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How to remove thevpnsafety[.]com from Mac?

What is thevpnsafety[.]com?

Thevpnsafety[.]com is one of the many deceptive websites that targets mostly iPhone and iPad users, however, computer users are targeted as well. This is a scam page designed to display fake virus message and trick people into installing application that supposed to remove detected threats. Neither pages like thevpnsafety[.]com or apps promoted through them can be trusted. It is common for browsers to open such pages when there is some potentially unwanted application (PUA) installed on them. In other words, most people do not visit them willingly.

Call From Apple - Tech Support Scam (Mac)

How to stop redirects to scam pages on Mac?

What is Call from Apple scam?

The number of cases where scammers pretend to be Apple Support team and call people with a purpose to get a remote access to their computers is growing by the days. There are many people who received an automated call warning that their Apple ID or iCloud accounts have been breached. The main goal of such scams is to trick people into giving scammers a remote access to their devices through various legitimate software. We strongly recommend to ignore these calls and have in mind that the real (official) Apple Customer Support would never do that.

Current Weather App Browser Hijacker

Current Weather App browser hijacker removal instructions

What is Current Weather App?

Current Weather App is a browser hijacker, marketed as an application for easy access to local weather forecasts, with an additional web searching tool. This rogue app is classified as both a PUA (potentially unwanted application) and a browser hijacker. Due to most users installing it unwillingly, it is categorized as the former. As for the latter, this classification depends on unauthorized changes that Current Weather App makes to browsers. Which includes modifications, designed to promote its fake search engine ( Additionally, this application has data tracking abilities; i.e. it spies on users' browsing activities and gathers their personal information. POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to remove appleproductpro[.]com from Mac?

What is appleproductpro[.]com?

Appleproductpro[.]com is a deceptive page which is designed to trick people into downloading (and installing) some app that supposed to remove viruses that were detected by this website. Messages about detected viruses that are displayed on websites like appleproductpro[.]com are fake, they should not be trusted. The same applies to apps that are promoted through such sites. Research shows that appleproductpro[.]com targets mostly iPad and iPhone devices, however, browsers open this page on desktop computer users too. Quite often people do not visit websites like appleproductpro[.]com intentionally, they get redirected to it by some installed potentially unwanted application (PUA).

Mac Clean Pro Unwanted Application (Mac)

How to remove Mac Clean Pro from Mac?

What is Mac Clean Pro?

Similar to Advanced Mac Tuneup and Secure Mac Tuneup, Mac Clean Pro is a dubious application that claims to clean and optimize computers. Judging on appearance alone, Mac Clean Pro may seem legitimate and useful, however, this app is categorized as a potentially unwanted application (PUA), since developers proliferate it using a deceptive marketing method called "bundling".

Weather Forecast Now Browser Hijacker

Weather Forecast Now browser hijacker removal instructions

What is Weather Forecast Now?

Weather Forecast Now is but one of many browser hijackers. It is advertised as a tool for quick access to local weather forecasts, with an additional web searching tool. Weather Forecast Now modifies browsers by changing their settings and forcing users to use its fake search engine ( It can also track data; spy on browsing activity and gather personal information. Since most users install it inadvertently, it is considered a PUA (potentially unwanted application). POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to remove safetyvpn[.]net from Mac?

What is safetyvpn[.]net?

Safetyvpn[.]net is one of the many deceptive websites that are designed to trick visitors into believing that their devices are infected with viruses. It targets mostly mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone, but can be visited by desktop computer users too. The main purpose of these pages is to advertise one or another app that supposed to remove detected fake viruses, errors, and so on. We advise not to trust pages like safetyvpn[.]net or download/install apps that are promoted through them. There are many cases where deceptive pages are opened on browsers by installed potentially unwanted apps (PUAs).

Local Classifieds Hub Browser Hijacker

Local Classifieds Hub browser hijacker removal instructions

What is Local Classifieds Hub?

Local Classifieds Hub is a browser hijacker. Endorsed as a tool for easy and fast access to classified advertisements, it is accompanied by a fake search engine. Most users install this rogue app onto their devices inadvertently/unwillingly, therefore it is considered to be a PUA (potentially unwanted application). Local Classifieds Hub changes browser settings and promotes its fake search engine (, additionally it can spy on users' browsing habits - due to this activity it is categorized as a browser hijacker.

MacOS Bundlore Virus (Mac)

How to remove MacOS Bundlore from Mac?

What is MacOS Bundlore?

MacOS Bundlore is a family of deceptive software installers that allow criminals to proliferate ("bundle") adware-type applications (such as CinemaPlusPro, FlashMall, MyShopcoupon, etc.) together with regular apps. Adware-type apps typically offer 'useful features' and most may seem legitimate. After infiltration, however, these programs deliver intrusive advertisements and gather sensitive information.

Meds Ransomware

Meds ransomware removal instructions

What is Meds?

Meds is a malicious software that belongs to the Djvu ransomware family. Typically, ransomware-type programs are used to encrypt files and force victims to purchase decryption tools and/or keys, in other words, to pay a ransom. This ransomware adds the ".meds" extension to all encrypted files, for example, it renames a file named "1.jpg" to "1.jpg.meds" and so on. Meds is designed to create a ransom note which is the "_readme.txt" file.


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