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What is is one of the many fake search engines that is very similar to,, and many others. Like most fake search engines of this type, offers users an enhanced browsing experience by providing improved search results. It might look useful and legitimate at first, however, this fake search engine is promoted by using rogue download/installation setups. Typically, these setups are designed to modify browser's settings without user's permission. Moreover, is designed to cause unwanted redirects and record personal/sensitive data.

IRS Online Email Virus

"IRS Online Email Virus" removal guide

What is "IRS Online Email Virus"?

"IRS Online Email Virus" is categorized as email spam campaign that is used by cyber criminals to spread a Emotet high-risk virus. People (cyber criminals) behind this email spam campaign send an email that contains a malicious attachment to a lots of other people. The main goal of "IRS Online Email Virus" is to trick people into opening the attachment which is designed to infect computers with a virus. Redirect (Mac)

How to remove browser hijacker from Mac?

What is is a fake Internet search engine that supposedly enhances the Internet browsing experience by generating improved search results. Its appearance barely differs from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other legitimate search engines. Therefore, many users are tricked into believing that is also legitimate. In fact, this site gathers various information relating to web browsing activity. Furthermore, it is promoted via rogue download/installation set-ups that hijack web browsers and change various settings without users' consent.

Your Computer Was Locked POP-UP Scam

"Your computer was locked" removal instructions

What is "Your computer was locked"?

Like many other fake messages, "Your computer was locked" fake error is displayed on deceptive web pages. Typically, users visit these untrustworthy websites unwillingly, they are redirected by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) that they usually install unintentionally. As a rule, PUAs also deliver intrusive ads and collect various browsing-related data. "Your computer was locked" fake error message is presented in both text and audio formats. POP-UP Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is is a rogue website identical to,,,, and many others. As a rule, visitors come to inadvertently - they're redirected by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) or intrusive advertisements displayed in other rogue sites. Research results show that potentially unwanted applications typically infiltrate computers without permission. Aside from causing redirects, these applications also deliver various advertisements and continually record data about user's web browsing activity.

Your Computer Was Locked POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to remove "Your computer was locked" from Mac?

What is "Your computer was locked"?

"Your computer was locked" is a fake error message that appears on deceptive/untrustworthy websites. As a rule, these websites are not visited intentionally - people are being redirected there by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). PUAs are rogue applications that get installed without a permission. Once installed, they not only redirect people to untrustworthy websites, but deliver various intrusive ads and gather data as well. This fake error message is presented in both text and audio formats.

(enc) Ransomware

(enc) ransomware removal instructions

What is (enc)?

(enc) is a high-risk ransomware designed to infiltrate the system and encrypt data. It was firstly discovered by malware security researcher Michael Gillespie. While encrypting, this virus prepends each filename with "(enc)" string. For example, encrypted "sample.jpg" is renamed to "(enc)sample.jpg". Encrypted data instantly becomes unusable. Following successful encryption, (enc) generates a text file named "aboutYourFiles.txt" and drops it's copy in every existing folder.

Last Chance To Save Your Life Email Scam

"Last chance to save your life Email Scam" removal guide

What is "Last chance to save your life Email Scam"?

"Last chance to save your life Email Scam" is an email scam campaign used by criminals to threaten people and trick them into transferring money. In this case, scammers claim that they have used your webcam and recorded a compromising video of you while you were visiting a pornographic website. They also make threats that if you do not pay the required sum, they will send this video to your friends and colleagues. This is a common scam and you should not worry about it.

Ads X (Mac)

How to remove "Ads X" from Mac?

What is "Ads X"?

"Ads X" is a label of intrusive advertisements delivered by various adware-type applications and browser extensions. In most cases, these apps/add-ons infiltrate systems without permission, since most are proliferated using the "bundling" method. As well as delivering advertisements, adds/add-ons are also notorious for tracking information relating to browsing activity.

So I'm The Hacker Who Broke Your Email Scam

"So I'm the hacker who broke your email" removal guide

What is "So I'm the hacker who broke your email"?

"So I'm the hacker who broke your email" is a spam email campaign that cyber criminals use to threaten and swindle people out of their money. These criminals claim that they have a humiliating video or photo of the victim and threaten to send it to all people in the recipient's contacts. Victims are generally urged to pay a ransom to prevent this situation. If you received this email (or similar), do not worry - it is just a scam.


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