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How to remove apps downloaded via systemtechnotify[.]com?

What is systemtechnotify[.]com?

Systemtechnotify[.]com is a deceptive website posing as Apple page, it is designed to display fake virus warnings. Its main purpose is to trick users into downloading and installing some potentially unwanted application (PUA) that supposed to remove "detected" malware. It is worthwhile to mention that Apple or any other legitimate company has nothin to do neither with systemtechnotify[.]com or other similar pages.

ActivePower Adware (Mac)

How to remove ActivePower from Mac?

What is ActivePower?

ActivePower is a type of application that generates advertisements. Also, it modifies browser settings to promote address of some fake search engine. Additionally, it is likely that it gathers browsing-related and/or other data. Therefore, ActivePower is classified not only as adware but also as a browser hijacker. Usually users download and install apps oft his type inadvertently, therefore, they are called potentially unwanted applications (PUAs).

Bitcoin Mining Machine Virus

Bitcoin Mining Machine virus removal guide

What is Bitcoin Mining Machine?

Bitcoin Mining Machine is the name of a legitimate cryptocurrency miner, however, there is a fake miner with the same name on the Internet. Unsuspecting users who would download and install that fake miner would actually install malicious software called RedLine - an information stealer that has a capability to install additional malware.

OptimalUnit Adware (Mac)

How to remove OptimalUnit from Mac?

What is OptimalUnit?

OptimalUnit functions not only as adware but also as a browser hijacker. More precisely, it not only generates various advertisements but also makes certain changes in browser settings to promote the address of some fake search engine. Also, it is likely that it constantly collects details related to user's browsing activities and/or other information. Most of the times users install (and even download) adware, browser hijackers unintentionally. Therefore, apps of this type are called potentially unwanted applications (PUAs).

All mypage Browser Hijacker

All mypage browser hijacker removal instructions

What is All mypage?

All mypage is the name of a browser hijacker that promotes the address - a fake search engine. Typically, apps of this type do that by changing certain browser settings. It is known that All mypage can read browsing history, however, it is likely that it can read other data as well. In most cases browser hijackers are downloaded and installed by users unintentionally, for this reason All mypage and other apps of this type are categorized as potentially unwanted applications (PUAs).

Quick Search Tool Browser Hijacker

Quick Search Tool browser hijacker removal instructions

What is the Quick Search Tool browser hijacker?

Quick Search Tool is a rogue application categorized as a browser hijacker. It operates by making changes to browsers to promote (a fake search engine). This browser hijacker also has data tracking capabilities, which are employed to monitor users' browsing habits. Furthermore, due to the dubious methods used to proliferate Quick Search Tool, it is classified as a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA).

OSAMiner Malware (Mac)

How to remove OSAMiner from Mac?

What is OSAMiner?

OSAMiner is the name of a cryptocurrency miner, Monero mining trojan that uses run-only AppleScripts (it targets Mac computers). It is known that OSAMiner was first detected in 2015 and is still successfully used by cyber criminals due to its complex structure (use of run-only AppleScript files) that prevents researchers from fully analyzing it so the attacks could be stopped.

I Know That You Visit 18+ Content Email Scam

I know that you visit 18+ content email scam removal guide

What is I know that you visit 18+ content email scam?

Typically, scammers behind such emails claim to have hacked a computer (or other device) and recorded intimate video of recipients while they were visiting adult websites. The main purpose of such emails is to trick recipients into believing that the supposedly recorded video will be sent to all their contacts (and/or published on some page) if they will not pay a certain amount of money (typically, in cryptocurrency). Simply said, scammers behind such emails attempt to scare recipients into making a payment to them.

14x Ransomware

14x ransomware removal instructions

What is 14x ransomware?

14x encrypts files and adds victim's ID,, and appends the ".14x" extension to their filenames. For instance, it renames a file named "1.jpg" to "[].14x", "2.jpg" to "[].14x", and so on. Also, it displays a pop-up window and creates the "FILES ENCRYPTED.txt" that contain instructions on how to contact ransomware developers (and some other details). 14x belongs to the ransomware family called Dharma.

Apple Platform Security POP-UP Scam (Mac)

How to remove apps that promote scams like Apple Platform Security from Mac?

What is Apple Platform Security?

Typically, technical support scam websites display pop-up window (or multiple windows) stating that the computer is infected with malware, viruses, etc., and offer a phone number for help with removing supposedly detected threats. In most cases these pop-ups appear on pages pretending to represent well-known software companies such Microsoft, Apple. Another common this is that users do not visit such pages on purpose, they get opened via deceptive ads, other shady pages or by installed potentially unwanted apps (PUAs).


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