party page and then opens a list of search results generated by Google. Typically, people download and install apps of this type unintentionally.

Get Easy Templates Browser Hijacker

Get Easy Templates browser hijacker removal instructions

What is Get Easy Templates?

Get Easy Templates is a deceptive application that, according to the developers, allows users easily access to templates of various documents. Judging on the appearance alone, Get Easy Templates seems completely appropriate and handy. Nevertheless, everyone should know that in reality Get Easy Templates is categorized as a potentially unwanted application (PUA) and a browser hijacker. There are three main reasons for these negative associations: 1) installation without user's consent; 2) stealth modification of web browsers' options, and; 3) data tracking. Ads

Pushsroutg[.]com redirect removal instructions

What is pushsroutg[.]com?

Pushsroutg[.]com is a rogue website, like many other pages of this type (such as dancewithlittleredpony[.]com, finderient[.]com, thegoodcaster[.]com, etc.), it redirects visitors to various untrustworthy websites. However, it might be showing some questionable content as well. In most cases websites of this type are opened by installed potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). In other words, people do not open by themselves. PUAs also gather browsing data and display intrusive ads. Ads redirect removal instructions

What is is a deceptive website that shares many similarities,,, and many others. This website is designed to feed users with unreliable content and to redirect them to other questionable sites. It is known that vast majority of visitors end up in unwillingly - they get redirected by potentially unwanted applications and intrusive advertisements displayed in other rogue sites. Potentially unwanted applications usually infiltrate computers without user's consent. If causing redirects wasn't enough, unwanted applications also deliver intrusive advertisements, as well as gather information about user's web browsing activity. Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is is a website that promotes a potentially unwanted application (PUA), a browser hijacker named Get Maps. This browser application supposed to provide maps, images and a search engine. However, it promotes a fake search engine called To promote such engines browser hijackers change browser settings, besides, it is known that these apps usually are designed to collect browsing data as well. Ads

Free3dadultgames[.]com redirect removal instructions

What is free3dadultgames[.]com?

Free3dadultgames[.]com is a page that offers its visitors adult content. To be more precise, it contains adult games, videos, pictures and so on. It is stated that playing these games does not require any downloads, in order to use services provided by free3dadultgames[.]com visitors are asked to create a supposedly free account. This page displays various ads and might inject computers with malicious programs. Besides, it is very likely that its services (games, videos and other content) are not free. Ads

Dancewithlittleredpony[.]com redirect removal instructions

What is dancewithlittleredpony[.]com?

dancewithlittleredpony[.]com is a rogue website developed to feed its visitors with various unreliable content and to redirect them to other unreliable sites. It is virtually identical to dozens of other rogue sites, such as,, Vast majority of visitors end up in dancewithlittleredpony[.]com inadvertently - they get redirected by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) or intrusive advertisements encountered in other rogue sites. PUAs typically infiltrate computers without user's consent and in addition to causing redirects they also generate advertisements, as well as monitor user's web browsing activity.


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