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How to eliminate browser redirects to

What is is a browser hijacker that claims to be an advanced, legitimate search engine. If installed, the browser homepage and default search engine options are assigned to It also differs from other popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, since it has no logo, just a search bar and search button. This search engine may therefore seem legitimate or even better than other popular search engines. In fact, it might not even display search results due to multiple redirects. Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is is a search engine that arrives at your web browser as an add-on or extension, an extra component called My Email XP. Email XP is software distributed by Polarity Technologies LTD - a browser hijacker that sets the home page to and allows you to access email (Gmail or Yahoo) with one-click from the home and new tab pages. The search engine has two search boxes and various icons with links to websites such as,,,, and You can also access the website by clicking the Local Weather button (you can see current local weather beside it). Additionally, it has a menu whereby you can find links to Skincraft and Minecraft. When entering an enquiry into a search box and pressing the search button, you are redirected to the website (a search engine owned by Yahoo). Redirect (Mac)

How to remove browser hijacker from Mac?

What is

Developers present as a quality search engine that supposedly enhances the browsing experience by generating improved results. Judging on appearance alone, may seem similar to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other legitimate Internet search engines. Therefore, many users believe that is also legitimate and useful. In fact, developers promote this site using browser-hijacking downloaders/installers that modify browser options without permission. Furthermore, gathers information relating to browsing activity. Redirect (Mac)

How to remove browser hijacker from Mac?

What is is a fake web search engine that supposedly enhances the browsing experience by generating improved results and providing quick access to various popular websites. Judging on appearance alone, may seem legitimate and useful, however, this site is promoted using a browser-hijacking application called bittsearch. Furthermore, and bittsearch gather information relating to web browsing habits. Redirect redirect removal instructions

What is is a high-quality Internet search engine very similar to sites such as Yahoo, Bing, Google, etc. The website itself is legitimate, however, it is used by browser-hijacking websites/applications that modify browser options and cause unwanted redirects.

Mac Mechanic PUP (Mac)

How to remove Mac Mechanic from Mac?

What is Mac Mechanic?

Mac Mechanic is a deceptive application identical to Advanced Mac Cleaner and a number of others. By offering various system optimization-related features (cleaning junk files, unwanted software, etc.), Mac Mechanic attempts to give the impression of legitimacy. In fact, this app is categorized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). Furthermore, research shows that this PUP is likely to infiltrate systems without permission.


Trojan:O97M/DPLink.A virus removal guide

What is Trojan:O97M/DPLink.A?

"Trojan:O97M/DPLink.A" is the code name of a trojan-type virus, however, some users encounter messages (delivered by Microsoft Windows Defender) stating that the system is infected with a "Trojan:O97M/DPLink.A" error (even when there is no such error). This scan result is called a false positive.

You Are Today's Lucky Visitor Scam

You Are Today's Lucky Visitor removal instructions

What is You Are Today's Lucky Visitor?

"You Are Today's Lucky Visitor" is a deceptive pop-up message displayed by malicious websites. Users often visit this website inadvertently - redirected by potentially unwanted adware-type programs (PUPs). These programs often infiltrate the system during installation of free software. As well as causing unwanted redirects, adware might also track the web browsing activity and deliver intrusive online advertisements.

RaRansomware Virus

RaRansomware ransomware removal instructions

What is RaRansomware?

RaRansomware is a ransomware-type virus discovered by malware security researcher, Karsten Hahn. Once infiltrated, RaRansomware encrypts most stored files using AES-128 and RSA-1028 encryption algorithms. During encryption, RaRansomware renames each file using the "[16_random_characters].EGENH" pattern. For instance, "sample.jpg" might be renamed to a filename such as "NGBaAGoAcCBnAA==.EGENH". Following successful encryption, RaRansomware generates an HTML file ("RaRansomware - Recovery instructions.html") and places a copy in each existing folder.

Microsoft Alert Your Data Is At High Risk POP-UP Scam

Microsoft Alert Your Data Is At Risk removal instructions

What is Microsoft Alert Your Data Is At Risk?

"Microsoft Alert Your Data Is At Risk" is another fake error similar to Computer Detected To Be Corrupted, Windows Malware Detected, Computer Detected To Be Corrupted, and many others. Cyber criminals deliver this error using various deceptive websites that users often visit inadvertently - they are redirected by potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) or intrusive ads (displayed on other untrustworthy sites). Research shows that many PUPs infiltrate systems without consent. Furthermore, these programs deliver intrusive ads and monitor web browsing activity by recording various sensitive information.


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