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MediaService Malware

What kind of application is MediaService?

Our assessment reveals that MediaService is a potentially harmful application distributed through a malicious installer. The installation of MediaService occurs simultaneously with various other undesirable components. Users are advised to remove MediaService and all related files as soon as possible.

Xro Ransomware

What kind of malware is Xro?

Our researchers found the Xro ransomware while reviewing new malware submissions to the VirusTotal platform. This malicious program is part of the Xorist ransomware family.

After we launched a sample of Xro on our test system, it encrypted files and altered their names. Original filenames were appended with a ".xro" extension, e.g., a file titled "1.jpg" appeared as "1.jpg.xro", "2.png" as "2.png.xro", and so forth for all of the affected files.

Following the encryption's completion, identical ransom notes were created/displayed in a pop-up window and "HOW TO DECRYPT FILES.txt" text file. Based on the message therein, it is likely that this ransomware is still in development since there is a lack of critical information.

Agent Racoon Malware

What kind of malware is Agent Racoon?

Agent Racoon is a malicious program written using the .NET framework. It is classed as a backdoor; malware within this classification is designed to open a "backdoor" into targeted systems. These programs are typically used in the initial phases of multi-stage infections.

The first instances of Agent Racoon were discovered in July 2022; however, a C&C (Command and Control) domain associated with its infections was registered back in August 2020.

This backdoor, alongside other malware, has been observed being used in attacks leveraged against organizations based in the Middle East, Africa, and the United States. Agent Racoon, specifically, was utilized in infections targeting governmental entities and non-profit organizations. There is evidence suggesting that these attacks could have been carried out by a state-backed threat actor.

DHL Unpaid Duty Email Scam

What is "DHL Unpaid Duty"?

During our evaluation, it has come to light that this email is a fraudulent attempt masquerading as a notification from DHL, a reputable logistics company. The individuals orchestrating this scam intend to deceive recipients into accessing a counterfeit website and divulging personal information. Such deceptive emails fall under the category of phishing emails.

Elpy Ransomware

What kind of malware is Elpy?

While conducting regular analysis of malware samples submitted to VirusTotal, we discovered a ransomware variant dubbed Elpy. It belongs to the Phobos family and is designed to encrypt files, modify filenames, and provide two ransom notes. Elpy appends the victim's ID, email address, and ".elpy" extension to filenames.

For instance, it renames "1.jpg" to "[9ECFA84E-3352].[].elpy", "2.png" to "[9ECFA84E-3352].[].elpy", and so forth. The ransom notes created by Elpy are named "info.txt" and "info.hta". Ads

What kind of page is ourhugenewz[.]com?

During a routine investigation of dubious sites, our research team discovered ourhugenewz[.]com. Upon inspection, we determined that this is a rogue webpage that promotes browser notification spam and is capable of redirecting visitors to other (likely untrustworthy/dangerous) websites.

The majority of users access sites like ourhugenewz[.]com through redirects generated by pages that utilize rogue advertising networks.

Colour Cure Browser Hijacker

What kind of software is Colour Cure?

Our research team found the Colour Cure browser extension during a routine inspection of dubious websites. This piece of software makes changes to browser settings in order to promote (via redirects) the illegitimate search engine. Due to this behavior, Colour Cure is classed as a browser hijacker.

The Cryptology Browser Hijacker

What kind of software is The Cryptology?

The Cryptology browser extension promises to display cryptocurrency price charts that update themselves in real-time. We discovered this piece of software while investigating dubious websites. Our analysis revealed that The Cryptology is a browser hijacker. This extension makes alterations to browser settings in order to endorse the fake search engine. It also collects sensitive user data.

FormatConnection Adware (Mac)

What kind of application is FormatConnection?

During a routine inspection of new submissions to the VirusTotal website, our research team discovered FormatConnection. After analyzing this app, we learned that it is adware belonging to the AdLoad malware family. FormatConnection operates by running intrusive advertisement campaigns. Ads

What kind of page is oortagle[.]top?

Oortagle[.]top is a rogue webpage that promotes dubious content and spam browser notifications. Additionally, it can redirect users to different (likely unreliable/hazardous) websites. Most visitors to pages like oortagle[.]top enter them via redirects generated by sites using rogue advertising networks.


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