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Total Privacy Browser Hijacker

What is the Total Privacy browser hijacker?

Total Privacy, or Total Privacy for Chrome™ on Google Chrome browsers, is a piece of rogue software. It is endorsed as a tool to improve users' privacy when browsing. This browser extension operates by promoting the fake search engine through modifications to browser settings.

Due to how it operates, Total Privacy is classified as a browser hijacker. Additionally, it spies on users' browsing activity. Since most users download/install browser hijackers inadvertently, they are also categorized as PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications). Ads

What is neehoose[.]com?

Neehoose[.]com is quite similar to boustahe[.]com, fewergkit[.]com, leefmylife[.]info, and a great number of other pages designed to load deceptive messages (or other deceptive content), or open a couple of untrustworthy (sometimes legitimate) websites. It is worth mentioning that it is uncommon for pages like neehoose[.]com to be visited intentionally.

Serch Ads

What are the Serch websites?

Serch is the common domain of rogue websites (e.g., serch02[.]biz, serch05[.]biz, etc.). These webpages are designed to load dubious content and/or redirect visitors to other sites (likely unreliable, deceptive/scam, compromised, or malicious ones).

The Internet is rife with webpages similar to Serch; - are just some examples. Users seldom intentionally access such websites; most get redirected to them by untrustworthy pages, intrusive adverts, or installed PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications).

This software can infiltrate systems without explicit consent; hence, users may be unaware of its presence. PUAs can have harmful functionalities, including - force-opening sites, running intrusive advertisement campaigns, and collecting browsing-related data.

Frost Clipper Malware

What is Frost Clipper?

Frost Clipper is the name of a malicious program designed to replace cryptocurrency wallet addresses in the clipboard with the ones owned by the attackers. In other words, cybercriminals use malware like Frost Clipper to steal cryptocurrency. It is known that this malware can be purchased on hacker forums for 500 rubles.

Pay Us Ransomware

What is Pay Us ransomware?

Pay Us is a ransomware-type malicious program. It operates by encrypting data to demand payment for the decryption. In other words, files affected by this malware are rendered unusable, and victims are asked to pay a ransom - to recover access/use of their data.

During the encryption process, files are appended with the ".pay us" extension. To elaborate, a file initially titled something like "1.jpg" would appear as " us", "2.jpg" as " us", and so forth. After this process is complete, a ransom note - "read_me.txt" - is dropped onto the desktop. Ads

What is boustahe[.]com?

Sharing many similarities with,,,, and thousands of others, boustahe[.]com is a rogue webpage. It operates by presenting visitors with dubious content and/or redirecting them to different websites (likely unreliable or malicious ones).

Such sites are typically accessed via redirects caused by rogue pages, intrusive adverts, or installed PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications). These apps can be installed onto systems without user permission. PUAs are designed to cause redirects, run intrusive advertisement campaigns, and collect browsing-related data.

OFF Ransomware

What is OFF ransomware?

Part of the Dharma ransomware family, OFF is a malicious program designed to encrypt data and demand payment for the decryption. In simple terms, the files affected by this ransomware are rendered inaccessible, and victims are asked to pay for the access recovery.

During the encryption process, files are renamed according to this pattern: original filename, unique ID assigned to the victim, cyber criminals' email address, and ".OFF" extension. For example, a file initially titled "1.jpg" would appear as something similar to "[].OFF" - after encryption. Once this process is complete, ransom notes are created/displayed in a pop-up window and "FILES ENCRYPTED.txt" text file.

Stopped Processing Incoming Emails And PDF Attachments Scam

What is Stopped processing incoming emails and PDF attachments scam?

Typically, scammers behind phishing emails pretend to be legitimate companies, organizations, or other entities. Their main goal is to trick recipients into providing personal information directly via email or through a deceptive website. Scammers use phishing emails to extract credit card details, passwords, or other sensitive information. Redirect

What is StreamingSearch?

StreamingSearch is a piece of rogue software categorized as a browser hijacker. It makes changes to browser settings in order to promote the fake search engine. Furthermore, this browser extension has data tracking abilities that are used to spy on users' browsing activity. Since most users inadvertently download/install browser hijackers, they are also categorized as PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications).

GetSearchConverters Browser HIjacker

What is GetSearchConverters browser hijacker?

GetSearchConverters is a browser hijacker because it changes web browser's settings and does not allow to undo those changes. It changes settings to promote the address - a fake search engine. Usually, users install browser hijackers unknowingly, for this reason they are called potentially unwanted apps (PUAs).


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