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What is is a deceptive website claiming to be a legitimate Internet search engine. Judging on appearance alone, this website is identical to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other legitimate search engines.

Therefore, users often believe that is also legitimate, however, this website collects various information relating to web browsing activity. Furthermore, is promoted using deceptive software "installers" that hijack Internet browsers and stealthily modify various options.

BrowsingGuard Adware

What is BrowsingGuard?

BrowsingGuard is a deceptive application claiming to improve Internet browsing safety. On initial inspection, BrowsingGuard may seem legitimate and useful, however, due to rogue behavior (stealth installation without users' consent, tracking of web browsing activity, display of intrusive online ads), BrowsingGuard is categorized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and adware. Redirect

What is

Developed by SuperWeb LLC, PokeDex Search is a deceptive application that supposedly improves the Internet search experience. These false claims often trick unsuspecting users into believing that this app is legitimate, however, due to rogue behavior, PokeDex Search is classed as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and a browser hijacker.

This application often infiltrates systems without users' consent (via the "bundling" distribution method). Following infiltration, PokeDex Search modifies Internet browser settings without permission. Furthermore, this app tracks various user/system information and delivers intrusive online advertisements.

R980 Ransomware

What is R980?

Discovered by JaromirHorejsi, R980 is ransomware that infiltrates systems and supposedly encrypts files using an asymmetric encryption algorithm.

During research, however, we discovered that this software did not encrypt any files. Therefore, we can assume that R980 is still under development and will compromise files in future. Following successful encryption, R980 fills the desktop with randomly-named files, modifies the desktop wallpaper, and creates a text file containing a ransom-demand message.

JagerDecryptor Ransomware

What is JagerDecryptor?

JagerDecryptor is ransomware that encrypts files using asymmetric cryptography. Unlike most other ransomware-type viruses, JagerDecryptor does not append names of encrypted files with an extension. The full list of encrypted files can be found in the "C:\ProgramData\encrypted.txt" file.

Following successful encryption, JagerDecryptor creates two files (HTML, TXT) - both named "Important_Read_Me" and places them on the victim's desktop.

HotStar Registry Cleaner Unwanted Application

What is HotStar Registry Cleaner?

HotStar Registry Cleaner is a fake anti-malware suite that supposedly protects systems from high-risk infections. Initially, HotStar Registry Cleaner may seem legitimate and useful, however, be aware that this app can infiltrate systems without users' permission.

Furthermore, it collects various data and displays fake system errors. Therefore, HotStar Registry Cleaner is categorized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP).

QkSee Adware

What is QkSee?

QkSee is a rogue application that supposedly allows a reduction in image size without loss of quailty. This functionality may seem legitimate and useful, however, QkSee is classed as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and adware. QkSee infiltrates systems without users' permission, delivers intrusive online advertisements, and tracks Internet browsing activity. Redirect

What is

Your Weather Hub is a deceptive application that supposedly allows users to check local weather forecasts. On initial inspection, Your Weather Hub may seem legitimate, however, this app is classed as a browser hijacker and a potentially unwanted program (PUP).

There are 4 main reasons for these negative associations: 1) often infiltrates systems without users' permission; 2) hijacks web browsers and stealthily modifies various options; 3) generates intrusive online advertisements, and; 4) records various data relating to Internet browsing activity. Redirect

What is is a deceptive website claiming to be a legitimate Internet search engine that generates improved search results. Initially, this site may appear legitimate, however, it is promoted using rogue software 'installers' that stealthily modify Internet browser settings without users' permission.

Furthermore, continually records various data types relating to web browsing activity.

PowerSearchOnline Adware (Mac)

What is PowerSearchOnline?

PowerSearchOnline is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) claiming to save time and money while shopping online.

These claims often trick users to install, however, PowerSearchOnline is likely to infiltrate systems without user's permission. Furthermore, this PUP collects various user/system data and displays intrusive online advertisements. Therefore, PowerSearchOnline is classed as adware.


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