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What kind of page is tentedstars[.]com?

While inspecting tentedstars[.]com, we learned that this page is designed to deceive visitors into allowing it to show notifications. Tentedstars[.]com uses a technique known as clickbait to achieve this. Typically, sites like tentedstars[.]com send untrustworthy notifications. Thus, users should not agree to receive notifications from websites of this type. Ads

What kind of page is realeus24[.]com?

Our analysis of realeus24[.]com has revealed that this is a deceptive website created to trick unsuspecting users into consenting to receive notifications from the site. Notifications from websites like realeus24[.]com cannot be trusted. Thus, such pages should not be allowed to send them. Ads

What kind of page is poratfit[.]com?

We have inspected poratfit[.]com and found that it is a misleading website designed to display deceptive content. The purpose of poratfit[.]com is to trick visitors into permitting it to send notifications. Also, this web page may redirect users to similar unreliable pages. Thus, poratfit[.]com should not be visited. Ads

What kind of page is naukagil[.]com?

We have examined naukagil[.]com and found that it diplays deceptive content and aims to trick visitors into agreeing to receive notifications. Additionally, naukagil[.]com is designed to redirect users to other unreliable sites. Thus, it is recommended not to allow naukagil[.]com to send notifications and avoid visiting the page. Ads

What kind of page is realstkozirads[.]com?

Realstkozirads[.]com is the URL of a rogue webpage discovered by our researchers during a routine inspection of suspect sites. After examining this page, we learned that it promotes spam browser notifications and redirects users to different (likely untrustworthy/hazardous) websites.

Webpages of this kind (realstkozirads[.]com, etc.) are mainly accessed through redirects generated by sites that utilize rogue advertising networks.

ToolFilter Adware (Mac)

What kind of application is ToolFilter?

While inspecting new file submissions to the VirusTotal website, our researchers discovered the ToolFilter application. Our examination revealed that it is advertising-supported software (adware). ToolFilter is part of the AdLoad malware group. Redirect

What kind of website is is a fake search engine that we discovered while investigating the Max Ask browser hijacker. Unlike most sites of this kind, can generate search results, although they are inaccurate. Browser-hijacking software promotes fraudulent search engines via redirects, which are achieved by modifying browser settings. Ads

What kind of page is news-tekica[.]com?

While browsing dubious sites, our researchers found the news-tekica[.]com rogue webpage. Our analysis revealed that it endorses browser notification spam and redirects users to other (likely unreliable/hazardous) websites.

Most visitors to news-tekica[.]com and similar pages enter them via redirects generated by sites utilizing rogue advertising networks.

EnhancementSkills Adware (Mac)

What kind of application is EnhancementSkills?

Our researchers discovered EnhancementSkills while investigating new submissions to the VirusTotal site. After examining this app, we determined that it is adware from the AdLoad malware family. EnhancementSkills is designed to run intrusive advertisement campaigns. Ads

What kind of page is ratorsa[.]com?

While inspecting suspicious sites, our researchers discovered ratorsa[.]com. This rogue webpage endorses browser notification spam and causes redirects to other (likely untrustworthy/harmful) websites. The majority of users access ratorsa[.]com and similar pages via redirects generated by sites using rogue advertising networks.


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