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Counter Strike Giveaway Scam

What is the fake "Counter Strike Giveaway"?

Upon inspecting the site (navi-csgiveaways[.]com) claiming to host a giveaway, we found that it is a fraudulent web page designed to trick unsuspecting individuals into divulging personal information. It is crucial to exercise caution and avoid interacting with suspicious websites or offers to avoid potential harm.

ACH Payment From Craftmaster Hardware Email Scam

What kind of email is "ACH Payment From Craftmaster Hardware"?

After inspecting the "ACH Payment From Craftmaster Hardware" email, we determined that it is spam. The fake letter claims that the recipient will receive a payment of over 10k USD. Details of this transaction can be found in the attachment, which is a phishing file that targets recipients' email account log-in credentials.

Metis Dao Quest Registration Scam

What is the fake "Metis Dao Quest Registration" website?

After inspecting "Metis Dao Quest Registration", as hosted on quest.metisprotcols[.]com, we determined that it is fake. This scam impersonates the Metis platform ( The scheme promises rewards for certain activities with the goal of luring users into exposing their cryptowallets to a cryptocurrency drainer. Ads

What kind of page is jordaniablog[.]com?

Jordaniablog[.]com is a rogue webpage discovered by our researchers during a routine investigation of suspect sites. After examining this page, we learned that it pushes browser notification spam and redirects users to other (likely dubious/malicious) websites.

Most visitors enter webpages like jordaniablog[.]com via redirects generated by sites utilizing rogue advertising networks. Ads

What kind of page is globalcetsgroup[.]com?

Our research team found the globalcetsgroup[.]com rogue page while investigating dubious websites. Upon examination, we learned that this webpage endorses browser notification spam and redirects users to different (likely unreliable/hazardous) sites.

Most visitors enter globalcetsgroup[.]com and similar pages via redirects caused by websites using rogue advertising networks.

Wells Fargo - Card Activity Verification Email Scam

What kind of scam is "Wells Fargo - Card Activity Verification"?

We have inspected this email and concluded that it is a scam email designed to trick recipients into disclosing personal information. The scammers behind this phishing campaign pretend to be representatives of Wells Fargo, a legitimate financial services company. Recipients should be careful with such emails to avoid potential harm.

OCEANS Ransomware

What kind of malware is OCEANS?

During our examination of the OCEANS malware, we found that it operates as ransomware. Once a computer is compromised, OCEANS encrypts files and appends four random characters to filenames. Also, OCEANS ransomware changes the desktop wallpaper and generates a ransom note ("OPEN_THIS.txt").

We discovered OCEANS while inspecting samples submitted to VirusTotal. In addition to the abovementioned findings, we uncovered that OCEANS is based on Chaos ransomware. An example of how this ransomware renames files: it changes "1.jpg" to "1.jpg.8jiw", "2.png" to "2.png.2d7r", and so forth. Ads

What kind of page is eusblog[.]com?

During our examination of eusblog[.]com, we discovered that it is a deceptive web page created to trick visitors into permitting it to send notifications. In addition to displaying deceptive content, eusblog[.]com redirects visitors to similar websites. Thus, users should not trust eusblog[.]com or similar sites.

American Express Card Deactivation Email Scam

What kind of email is "American Express Card Deactivation"?

After investigating the "American Express Card Deactivation" email, we determined that it is fake. This spam mail aims to steal recipients' American Express accounts by falsely claiming that their cards have been temporarily deactivated.

It must be emphasized that this phishing email is in no way associated with the real American Express Company – a bank holding company and financial services corporation that specializes in payment cards. Redirect

What kind of website is

While inspecting a rogue browser extension called Wonders Tab, we discovered the fake search engine. This extension changes browser settings to endorse (via redirects) the site. Due to this behavior, Wonders Tab is considered a browser hijacker.


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