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ArchiveIdea Adware (Mac)

How to remove ArchiveIdea from Mac?

What is ArchiveIdea?

ArchiveIdea is a potentially unwanted application (PUA) which is classified as adware. It means that this app is designed to generate revenue for its developers by feeding users with various advertisements. Research shows that ArchiveIdea is capable of accessing (collecting) sensitive information and is designed to promote Safe Finder web searching tool by opening it through as well. It is worthwhile to mention that not many users download and/or install adware and other PUAs knowingly, intentionally.

MainBoardSearch Adware (Mac)

How to remove MainBoardSearch from Mac?

What is MainBoardSearch?

MainBoardSearch is a rogue application, with both adware and browser hijacker traits. It operates by delivering intrusive advertisement campaigns, i.e. it enables the placement of various ads on any visited webpage. This app also modifies browsers in order to promote a fake search engine. Furthermore, most adware-types and browser hijackers can track browsing-related data. Since few users install MainBoardSearch intentionally, it is also considered to be a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application). It has been observed being proliferated via fake Adobe Flash Player updates. Illegitimate software updaters/installers are commonly used to proliferate PUAs and even trojans, ransomware and other malware.

ActivelySearch Adware (Mac)

How to remove ActivelySearch from Mac?

What is ActivelySearch?

ActivelySearch is software which generates revenue for its developers by serving online advertisements. Apps of this type are classified as adware. Research shows that ActivelySearch functions as a browser hijacker too, it promotes address of some fake search engine by changing browser's settings. Since most users do not download and install browser hijackers and adware-type applications intentionally, apps of this kind are called potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). Research shows that one of the ways to install ActivelySearch is by using a fake Adobe Flash Player installer.

COVID-19 Relief Email Virus

"COVID-19 Relief" email virus removal guide

What is the "COVID-19 Relief" email virus?

"COVID-19 Relief" is the subject of a scam email, used to infect recipients' systems with ZLoader malware, which injects the Zeus banking trojan. Much as the title/subject implies, "COVID-19 Relief" emails are part of a Coronavirus/COVID-19 themed spam campaign, which is but one of many that abuse this pandemic. These letters are targeting Canadian users, by claiming that recipients need to fill-out a form to receive financial relief payments, approved by Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada.

Zoom Virus

Zoom virus removal guide

What is Zoom virus?

"Zoom virus" is a generic term used to define unwanted or malicious software proliferated under the guise of content, related to the Zoom application/services. Zoom Video Communications is a legitimate conferencing service, providing a cloud-based communication platform that enables its users to have audio and video conferences, online meetings and exchange messages via chat. Due to Zoom's accessibility (cross-platform, basic plans available free, etc.) and the current social climate (Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic) - cyber criminals have begun misusing the company's/product's name to further their malicious purposes. As Zoom's user base has grown exponentially with the influx of remote workers/students - so has cyber crime, centering this service/app.

Youlittmeet POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to remove apps that open youlittmeet pages from Mac?

What is youlittmeet?

Youlittmeet is a family of various deceptive pages. In most cases such families include pages designed to advertise potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) like browser hijackers, adware-type applications. Some of them may be malicious and used to spread malicious programs like Trojans, ransomware. Also, families like youlittmeet often include various scam websites (fake lotteries, surveys), and other untrustworthy pages. Either way, none of the youlittmeet pages can be trusted. If a browser opens such sites automatically, then it may be doing that due to some already installed PUA.

Protect (Hydra) Ransomware

Protect ransomware removal instructions

What is Protect ransomware?

Protect (Hydra) encrypts files, changes their filenames and creates a ransom note. It renames all encrypted files by appending the ".protect" extension to their filenames. For example, it renames a file named "1.jpg" to "1.jpg.protect", "2.jpg" to "2.jpg.protect", and so on. Instructions on how to contact cyber criminals who designed this ransomware (and some other information) are provided in a text file named "===__________HOW DECRYPT MY FILES__________===.txt".

Wanna Decrypt0r 4.0 Ransomware

Wanna Decrypt0r 4.0 ransomware removal instructions

What is Wanna Decrypt0r 4.0?

Wanna Decrypt0r 4.0 is a malicious program, belonging to the Jigsaw ransomware family. It impersonates the WannaCry malware. Discovery is credited to dnwls0719. This ransomware encrypts the data of infected systems in order to demand a ransom to be paid for the decryption. During the encryption process, all files are appended with the ".WNCRY" extension. For example, a file originally titled "1.jpg" would appear as "1.jpg.WNCRY" - following encryption. After this process is complete, a pop-up window is displayed.

DisplayProgram Adware (Mac)

How to remove DisplayProgram from Mac?

What is DisplayProgram?

DisplayProgram supposed to improve browsing experience, however, it is designed to generate revenue for its developers by serving advertisements. Simply said, DisplayProgram is adware. Apps of this type are also known as potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) because users often download and install them unintentionally. It is worthwhile to mention that adware is a type of software that often is designed not only to display ads but also to collect various information. Research shows that this particular app promotes Safe Finder website by opening it via Ads

Maroceffects[.]com redirect removal instructions

What is maroceffects[.]com?

Maroceffects[.]com is an address of a rogue page which, when visited, redirects to other untrustworthy web pages or loads some questionable content. There is a great number of websites like maroceffects[.]com, some examples are basenews7[.]com, topflownews[.]com and allow-space[.]com. As a rule, they get opened by some potentially unwanted application (PUA) that is installed on a browser and/or operating system. In other words, users to not visit such sites intentionally. Also, PUAs can be designed to gather browsing data and/or display intrusive advertisements.


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