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Antivirus Update Is Prepared POP-UP Scam

"Antivirus Update is prepared" removal instructions

What is "Antivirus Update is prepared"?

"Antivirus Update is prepared" is a deceitful pop-up window, displayed by scam websites. By implying that users' antivirus software requires to be updated (is outdated) and their device is at risk, attempts to push them into downloading/installing untrustworthy and/or possibly malicious content. PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications) are often spread through such scams, for example: fake antivirus programs, adware, browser hijackers, etc. Users should note that no site can detect issues/threats present in systems, so ones making similar claims - are not to be trusted. Additionally, few visitors to deceptive/scam webpages enter them intentionally, most get redirected by intrusive ads or by PUAs, already infiltrated into the device.

Jenkins Ransomware

Jenkins ransomware removal instructions

What is Jenkins?

Jenkins ransomware is designed to encrypt files and change their filenames by appending the ".jenkins" extension to them. For example, it changes a file named "sample.jpg" to "sample.jpg.jenkins", and so on. Also, it creates a text file (ransom note) named "!READ_ME.txt", it contains instructions on how to contact cyber criminals who designed Jenkins.

Easy Gaming App Browser Hijacker

Easy Gaming App browser hijacker removal instructions

What is Easy Gaming App?

Easy Gaming App is the name of an application which supposed to provide easy access to various online games. However, it is categorized as a potentially unwanted application (PUA), a browser hijacker. Typically, apps of this type are designed to promote address of some fake search engine and gather browsing data. In most cases people download and install browser hijackers unknowingly. It is worth mentioning that Easy Gaming App is gets installed together with another PUA called Hide My Searches.

Watch Movies Live Browser Hijacker

Watch Movies Live browser hijacker removal instructions

What is Watch Movies Live?

Watch Movies Live is a rogue application, promoted as a tool for quick access to movie streaming, news and other film-related websites. It is a browser hijacker, due to the changes it makes to browsers in order to promote a fake search engine - Additionally, it has data tracking abilities, which the app employs to gather browsing-related information. Since most users install Watch Movies Live inadvertently, it is also considered to be a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Applications). It is often distributed alongside another PUAs called Hide My Searches.

TV Fans Online Tab Browser Bijacker

TV Fans Online Tab browser hijacker removal instructions

What is TV Fans Online Tab?

TV Fans Online Tab, endorsed as a tool for quick access to TV-related content. This rogue app is a browser hijacker, designed to modify browsers in order to promote a fake search engine ( Additionally, it has data tracking abilities and gathers browsing-related information. Due to its dubious proliferation methods, TV Fans Online Tab is also classified as a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application). Users should note that this app is often distributed together with another PUA called Hide My Searches.

ZLoader Malware

ZLoader virus removal guide

What is ZLoader?

ZLoader (also known as DELoader and Terdot) is a malicious program which is being distributed through a malicious web pages that display a fake error notification (e.g., "The 'Roboto Condensed' font was not found"). Research shows that ZLoader is designed to infect systems with another malicious program, a banking Trojan called Zeus. We strongly recommend not to open file (or files) downloaded from pages that display that particular (or similar) error message.

Afrodita Ransomware

Afrodita ransomware removal instructions

What is Afrodita?

Discovered by S!Ri, Afrodita is a part of LockerGoga ransomware family, it encrypts data with AES-256 and RSA-2048 encryption algorithms. Also, it creates a ransom note, the "__README_RECOVERY_.txt" text file which contains instructions on how to contact cyber criminals for information on how to pay a ransom (buy a decryption tool and key). Ads

y2meta[.]com redirect removal instructions

What is y2meta[.]com?

Avoid the y2meta[.]com website, since it employs dubious advertising networks and provides an illegal video downloading service. Note that it is illegal to download videos from YouTube. Furthermore, y2meta[.]com contains various ads that redirect visitors to other untrustworthy websites. These are the two main reasons why this and other similar websites should not be used. Ransomware ransomware removal instructions

What is

Discovered by S!Ri and further researched by Raby, is a malicious program, categorized as ransomware. It operates by encrypting data and demanding a ransom to be paid for the decryption. During the encryption process, files this malware appends the files with an extension, consisting of its developers' email address - ".checkmail7@protonmail". To elaborate how an affected file would appear, then for example a filename - "1.jpg" would look like "1.jpg.checkmail7@protonmail". After this process is finished, a text file titled "warning.txt" is dropped into every compromised folder. Redirect

Bo3news[.]biz redirect removal instructions

What is bo3news[.]biz?

Bo3news[.]biz redirects its visitors to a variety or untrustworthy, potentially malicious websites. It common for browsers to be forced to open pages like bo3news[.]biz by some potentially unwanted application (PUA) that is installed on them or the operating system. Either way, people usually do not open them intentionally. Additionally, PUAs often are designed to gather browsing data and/or display unwanted advertisements.


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