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Get Coupons Now Browser Hijacker

Get Coupons Now browser hijacker removal instructions

What is Get Coupons Now?

Get Coupons Now is a rogue application that supposedly helps users save time and money by providing discount coupons for various online shops. Judging on the appearance alone, Get Coupons Now actually seems appropriate and handy. In reality, however, Get Coupons Now is categorized as a potentially unwanted application (PUA) and a browser hijacker. The main reasons for these negative associations are: stealth installation without user's consent, promotion of a fake web search engine, and data tracking.

Basilisque Locker Ransomware

Basilisque Locker ransomware removal instructions

What is Basilisque Locker?

Basilisque Locker is a high-risk ransomware designed to encrypt data and make ransom demands. What's interesting is that Basilisque Locker typically targets server devices rather than home computers. While encrypting, Basilisque Locker renames each file to a random string, as well as appends ".basilisque@protonmail_com" extension. For instance, an encrypted "1.jpg" would be renamed to something like "bnVldm9zIGNvbG9yZXMgYWR1bHRvcy5wZGY=.basilisque@protonmail_com". Encrypted data instantly becomes unusable. Additionally, Basilisque Locker generates a text file ("HOW_TO_DECRYPT.txt") and drops it in every folder containing encrypted files.

ERIS Ransomware

ERIS ransomware removal instructions

What is ERIS?

Discovered by Michael Gillespie, ERIS is a ransomware-type malicious program. Cyber criminals who create malware of this type use it to encrypt other users' files and extort money by forcing them to pay a ransom. Like most programs of this type, ERIS renames all encrypted files and changes their extensions to ".ERIS". For example, "1.jpg" becomes "1.jpg.ERIS". It also creates a text tile called "@ READ ME TO RECOVER FILES @.txt" containing a ransom message with information about how to obtain a decryption tool.

Guesswho Ransomware

Guesswho ransomware removal instructions

What is Guesswho?

Discovered by GrujaRS, Guesswho is a high-risk ransomware infection (potentially, a new variant of Rapid ransomware) which stealthily infiltrates computers and encrypts most of stored data. While doing so, Guesswho renames each encrypted file to a random string and appends ".guesswho" extension. For instance, "1.jpg" would be renamed to something like "3STT6YHZTC.guesswho". Encrypted files instantly become unusable and indistinguishable. Additionally, Guesswho creates a text file ("How Recovery Files.txt") and as well as a shortcut ("") which automatically opens the email application and creates a new letter with Guesswho's developers email address as recipient.

Cezor Ransomware

Cezor ransomware removal instructions

What is Cezor?

Belonging to Djvu ransomware family, Cezor is a high-risk ransomware infection discovered by Petrovic. Once infiltrated, Cezor encrypts most of stored files and appends filenames with ".cezor" extension (e.g., "sample.jpg" is renamed to "sample.jpg.cezor"). Encrypted data instantly becomes unusable. Once encryption is over, Cezor generates a text file ("_readme.txt") and drops a copy in every existing folder. Ads

Nanoadexchange[.]com redirect removal instructions

What is nanoadexchange[.]com?

nanoadexchange[.]com is an URL address used by various rogue advertising networks. Such ad networks are typically used to employ deceptive applications and websites. In other words, users are redirected to this website when their computers are infected with potentially unwanted applications (PUAs)/adware or when they visit unreliable websites. nanoadexchange[.]com in turn redirects users to other unreliable websites.

Astaroth Trojan

Astaroth virus removal guide

What is Astaroth?

Astaroth is high-risk trojan-type virus. It is typically distributed using spam email campaigns. Criminals send hundreds of thousands of emails that contain deceptive messages encouraging users to open attached files (Microsoft Office documents). Once opened, these files run commands that inject Astaroth into the system. Following infiltration, Astaroth injects other malicious apps. At time of research, it was used to proliferate a keylogger designed to steal personal data, however, Astaroth is also used to proliferate other malware.

Kissanime Ads

Kissanime redirect removal instructions

What is Kissanime?

Kissanime page provides free online anime videos that can be watched on both mobile and desktop devices. Besides, it offers a possibility to download them in different quality as well. However, this is an untrustworthy page that used rogue advertising networks. It means that it contains deceptive, unreliable ads and leads to shady, deceptive pages. We do not recommend to visit this page or use its services. Besides, it is possible that Kissanime offers downloads illegally.

Outdated Browser Detected POP-UP Scam

"Outdated browser detected" removal instructions

What is "Outdated browser detected"?

"Outdated browser detected" is a scam that recommends to update a browser to the latest version. Such scam pages cannot be trusted, since scammers use them to trick people into downloading and installing various potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) or visiting questionable pages that may be designed to promote PUAs as well. Besides, quite often pages of this type get opened by already installed unwanted apps. One way or another, we strongly recommend not to trust this or other similar page, and more importantly, not to download applications that they promote. Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is is yet another fake web search engine that supposedly enhances web browsing experience by generating improved search results. Judging on the appearance alone, actually seems like a legitimate and handy site. However, it is worth mentioning that developers promote it by using a browser-hijacking application called Travel Deals Center, which supposedly helps users find various traveling deals. Travel Deals Center typically infiltrates computers without user's consent and, aside from that, both and Travel Deals Center are designed to monitor user's web browsing activity.


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