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Chistilka Unwanted Application

Chistilka removal instructions

What is Chistilka?

Chistilka (Чистилка) is a piece of software requiring no installation and endorsed as a system cleaner. It is supposedly capable of removing undesirable advertisements (pop-ups and similar), as well as boosting the speed of the Windows OS (operating system). It is promoted through its official website and can be inadvertently downloaded as a supplement to other software. This mode of proliferation, through the download/install setups of ordinary programs is called "bundling". Said deceptive marketing method is prominent amongst PUA (potentially unwanted application) developers, who are well aware of user tendency to rush through aforementioned setups - thereby unwillingly exposing their devices to various invasions. Due to its stealthy infiltration, Chistilka is classified as a PUA.

NextPharma Ransomware

NextPharma ransomware removal instructions

What is NextPharma?

NextPharma ransomware was discovered by Raby. It is designed to lock files by encrypting them with a cryptographic algorithm. It means that people who have their computers infected with NextPharma cannot access their files unless they purchase a particular software (decryption tool). This malicious program renames all encrypted files by adding the ".n3xtpharma" extension to their filenames. For instance, it renames "sample.jpg" to "sample.jpg.n3xtpharma", and so on. The number of ransom notes (.txt) files is equivalent to the number of encrypted files. Every ransom note is named after encrypted file, for example, "sample.jpg.n3xtpharma_readme" and so forth. NextPharma puts these ransom notes to folders that contain encrypted files.

Auto PC Cleaner 2019 Unwanted Application

Auto PC Cleaner 2019 removal instructions

What is Auto PC Cleaner 2019?

Auto PC Cleaner 2019 is a piece of software, allegedly capable of optimizing and speeding up systems. It is also advertised as able to remove various systems threats and making various enhancements. This application is often distributed as an addition within download/installation setups of other programs, in other words - it is "bundled". Deceptive marketing tactics, such as "bundling", are designed to proliferate undesirable and often illegitimate content. Due to most users installing Auto PC Cleaner 2019 inadvertently it is classified as a PUA (potentially unwanted application). Furthermore, this app is employed as promotional grounds for another PUA - Driver Updater.

Apex Legends Virus

Apex Legends virus removal guide

What is Apex Legends?

The Aurora Cheat tool is presented as an "injector" for the Apex Legends video game. It supposedly allows users to enable features such as player movement prediction, distance control, aimbot, and so on. In fact, it infects computers with a Remote Access Trojan (RAT). POP-UP Redirect (Mac)

How to stop a browser from opening on Mac?

What is is a questionable website which usually gets opened through various scam and other untrustworthy websites. In other words, most people do not visit intentionally. At this moment this page is designed to promote a potentially unwanted application (PUA) called Super Mac Cleaner. We advise not to trust apps that are advertised on shady websites. Besides, if a browser opens untrustworthy pages (various scam sites) that lead to, then it is very likely that some PUA is already installed on it.

File Converter Hub Browser Hijacker

File Converter Hub browser hijacker removal instructions

What is File Converter Hub?

File Converter Hub is but one of many browser hijackers. It is advertised as a tool for easy and quick access to file converters, accompanied by a fake search engine ( Due to most users installing this rogue app inadvertently, it is categorized as a PUA (potentially unwanted application). File Converter Hub operates by changing browser settings and promoting its fake search engine, it also has data tracking capabilities.

Flight Booking Email Virus

"Flight Booking Email Virus" removal guide

What is "Flight Booking Email Virus"?

"Flight Booking" is the name of a spam campaign, used to spread the Agent Tesla malware (malicious software). This spam campaign was discovered by My Online Security. To spread such malignant programs, massive scale spam campaigns are used; huge numbers of emails are sent, containing executable files. If the files are opened, the downloading and installation processes of aforementioned malware begin. It must be noted, that emails of this type are always marked as "official" and "important" ("starred" or otherwise highlighted, depending on specific email service design terminology). It must be stressed, that suspicious emails should never be trusted nor files attached to them opened.

Randomly Selected To Test The New iPhone POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to stop redirects to "Randomly selected to test the new iPhone" scam on Mac?

What is "Randomly selected to test the new iPhone"?

"Randomly selected to test the new iPhone" is a line from a scam website which offers its visitors to claim a prize. Note, this is a deceptive website and it should not be trusted. Typically, pages of this type get opened by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) that are installed on user's browser or computer. Not many people download or install apps of this type intentionally. When installed, PUAs open shady pages, feed users with unwanted ads and/or gather various information.

Amadey Malware

Amadey virus removal guide

What is Amadey?

Amadey is the name of a malicious software, it is categorized as a trojan. Cyber criminals can purchase it on a Russian dark web forum. Amadey can be used to perform various malicious tasks: to download and install (execute) other malware, steal personal information, log keystrokes, send spam from a victim's computer and add infected computer to a botnet. If a system is infected with Amadey, then we strongly recommend to remove this malware as soon as possible.

Norton Subscription Has Expired Today POP-UP Scam

"Norton Subscription Has Expired Today" removal instructions

What is "Norton subscription has expired today"?

"Norton subscription has expired today" is a fraudulent pop-up alert, claiming that (in this case, Norton) antivirus suite subscription has expired and requires renewal. Such scam messages are displayed by various deceptive websites. These sites are rarely visited willingly, most visitors access it through unauthorized redirects. Usually via clicking on intrusive advertisements (likely hosted by compromised websites) or force-opened by PUAs (potentially unwanted applications). It should be known, that PUAs do not need express user permission to invade their devices. Aside from causing redirects, they also run invasive ad campaigns and some can track data.


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