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What is is an address of a fake search engine. Typically, search engines of this type are advertised as tools that provide enhanced browsing experience and various extra features. Typically, fake search engines are promoted via potentially unwanted apps (PUAs), browser hijackers. In this case is promoted via browser app called Free Online PDF Tools. It supposed to convert, create, merge and protect PDF documents directly from a browser. Typically, people download and install applications of this type inadvertently. After installation they change browser settings and collect information about user's browsing habits.

Backdoor.SDBot Trojan

Backdoor.SDBot virus removal guide

What is Backdoor.SDBot?

Backdoor.SDBot is the name of a malicious program, a trojan that (as its name suggests), is a backdoor trojan. Typically, the main goal of trojans of this type is to give the attacker access (by opening a backdoor by connecting to an IRC channel) to the infected computer or send commands to it. It was first released in 2002, however, cyber criminals continually release new updates. This trojan targets mostly Windows users. Backdoor.SDBot is capable of updating itself by checking for newer versions on the web. It can cause serious problems and it should be removed as soon as possible.

Smart Mac Tuneup Unwanted Application (Mac)

How to remove "Smart Mac Tuneup" from Mac?

What is "Smart Mac Tuneup"?

According to the developers, Smart Mac Tuneup is a top-notch system cleaner which allows users to easily boost computer's performance by deleting junk files, optimizing the hard drive, and so forth. On initial inspection, Smart Mac Tuneup actually seems completely appropriate and handy. However, it is worth mentioning that developers promote this application by using the "bundling" method. For this reason, it is categorized as a potentially unwanted application (PUA). Ads

Finderient[.]com redirect removal instructions

What is finderient[.]com?

Similar to,,, and many others, finderient[.]com is a rogue website designed to feed its visitors with various unreliable content, as well as to redirect them to questionable websites. Research results show that users typically visit finderient[.]com inadvertently. Its potentially unwanted applications (PUAs) and intrusive advertisements that redirect visitors to such sites. PUAs are notorious for infiltrating computers without user's consent. Redirects to websites like finderient[.]com is not the only thing PUAs do - they also redirect to deliver intrusive advertisements, as well as record information relating to user's web browsing activity. Ads

Thegoodcaster[.]com redirect removal instructions

What is thegoodcaster[.]com?

Thegoodcaster[.]com is a site that is used by various adware-type apps. Its purpose is to redirect people to questionable, rogue websites that ask to show notifications, promote unwanted apps, display content related to gambling, adult dating and so on. If a browser opens the thegoodcaster[.]com address regularly, then it is infiltrated with some adware. Apps of this type are categorized as potentially unwanted application (PUA) because most people download and install them accidentally.

Smart Search Browser Hijacker

Smart Search browser hijacker removal instructions

What is Smart Search?

Smart Search (not to be confused with Smart Search virus) is a deceptive application that claims to enhance web browsing experience by improving the accuracy of web search results, as well as providing quick access to a variety of popular websites. Its appearance suggests that Smart Search is completely appropriate and handy. In reality, however, Smart Search is categorized as a browser hijacker and a potentially unwanted application (PUA). There are three main reasons for these negative associations: 1) installation without user's consent; 2) promotion of a fake web search engine (, and; 3) tracking of user's web browsing activity.

Ad Guardian Adware

Ad Guardian removal instructions

What is Ad Guardian?

Ad Guardian is advertised as a tool that blocks annoying advertisements while users browse the web. However, it is classified as adware, a potentially unwanted application (PUA). Apps of this type display unwanted ads and record browsing data. Besides, most people download and install PUAs accidentally. We recommend to uninstall Ad Guardian or any other PUAs that is installed on a browser (or computer).

Adroit System Care Unwanted Application

Adroit System Care removal instructions

What is Adroit System Care?

Adroit System Care is a software that supposed to clean, optimize and speed up Windows computers, fix various errors and provide users with other features. Nevertheless, this program can be found in setups of other software, Adroit System Care is distributed by bundling it into them. People often download and install bundled programs unintentionally, for this reason Adroit System Care is classified as a potentially unwanted application (PUA). Ads

Denzzzelwashington[.]com redirect removal instructions

What is denzzzelwashington[.]com?

denzzzelwashington[.]com is a deceptive website that shares many similarities with,,, and many others. Once visited, this site delivers unreliable content and/or redirects users elsewhere. It is known that vast majority of users visit denzzzelwashington[.]com unwillingly - they get redirected by intrusive advertisements (displayed in other rogue sites) or various potentially unwanted applications (PUAs). Applications of this type typically infiltrate computers without asking for a permission. In addition to causing redirects, unwanted applications deliver advertisements and gather various data.

Wisdomeyes Trojan

Wisdomeyes virus removal guide

What is Wisdomeyes?

Wisdomeyes (Win32/Wisdomeyes) is a malicious software that can hijack browsers (change their settings), download and install other malicious programs, steal private information, display advertisements, create unwanted tasks and modify system files. It can seriously damage operating systems and cause users a variety of problems. Trojans like Wisdomeyes should be removed immediately.


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