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MyMapDirections Browser Hijacker redirect removal instructions

What is

MyMapDirections is promoted as an app which helps its users to find various maps, directions and check traffic updates in real time. However, it is very likely that most people download and install MyMapDirections unwillingly, for this reason it is categorized as a potentially unwanted application (PUA). Besides, it is categorized as a browser hijacker, it changes browser's settings (promotes the fake search engine) and collects information related to user's browsing activities POP-UP Ads

Pushmenews[.].com redirect removal instructions

What is pushmenews[.].com?

Once visited, pushmenews[.]com causes redirects to various untrustworthy websites or displays shady content. It is a rogue page which is very similar to other pages of this type such as evengsitolightont[.]info, orboreshitert[.]info, paymentnotifyfriends[.]info and many others. In most cases these pages are being opened by potentially unwanted apps (PUAs) that people have installed on their web browsers. In other words, their visitors do not open them intentionally. Additionally, many PUAs deliver intrusive advertisements and monitor browsing activity.

Songs Search Browser Hijacker redirect removal instructions

What is

Songs Search is just one of the many apps that are classified as browser hijackers, potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) that most people download and install accidentally. This app is designed to promote a fake search engine ( by changing web browser's settings and to gather information about user's browsing habits. We do not recommend to trust apps of this type or/and to have them installed.

Clicker Adware

Clicker adware removal instructions

What is Clicker adware?

As its name suggest, Clicker adware app (also known as Clickware) is categorized as advertising-supporting software. If installed, apps of this type feed (mostly involuntary) users with various intrusive, often deceptive ads and collect browsing-related information. These apps are also known as potentially unwanted apps (PUAs), it is because most people download and install them accidentally/unwillingly. POP-UP Ads

Evengsitolightont[.]info redirect removal instructions

What is evengsitolightont[.]info?

evengsitolightont[.]info is yet another rogue website designed to display questionable content and redirect users to various unreliable websites. It shares many similarities with, and dozens of other similar sites. As a rule, users visit this site unwillingly, as they get redirected by potentially unwanted applications (PUAs)/ads displayed in other rogue sites. Potentially unwanted applications are known to infiltrate the system without asking for a permission. Aside from that, unwanted applications gather various information and deliver intrusive advertisements.

Score Stars Browser Hijacker redirect removal instructions

What is

Score Stars (Score Stars New Tab) is a browser hijacker, a potentially unwanted application (PUA) which is promoted as a tool which supposed to provide its users with sport scores and results. Most people download and install apps of this type accidentally. Once installed, Score Stars modifies browser's settings and constantly collects information related to its user's browsing habits. This app is designed to promote a fake search engine,

CraniumCapacity Ads Adware

CraniumCapacity Ads removal instructions

What is CraniumCapacity Ads?

CraniumCapacity ads (or simply CraniumCapacity) is an adware-type application which is designed to serve people who have it installed with various advertisements and to monitor/record their browsing habits. Not many people install such apps on their browsers (or computers) intentionally, more often they are tricked into it (they download and install them unintentionally). POP-UP Ads

Orboreshitert[.]info redirect removal instructions

What is orboreshitert[.]info?

Similar to,, and many others, orboreshitert[.]info is a rogue website designed to cause unwanted redirects and deliver questionable content. Most users end up in orboreshitert[.]info inadvertently - they're redirected by potentially unwanted applications or intrusive advertisements displayed by other rogue sites. It is known that potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) typically infiltrate computers without users consent and in addition to causing redirects they also deliver intrusive advertisements and gather various information relating to user's web browsing activity.

yG Ransomware

yG ransomware removal instructions

What is yG?

yG is belongs to Dharma family, it is a typical malicious program which is categozied as ransomware. The person who discovered it is Jakub Kroustek. Programs of this type are designed to encrypt data, it means that people who have their computer infected with ransomware cannot access their files unless they buy a decryption tool from particular ransomware's developers. yG creates "RETURN FILES.txt" file and displays a pop-up window. It also renames all encrypted files by adding the ".yG" extension, for example, it renames "1.jpg" file to "[].yG" and so on (it adds email address and victim's ID into the filename too).

Qbtex Ransomware

Qbtex ransomware removal instructions

What is Qbtex?

Belonging to Dharma ransomware family, Qbtex is a high-risk ransomware discovered by Jakub Kroustek. As with most of ransomware infections, Qbtex infiltrates the system and encrypts most of stored files. While doing so, this malware appends filenames with ".qbtex" extension, as well as victim's unique ID and developers' email address (e.g., "sample.jpg" would be renamed to something like "[].qbtex"). Compromised data instantly becomes unusable. Following successful encryption, Qbtex opens a pop-up window and drops a text file named "RETURN FILES.txt" on victim's desktop.


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