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PyLock Ransomware

PyLock ransomware removal instructions

What is PyLock?

Discovered by GrujaRS, PyLock is a high-risk ransomware infection that stealthily infiltrates computers and encrypts most of stored data rendering it unusable. While compromising data, PyLock appends each filename with ".locked" extension (e.g., "sample.jpg" would be renamed to "sample.jpg.locked" and so on so forth). Once data is encrypted, users are presented with a pop-up window containing a ransom-demanding message. Ads

Vinuser[.]biz redirect removal instructions

What is vinuser[.]biz?

Vinuser[.]biz is a rogue site, sharing many similarities with and thousands of others. It operates by causing unauthorized redirects to untrustworthy and possibly malicious websites, as well as by delivering highly dubious content for user consumption (e.g. clickbait). Few users ever visit this site willingly, most get redirected to it. Both intrusive ads and PUAs (potentially unwanted applications) are capable of causing such redirects. It is relevant to mention, that said rogue apps do not need express user permission to invade their devices. Once successfully infiltrated, they generate rampant redirects, run invasive advertisement campaigns and some can even track data. POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to remove numberonevpn[.]com from Mac?

What is numberonevpn[.]com?

Numberonevpn[.]com is a deceptive website which targets iPhone, iPad and desktop computer (iMac) users. Its main purpose is to trick visitors into downloading some application which supposed to remove fake viruses detected by the numberonevpn[.]com website. We advise not to trust websites of this type or download apps that are advertised through them. Besides, it is known that quite often these pages get opened by potentially unwanted apps (PUAs) that are installed on browsers or computers/mobile devices.

Clipboard Hijacker Malware

Clipboard Hijacker virus removal guide

What is Clipboard Hijacker?

Clipboard Hijacker is a malicious software which is used by cyber criminals who seek to make fraudulent cryptocurrency transactions. It can be achieved by simply changing cryptocurrency wallet addresses from the ones that are saved in a clipboard to other, owned by cyber criminals. Simply said, they use Clipboard Hijacker to steal cryptocurrency from other people who use cryptocurrency and make its transactions. This malware must be uninstalled immediately.

Current & Breaking News Browser Hijacker

Current & Breaking News browser hijacker removal instructions

What is Current & Breaking News?

Current & Breaking News is a rogue application, advertised as a tool for easy access to top news sources, with the supposed ability to enhance web searches. Despite legitimate appearances, this app is categorized as both a PUA (potentially unwanted application) and a browser hijacker. The former classification is determined by the fact that most users install this app inadvertently and/or without their explicit consent. As for the latter, it makes unauthorized modifications to browsers, promotes its fake search engine ( and tracks sensitive data. Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is is an address of a fake search engine which supposed to provide accurate results, fast searches and improve web browsing in other ways. However, like most search engines of this type it is promoted through a browser hijacker called Genius Search. Apps like this one are designed to promote fake search engines by changing browser settings and collect information about user's browsing habits. Typically, users download and install apps like Genius Search unwillingly, for this reason it is categorized as a potentially unwanted application (PUA). Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is

The Internet is full of questionable, fake search engines, is one of them. It is identical to and related to fake search engines. As a rule, search engines of this kind are advertised as legitimate, useful and so on. However, most of them are completely useless and distributed through rogue setup that are designed to change browser settings. Additionally, search engines like usually are designed to record various information about user's browsing activities. Research shows that this particular address is used to display fake error and other messages too. Redirect (Mac)

How to remove browser hijacker from Mac?

What is

Akin to and many others, is a fake search engine. It is supposedly capable of providing improved web search results. This site spreads through browser hijacking application downloads/installers. Browser hijackers make user unauthorized changes to their browsers and promote fraudulent web searching tools. What is also pertinent to know, is that these rogue apps and also have data tracking capabilities. By spying on browsing activity, they can find traces of personal information, thereby leading to possible privacy issues.

Gh0st RAT

Gh0st virus removal guide

What is Gh0st?

Gh0st is a remote access/administration tool (RAT) which is designed to control infected Windows computers remotely. Gh0st gets installed on computers through other malware that opens a backdoor for it which results in allowing cyber criminals to control infected computers. Typically, RATs can be used for various purposes, either way, most of them can cause victims serious problems related to privacy, finances, and other issues. Ads

Maroolatrack[.]com redirect removal instructions

What is maroolatrack[.]com?

Maroolatrack[.]com is a rogue website, akin to and thousands of others. It is designed to generate redirects to untrustworthy and possibly malicious sites, as well as present dubious content (notably, clickbait) for user consumption. Few visits to this website are intentional; it gets most of its visitors by way of redirection. Such redirects can be caused by intrusive advertisements or by PUAs (potentially unwanted applications) already present in the device. It should be mentioned that these rogue apps do not require explicit user consent to invade their systems. PUAs cause unauthorized redirects, deliver invasive ad campaigns and some can even track data.


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